Apr 24, 2015

Peri Peri Chicken Recipe / African Piri Piri Roast Chicken Recipe

This chicken was on my mind for quite a long time. I love all kind of baked or roast chicken recipes. They are easy to make, pretty healthy than fried ones and taste delicious.

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Specially i have become a fan of this chicken dish, because it tasted fantastic. This chicken dish is made using a peri peri or piri piri sauce. It is a african chilli sauce made with bird's eye chilli. Since i couldn't find it here, i made it using the red chillies which are available here and it tasted fantastic..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Marinating Time : 4 hours or overnight
Makes : 5 to 6 drumsticks


Red Capsicum / Red Bell Pepper - 1 large
Red Bird Eye Chilli - 6 ( I used fresh red chillies)
Garlic - 6 to 7 fat cloves
Red Chilli Powder / Paprika - 2 tblspn
Black Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
Vinegar - 2 to 3 tblspn
Oregano - 1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Oil - 1/2 cup
Chicken Drumsticks - 5 to 6


Take the ingredients given except chicken in a blender and make it into a puree.

Take chicken and make deep slashes on them.

Pour the marinate over it and mix well. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. I left it for 2 days.

Now heat your oven to 250 degree C on grill mode. Line a baking tray with foil, place a rack over it and place chicken on the rack. Put this in the oven on the upper rack near to the grill. Grill this for 7 to 10 mins.

Now invert the chicken and grill again for 7 to 10 more mins.

Now the chicken is well seared on both sides.

Now place the chicken in the foil lined tray, brush some more sauce over the chicken.

Now change the oven temp to 120 degree C. Change to mode to baking mode from the grill mode.

Put the tray in the center rack and bake for 25 to 30 mins.

Now the chicken must be juicy and tender..

When the chicken is cooking, pour the leftover sauce in a pan and cook till oil separates from it.

Serve this sauce with the chicken.

Take all your ingredients

First take some chopped red bell pepper in a blender

Add in some fresh red chillies

add in garlic cloves

add in salt

Add in chilli powder

and some pepper powder

add in vinegar

add in oregano

now add in a good amount of oil

Now that everything is added into a blender..

Make it into a smooth puree

look how beautifully it looks 

Take your chicken in a bowl

I made deep slashes in them

chicken prepped

Pour the delicious sauce over the chicken

toss them well..Time to marinate

You can marinate this for 3 to 4 hours..
but i left it in the fridge for two days

Line a baking sheet with foil, place a wire rack over it

now place the chicken over the rack

Pop it into the preheated grill on the top rack for 7 to 10 mins

this is how it looks..Bronzed and well seared..

now invert it

pop this back into the oven under grill for 7 to 10 more mins

Look it is beautifully seared

Now place this chicken in a baking sheet

brush with some more sauce

Now pop this into the oven in middle rack..Change the mode to baking mode, Reduce the oven temp to 150 degree C..

continue baking for 25 to 30 mins..This is how it
 looks when it comes out of the oven

I had lots of leftover sauce from the chicken

Pour the sauce into a sauce pan

keep cooking them

I cooked them till oil separates

You can brush some more sauce over the chicken

But i served it as it is, with some sauce on the side



  1. Looks delicious.
    Just for the information: The Peri-Peri is the chilli from Africa but the sauce itself has Portuguese origin. You should also tag recipe as Portuguese chicken, Brazilian BBQ chicken, Nando's chicken. Nando's is very famous for peri peri chicken an people often look for the recipe.

    1. Actually Heinz and few other brands have peri peri sauces. My Kenyan friend said write it piri piri. Nando's peri peri is a popular one


    2. Most of south America has root's in Africa so maybe we should just leave the name peri-peri.

  2. Superb...dish wth fabulous pics. Am a beginer..let me knw baking in oven lyk thz is fuly oil free. Am n diet.. so i wish to prepare and eat as much i want. Am i ryt? Or it also consist heavy calories

  3. owo.. very easy but looks yummy. Im going to try this surely... Thanks Aarthi..

    Sabiha from Bangladesh

  4. @Anonymousbaking chicken in oven is helthy since excess fat from chicken melts when it bakes

  5. Thanks a lot for all your wonderful recipes. Where can I find fresh red chillies in chennai ? I have never seen them in any pazahmudir nilayam's . Can we use soaked dry red chillies ?

  6. This looks yummy Aarthi! Can i skip oregano?

  7. Again here instead of grill cn i shallow fry... Helppp

  8. @aishano, but you can grill them in a tawa

  9. Hi AARTI,
    The red chilies is with the seeds or without? Also the red capsicum with or without the seeds?

  10. Looks yummy and I hope to try but I don't have an oven, would pan frying it be ok? Thank you in advance.

  11. @Chiminieu can pan fry it, but cook it on a low heat and keep an eye on it

  12. @Aarthi

    i am a beginner.. a guy :) .. so how can i grill it in a tawa? help pls...

  13. @Nishanth Premharu have to put it in a grill pan or tawa and cook it on low heat covered till chicken is done.

  14. Hi Arthi,

    I just tried it, it came super awesome.. it was juicy as in resturant... very nice taste and flavor... thanks for sharing this...

  15. Hi , i have recently started going through your webpage. I like it very much as it makes the whole cooking process easy by looking at pictures.

    I dont have an oven. I have microwave. Please help.

  16. A really good recipe Aarthi...thanks so much for sharing. I really like the way you approach each dish, making it simple and do-able.

  17. It looks absolutely amazing and so tasty! The flavour must really penetrate too because of those lovely big cuts into the chicken legs.

  18. Aarathi, I dont comment that much. But you are a great cook and your recipes are so well documented. I have been using your site for many months now and am able to prepare dishes my family and guests enjoy. God bless

  19. Arthi... this dish jus awesome... tried it today... came out vry well... my hubby liked it alot. .keep up the good work.. all the viewrs i 200% like it vry easy to do too...

  20. hey aarthi.. it looks mouth watering !! i am going to try it..will let you know how it turned out ..

  21. arthi, it looks mouth watering !! i will give it a try and let you know how it turned out


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