Jul 9, 2015

Fresh Orange Jelly Recipe - Orange Gelatin Recipe - Orange Jelly Wedges Recipe

I love playing with jello, they are so much to make and eat.Specially when you are having kids around they make a perfect dish to enjoy. I am doing quite a bit of jelly recipe for the past few days, i have one more jello recipes coming up as well..

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This is such a easy recipe to make, you just need few ingredients to make this..So easy and so much fun...Your kids will love it for sure..

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It is great for parties as well, because it looks so cute and attractive everyone will love it..You can do this with any fruits of your choice..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 15 to 20 mins

Chilling Time : 2 to 4 hours
Makes : 12 wedges


Orange - 3 (yields 1.5 cup of orange juice)

Gelatin - 1 tblspn
Water - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 2 tblspn or to taste
Orange Essence few drops
Orange Food Colouring a pinch


Take gelatin in a bowl and add in water. Mix well and set aside to soak.

Wash oranges well and cut them in half. Squeeze out the juice from them and remove the membrane using a spoon.

Now arrange the orange shells in a cupcake mould.

Take gelatin mix in a sauce pan, heat on low heat and mix till the gelatin is melted. Set aside.

Now strain the orange juice into a jug. Add in sugar, gelatin mix, orange essence, food colour. Mix well.

Fill the orange shells with this.

Chill it in fridge for 2 to 4 hours.

Remove it from fridge, and unmould from the case. Slice them in half.


Start by soaking the gelatin..Take gelatin in a bowl, 
you can use china grass instead of gelatin

add little water to it and mix well..Set this aside

Now take some oranges

wash them well

slice them

slice them in half

take a juicer

just squeeze the juice from oranges

once they are squeezed

use a spoon to remove the membranes

now you got a clean orange shell

arrange them in a cupcake mould

now the gelatin has softened

take it in a sauce pan

melt it down gently..once melted,set aside

now take your orange juice

dtrain them

squeeze as much juice as possible

fresh orange juice done

add some sugar to this..i used powdered sugar

add in the gelatin mix

add in some orange essence. this is optional

add in a dash of food colour

mix well

pour this into the shells

fill right to the top

now put it in the fridge

chill till they are set

press and check

remove them from the mould

cut them in half



This is so much fun to make and your kids will love it



  1. Really amazing.... sure my son ll love it... u r really great aarthi... better start an app...

  2. You are Fabulous Aarthi..!! Innovative ideas on Jellos.. Im a Big fan of you and your blog.. :)

  3. What can we use besides gelatin if vegetarian?

  4. Akka... it looks superb n yummy.. will try it soooon...

  5. aarthi your recipes are superb.but can i use something else instead of geletin.as geletine is nonvegetarian.please advice me.

  6. Hi Aarthi... tried this orange jelly... came out really well... my daughtet loved them... hav a query does this jelly melt down once kept outside... it melted down wen i kept it outside... thanks for this wonderful cute orange jelly recipe...

  7. @Lavanya Vinothyes this jelly melts when u take it from fridge and keep out

  8. What can I use in place of gelatin?

  9. What are the proportions for china grass?

  10. @Anonymousu can use china grass, just double the quantity of gelatin

  11. hi aarthi ur rcps r just awesome want to ask if using vveg gelatine in this rcp then wht quantity to be used and can u guide wht ratio of gelatine shd be used while putting in lliquids

  12. @Sharl Dyes u can use agar agar as well.

  13. can i avoid the orange essence and coloring


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