Jul 7, 2015

Veggie & Hummus Wrap Recipe - Hummus Wrap Recipe - Hummus Veg Wrap Recipe

This is the recipe which i made using the hummus which i made..I also made one more quite famous wrap which is made using hummus and carrots..Will share it soon..

This wrap is pretty easy to make and it taste really healthy and filling. Great wrap when you are in diet, since hummus is full of protein and there are tons of veggies in this..This is great to put in your kids lunch box as well..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Serves : 4


Wheat Tortilla - 4 (Recipe here)
Hummus as needed (Recipe here)
Cabbage or Lettuce - 1 cup shredded thinly
Cucumber - 1 small peeled and cut into long strips
Carrot - 1 medium size cut into long strips
Spring Onion White Part - 3 chopped finely
Spring Onion Green Part - 3 cut into long pieces
Capsicum / Bell Peppers - 1/2 sliced into long strips
Salt to taste
Red Chilli Flakes as needed


Take a wheat tortilla..Spread hummus over it, leave space around the border.

Now spread the veggies. Sprinkle with salt and chilli flakes.

Roll the tightly and carefully.

Cover with plastic wrap.

Chill for couple of hours.

Cut them into pieces using a sharp knife.


Take all your ingredients

Start by preparing the veggies..

cut carrot into thin strips

now slice bell peppers as well

take a piece of cabbage

shred them thinly

take a cucumber

peel them

cut them in the middle

scoop the seeds

cut them into long strips

take three spring onions

take the white part alone

slice them pretty thinly

now take the green part of spring onions

cut them like this

now that the veggies are done..set this aside

take your hummus..Recipe here

I used homemade wheat tortilla..Recipe here

dollop some hummus over it

spread it out

spread evenly

sprinkle some cabbage, you can use lettuce as well

lay some cucumber slices

now goes the carrots

sprinkle some spring onion white

now some capsicum

and some spring onion green

season with little salt

and some chilli flakes

time to wrap this up

start with one end

roll firmly

now it is rolled

cover with plastic wrap

and chill this for couple of hours

slice and serve



  1. Hi,
    You are my favourite food blogger,you are my first preference if I have to cook any food because of easy to follow recipes and the absolutely clear and beautiful pictorials ..you outdid your pictorials with this recipe..Thankyou so much on behalf of all your followers..for taking so much of trouble to take pics , as I know how difficult it is..loved the tortilla wrap recipe..All the best always. .may God bless :)

  2. Healthy and diet recipe aarthi thanks for sharing. I have a doubt with otg and I am new to otg what is grill mode aarthi in my otg I have both bottom and top ,then up,thrn dowm element.then the same option for rotessire pl help me

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