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  1. I admire you for making your own bread for this. It looks wonderful. I don't make bread myself, but would be content to serve this inside a tortilla or pita. Nice.

  2. My God,it's tempting me in such a way that I can't take my eyes back from the clicks..Simply awesome.Your dedication and hardwork matters Aarti.I am looking forward to cook from your place.

  3. this looks soo good. Kathi rolls are my go to for picnic lunches..easy to pack and take and not so messy to eat as well.

  4. Dear Aarthi, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. I hope that you will visit again and follow my blog. I am following your blog and think you have some wonderful recipes. They are very good and your pictures are excellent. Please visit again, as will I. Blessings, Catherine

  5. very nice.. like the step by step pictures most you have come up with i am tried the similar recipe, you have many of good recipes.. do try to visit my place when time permits love to have your feedback dear ..i have followed u glad if u follow me back.. Have a good day…..!

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