Aug 25, 2015

Barbie Birthday Cake Recipe - How to Make a Barbie Doll Cake at Home

For Eggless Barbie Cake, Refer this recipe and double the recipe.


I still can't believe that maha is 2 already. Its been fantastic being her mom and being with her the whole time. I love to see her growing up, but sometimes it feels really hard to see her growing up..I know every mom has that feeling. For her first birthday i made a 6 layer rainbow cake. I was thinking what to make for her second birthday, finally i decided to make her favourite doll cake which is barbie. I just love the way how she says barbie which her toddler speech!

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We decided to take it as a small party by inviting just some close relatives and friends. As usual i decided to cook the meals. This time i decided to make finger foods instead of meals. So i planned the menu few days in advance and prepared for it couple days back. I will share how i planned in my baby blog

This is what i made, first the guest were welcomed with a drink mint ginger soda. Then i made nutella and peanut butter finger sandwich, spicy veg mayo sandwich, chilli paneer skewers, fruit kebabs, spring rolls, potato and peas samosa, garlic cheese bombs and icecream with strawberry sauce. I also made monster cookies to give as a take home gift for the guest.

I really enjoyed hosting the party and maha enjoyed the cake as well. I somehow managed to take pictures of the cake, so here i am sharing it..Hope you will love it..

Preparation Time : 2 Hours

Baking Time : 1 hour to 1.15 hours

(My 1 cup measures 240 ml)


For Cake:
All Purpose Flour / Maida - 5 cup / 600 grams
Granulated Regular Sugar - 3 1/2 cup / 700 grams
Oil or Melted Butter - 1 1/2 cup / 360 ml
Milk - 2 1/4 cup / 540 ml
Eggs - 5
Baking Powder - 5 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Strawberry Essence - 2 tsp

For Decorations:
Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting as needed (Recipe here)

Pink Food Coloring as needed
Sprinkle and other decoration stuffs

For Sugar Water:

Sugar - 1/2 cup
Water - 1 cup
Strawberry Essence - 1/2 tsp

Other Stuffs:
Two 18 cm Round Baking Pan
One 900 ml Borosil Glass Bowl (around 18 cm circumference)

Two Piping Bags with Star tips
Plastic Wrap or Cling Film

Barbie Doll


First step, preheat oven to 160 degree C. 

Take two 18 cm baking pan and baking bowl, oil it well and dust it well with flour. Coat it on all sides and tap off the excess flour. Set this aside.

Sift flour, baking powder and salt in a sifter and sieve well. set aside.

Take all the ingredients given for cake including the flour in a bowl and mix well.

Divide this between the batter. Fill the round cake pan just half way through. Now pop this in oven and bake for the round cake for 35 mins. Bake the the cake in bowl for an hour or till the cake is baked. Remove the cake from oven and let it cool completely. You can even freeze the cake for 30 mins.

Now remove the cake and cut the doom in the top to make it even. Take the cake which is baked in bowl and cut it in half.

Now use a knife to cut a small circle in the niddle of all the cake to make space to insert the barbie.

Now make sugar water by mixing everything. Take a plate and place a round cake on that. Place strips of parchment surrounding the cake. Brush the cake generously with sugar water. Now spread butter cream on top and place another cake on top, brush with sugar water, spread buttercream on top. Now take the bowl cake half and top with sugar water, place it on top of the frosting and spread some more buttercream, place the final half and brush it with sugar water. 

Finally cover the whole cake with buttercream. Chill the cake for couple of hours.

Now pipe the cake with butter cream, insert barbie and decorate it as shown in pics.


1)If you want a little taller barbie cake, bake three round cake instead of two and one cake in glass bowl.

2)Make sure you check the height of the barbie and assume the height of the cake and adjust it.
3)The cake batter which i used is a very basic cake batter recipe and it is easy to work with.


gourmetads referral link

You need two cake pans and one oven safe glass bowl..
Make sure all the circumference of the pans are same

First lets make the cake..You dont need cocoa powder
Take flour in a sifter

add in baking powder

add in some salt

sieve and set aside

take it in a bowl

add in sugar

add in oil

add in eggs

add in milk

mix well

now the batter is done
I added some pink food colouring and strawberry essence

give a good mix

Fill the bowls

Bake them

Let them cool completely. you can freeze the cake for 30 mins for easy handling..but i found this cake to be easy to work with..

slice the top off

take the domed cake

slice it in half..At this point use a knife to cut a small portion 
from the middle to insert barbie. I forgot to do that, you will see what i did in the coming pictures

Now lets make a sugar water.. Take sugar in a bowl

add in water

add in strawberry essence

mix well and set aside

I made a batch of butter cream

Place a cake in the bottom of a plate

place strips of parchment surrounding the cake..
spoon the sugar water all over it

now the cake is soaked

spoon some butter cream

spread evenly

Place another cake on top

spoon some more sugar water

now it is well moistened

spread some more buttercream

now i took the bottom half of the domed cake, brushed sugar water on the sides of the cake

i brushed the top with some more sugar water

place it on top of the cake

spread some butter cream

now the cake is stacked

spoon the buttercream on top

now i realised that i forgot to remove the center part 
for inserting barbie..So i took a knife and sliced 
the middle part throughout the cake

like this

i spread butter cream all over the cake to create a crumb coat

just like this
Now the cake is crumbcoated, chill the cake for 2 hour or so..
this firms up the buttercream

I put the crumbs in a container and stored in fridge, you can use this to make cake pops

now lets take the barbie

undress her...i know it sounds awkward! but this is for to give her a new princess gown

Tie her hair up and put her arms up

cover her body from her hips with plastic wrap

i took a piping bag and fitted it with a small star nozzle

filled it with pink buttercream

pipe it 

make small rose like pipings

like this

keep going

now half way is done

i piped roses in the bottom half way

now i inserted the barbie in

fits perfectly

now pipe more round her hips

like this

now make small piping for her tops

like this

i reserved some white buttercream

pipe in the middle portion

like this

now it is pretty much completely

now the barbie is going to get her adornments

Take some blue sprinkles

sprinkle all over it

decorate her as you wish

All unwrap her hair 

Look at the stunning creation which u have made..


  1. Great , aarthi u r so talented...belated birthday wishes to little maha...

  2. arthi not understand the place of cake like how u can get the dom if pains are euqal
    how we set the sequence thats look dress of babrie.

  3. Wow great job done by you aarthi mam ur daughter is too lucky enjoy

  4. @Anonymousnot sure what you are asking, can u little more clear

  5. No words to appreciate's adorable ,God bless u

  6. Belated bday wishes to ur little angel. Can we use whipping cream to do all this process than butter cream

  7. My long term wish to make barbie cake Aarthi.will definitely try your recipe and will post and tag you.Thanks for the clear explanation.

  8. Mam...fantastic@-}--
    Can u share an eggless version of a Barbie doll cake...
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Can we use whipping cream instead of butter cream

  10. Wow Simply superb. You are really talented. Love your blog. God Bless your baby.

  11. A visually stunning cake...Great job Aarthi!!!

  12. Great job Aarthi..Cake looks yummy!!!Belated b'day wishes to little one..

  13. Superb... Buttercream is what normal butter or..

  14. Wow!!! Simply awesome... I do really want to give it a try...can we make this a day before and refrigerate.. Wil it become hard....?

  15. U r naturally talented. I have tried making cakes many times. My cakes cum out well. But my piping is disgusting . I don't understand where I go wrong. When I read ur blog the step by step looks very easy. But ur patience and perfectness in posting al this is simply superb. I wish u were living somewhere near my place. I wud nt hav minded paying u a handsome fees jus 2 learn al dis.Hats off 2 u aarthi, ur family is very lucky 2 hav someone so determined and talented.

  16. Really awesome aarthi belated wishes to ur little angel

  17. Hi arthi..i made this buttercream to frost my barbie cake bt the time i started making those flowers it started melting i cud'nt make those flowers lyk u they were jst dropping down..what u think where i went wrong plz hlp me..n can u plz post or tell me d nozzel which u used...thnx

  18. @Anonymousdid u cool the cake completely. The cake has to be cold and the buttercream has to be stiff. add more icing sugar and whip it till it gets thick and stiff.

  19. @AnonymousYou can make this 2 days in advance. Since we are soaking the cake in sugar water it stays moist. And remove it from fridge 2 to 3 hours before serving

  20. @Jitheesh Varghesecheck this link for buttercream recipe

  21. @poonamu can use whipping cream too, but it is hard to work with.

  22. akka yu r juz amaazingg..semmaaaa!!! yur blog is a teacher for my baking skill akka..yu r simplyy superb,hats off for this cake <3 <3 it..:D

  23. Wow aarthi the work is beyong words its so so good and perfect...hats off to u dear..Maha is blessed with a good mom like u...I am a big fan of urs. Do u have any idea of how many kg this cake shops these cakes are made with min 4 kg or so. And very expensive too. U r a great cook and moreover a loving mom...

  24. Is it safe to use borosil in OTG oven?

  25. @Anonymousyes it safe. check the borosil dish manual, it should be oven safe

  26. @Tania Ronyi think this cake will come around 2.5 to 3 kg

  27. Hey Aarthi. Thanks for sharing such a detailed step by step guide to make a doll cake. what was the weight of this cake and can it be done in 2kg?

  28. @Anonymousnot sure will affect the look of the cake

  29. Can I use the regular hand blender those long once vd d whipping blade ? Vl it gv me d stiff peaks?

  30. Hi Aarthi,awesome recipe,just wanted to ask will the cake come spongy as u have not used hand blender to make the batter.

  31. Hi Aarthi,awesome recipe,just wanted to ask will the cake come spongy as u have not used hand blender to make the batter.

  32. @pallaviyes they turn out so soft even without heand blender

  33. @Anonymousnot sure about regular blender, try it

  34. I can bake only one later at a time as per my oven's capacity. So can I bake them one by one? If not then please tell me that should I divide every ingredint into equal 3 portions and mix each pan's batter one by one?

  35. @Pipli Mukhopadhyayno u can bake one cake at a time. just keep the batter covered. it will be good

  36. arthi can i made this with fresh cream cake ...

  37. @Anonymousyes u can decorate it with fresh cream..

  38. Hi Aarti....its a lovely cake you have made and the tutorial with pics is awesome. However I have a question....if i want to make it a chocolate cake sponge and chocolate cream inside is it possible? If yes how much cocoa powder to add and will there be changed in other ingredients? Thanks in advance!

  39. @Namratanow sure about that, have never tried it.

  40. Aarthi, tried this cake for my daughters 2nd bday. Perfect measurements. cake came out very good. My barbie is tall. So made 4 layers. Will send the pic to ur mail.
    Thanks dear. Everyone appreciated me a lot. It served 25 members.

  41. How many servings we get from this cake and how to cut it properly? Pl guide..

  42. @Pipli Mukhopadhyayyou can cut it like you cut a normal cake, but remember there will be a doll inside it, you you have it cut it on the sides. And this cake will serve more than 15 to 20

  43. Hi...
    I am planning to make it for my daughter's birthday...
    I feel like buttercream frosting is little heavy...
    Shall i use whipped cream frosting...
    U said previous comment like it is hard to handle...
    Will it work?can i form roses with whipped cream...
    Thanks in advance

  44. @abi abinayawhipping cream cannot hold the barbie cake. since it doesn't set like buttercream. U can layer the cake with butter cream then cover it with a thin layer of butter cream and chill for few hours. then cover the entire cake with whipped cream

  45. Hi Aarti,
    I tried this Barbie cake and it came out well...I followed ur cake baking steps and used store-brought cream for decoration. my 3 year old liked the cake like anything :) Thanks so much!

  46. Hi Aarthi,
    I followed your recipe for my daughter's Sofia the First theme birthday.. I used purple frosting.. The cake was great.. Thank you so much..

  47. Hi Aarthi
    I want to learn cool cake icing recipe. could you please help me out

  48. Hi Aarthi

    I wish to learn cool cake icing. please help me out aarthi. I also want to know difference between butter icing and cream icing. which one is used for cool cake decoration.

  49. I wish to learn cool cake icing. please help me out aarthi. I also want to know difference between butter icing and cream icing. which one is used for cool cake decoration.

  50. Hi Aarathi

    I wish to learn cool cake icing. please help me out aarthi. I also want to know difference between butter icing and cream icing. which one is used for cool cake decoration.

    1. Butter icing has butter and icing sugar which is whipped till creamy. But cream icing is just fresh cream and icing sugar which is less sweet.

    2. but which one is used to decorate cool cakes.

  51. hi aarthi mam.... me too planin tu make dis cake for my kid.... so lemme noe can i use any other type of cake batter

  52. Shall I use strawberry milk essence instead of pink color and essence as both will be in strawberry milk essence??

  53. let me use vanilla essence instead of strawbery....if yes how much shud i use..pls reply...thank u


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