Aug 3, 2015

Garlic Cheese Bombs Recipe - Garlic, Cheese & Herb Mini Buns Recipe

I have been in baking mood..When i succeeded in baking my dominos style garlic breadstick recipes, i wanted to bake many other buns recipe as well.. So yesterday i decided to make some delicious bread recipes. 

When i was surfing pinterest, i found some many recipes for soup sticks and cheese bombs which caught my eyes and i decided to make some. I made a double batch of the dough and made garlic cheese bombs and  breadsticks using that.

This recipe is so easy to make and it taste great warm when served with tomato sauce or any sauces. It can be served along side with soups. This is full of garlic and herb flavour and it turns out soft. Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 30 mins
Resting Time : 2 hours
Baking Time : 15 mins
Makes : 20 to 25 sticks


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 3 cups + more as needed

Dried Yeast - 1 tblspn
Sugar - 1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Olive Oil or Cooking Oil - 2 tblspn + 1 tblspn
Luke Warm Milk - 1 cup + 1/4 cup
Mozarella Cheese - 200 grams cubed

For Garlic Oil:

Unsalted Butter - 1/2 cup
Oil - 1/4 cup
Garlic - 2 tblspn grated
Italian Seasoning or Oregano - 1 tblspn
Red Chilli Flakes - 2 tsp
Salt to taste


First lets make  the dough. Take yeast and sugar in a bowl. Add in 1/4 cup of warm milk and mix well. Let it sit for 5 mins till it is activated and foamy.

Now take flour, salt, olive oil in a large bowl. Mix well. Pour the yeast mix and remaining milk and knead it to a soft dough. Add 1 tblspn of oil and knead to a soft dough for 10 mins till it is soft and smooth.

Now cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it rise in a warm place for 1 to 2 hours till it is doubled in size.

Now lets make the garlic oil. Take all the ingredients for the oil and heat gently till the butter is melted. Remove it from heat and set aside.

Now take the dough. Punch back the air from the dough and knead one more time. Take a small portion from dough, roll it into a log and cut into pieces.

Now take a ball and flatten it lightly, place a cube of cheese in the center and cover it well. Roll it into a smooth ball.

Now take the balls and dip it in the garlic butter and place it in the tray.

Set aside the tray and preheat oven to 200 degree C.

Now put the tray in oven and bake it for 10 to 15 mins untill golden. Remove it and brush with the oil if needed.

Serve warm.


Take all your ingredients
You need some warm milk, make sure it is luke warm,
 if it is hot then the yeast wont activate

Take yeast in a bowl

add in some sugar

pour little of the milk

mix well

set aside so it gets bubbly

now take flour in a large bowl

add in salt

add in oil

mix well

now you can see the yeast has activated

pour it in

pour the remaining milk

use a spoon or fork to mix well

it will start to form a dough

now it has come together

drizzle some oil

knead well for 5 to 10 mins

now you can see the dough has become nonsticky and soft

shape it into a ball..the dough has to be nonsticky

place it in a bowl

cover with plastic wrap and let it rise for a hour till it is
doubled in size
Now lets make the delicious brushing oil..
You dont need cheese for this recipe..I put that because i made another recipe with that

take butter in a bowl

add in some olive oil 

add in lots of grated garlic..

add in some italian seasoning

add in chilli flakes and salt

Now lets heat this gently

i heated it till the butter is melted, then i took it off the heat
 and set aside
take a block of cheese

cut it into slices

cut it into strips

cube them and set aside

now the dough has doubled in size

look how airy it looks

punch back the air

take a portion of dough onto a well floured surface

roll it into a log
cut into pieces

take a portion

flatten it slightly

place a cube of cheese in the middle

cover the sides

roll it smoothly

now put the ball in the butter

coat them well 

place it in a tray

now everything is done

pop it in oven and bake

a close shot

Serve warm

Taste great with tomato sauce

dip buns in sauce

bite it..YUM 


  1. Hi.. I tried this recipe jus nw & it is just a Lott amazing..:*..!! My husband who is a garlic bread lover was just flattered.. Thanx a lot for d amazing recipe Aarthi. Literally I'm skipping my dinner coz I don wanna lose this garlic flavour from my tongue.. Love yu Aarthi...!!!<3..

  2. The taste was flawless.. But d bread didn't turn brown on top even after 15 mins... I served a white bomb..:p.. Any suggestion.??

  3. @Tergiglad to hear that u tried and loved it..the browning may be because of each oven..i can give u a easy trick for browning on top..
    After the buns are baked, turn the oven mode to grill and set temp to 250 degree C. place the tray on top rack and grill it for just 30 sec to 45 sec..dont grill too much else the top may get hard and burned.

  4. such a mouth watering recipe. I have to try this ... like really soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. Hi,
    looks yummy..planning to make it..
    Any idea if maida can be replaced with atta?

  6. aarthi pls temme the brand of yeast your using...i am n chennai...i used bakerman's yeast but t never activated ...ive tried many times but all was a failure...

  7. Hi, Such a great recipe..I have one doubt..Can we use appe Pan instead of Oven?

  8. Hi Aarthi

    I am planning to make this as an appetiser this weekend for some guests. Now can i make this early that day to serve for evening or should i be making it only by the time they arrive?? are they gonna harden up or stay fluffy it kept long?

  9. @Vidya Udayu can make the dough and keep ready. u can whip this up an hour before..but still it will taste great if u make it in morning

  10. @Anonymousi hope u can use appe pan, but keep cooking it on a low heat

  11. @Susanreplacing maida with atta will give you little denser buns, but still it will taste good..

  12. Hi I aarthi'..lovely recipe..wanted to know if I can make dis in microwave convection... McEnroe LG microwave convection..

  13. Hi aarthi..wonderful recipe...pls tell me if I can use microwave convection to make dis..I have LG microwave convection..

  14. @Ruchika Sikkayes u can make this in convection oven too.

  15. Aarthi... Thanks fr such an awesome recipe. I baked these. In fact it's my first attempt to any kind of Bread baking.... Though the buns came our y ummmm they didn't turn brown so kept another few minutes so the base got toasted. I would love to post the pics I took. I'm soo excited... Thanks fr sharing such awesome recipes... God bless u always. Thank Divya.

  16. Aarthi... Thanks fr such an awesome recipe. I baked these. In fact it's my first attempt to any kind of Bread baking.... Though the buns came our y ummmm they didn't turn brown so kept another few minutes so the base got toasted. I would love to post the pics I took. I'm soo excited... Thanks fr sharing such awesome recipes... God bless u always. Thank Divya.

  17. My OTG has broil nd rotiiserri nd keep warm buttons.which one should i use to browning the top instead of grill?i have morphy 28 lit OTG.

  18. @Anjum magdumu have to use broil, but just cook for 45 sec to 1 min

  19. Thanks dear thanks a lot at ton. .... I jus tried ur recipe n it turned wonders.... sooooooooooooo delicious n yummmmmmy love u aarthi

  20. Thnxx so much for this recipe aarti...just made it nd it was ffinished all in few minutes....just two queries
    1. Can I make dense wide atta so data its more nutritious for kids ,and
    2. Can I make the dough in night nd keep in fridge so that morning can make dese nd give in kids tiffin, or shud I make dese buns at night only nd keep in fridge? Which one is better option, or none?

  21. Hi Aarthi,

    I posted a reply to your comment that day but surprisingly that didnt appear on the page.. And I just noticed it now... Wanted to tell u that the garlic bombs were a success and the guests loved it!! the complete menu for that day was from your blog including chicken skewers, garlic bombs, mughalai chicken, mushroom fried rice, tandoori chicken and more!! I cant thank you enough for helping us more than often... God Bless You and Family

  22. @Ruchika Sikka
    1)u can use atta too, the buns will be a little dense, but still it will taste yum.

    2)Yes u can make dough night, give a first rise outside. Then store it in fridge.

  23. I tried it was soooo good...:)

  24. Hi Arthi..lovely recipe😊 ..I'm new to baking and I just have a query. Should I grease the foil on tge tray with butter / oil before placing the dough balls ??

  25. Hi AARTI, I tried the recipe it came out perfect but my garlic got a little burnt on top like black pieces. Is it ok ? Pls help.

  26. Hi aarti......lovely recipe. ...I am not too confident with baking. ...but tis recipe is a must to question is if oven is preheated at 200 for 10 - 15 mts....thn after preheating for hw long shld the bread sticks be actually baked and at wht temperature. ...I hv a bajaj otg....


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