Jun 10, 2016

Baked Pizza Cups Recipe - Mini Pizza Cups Recipe

I have been seeing this and salivating over this recipe on pinterest..It is just pizza muffin form. The taste is just fantastic..Made it few days back and it is totally rocking recipe.  I just used some basic topping which i had on hand. You can use any toppings as you like..

These are great for kids and toddlers. You can add any veggies as you like in this as well.

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Baking Time : 15 to 17 mins
Serves: 5  to 7


Pizza Dough - one batch (Recipe here)

Pizza Sauce  or Ketchup - 1 cup or as needed ( Recipe here)
Capsicum / Bell Peppers as needed finely chopped
Olives as needed
Mozarella Cheese Grated as needed
Italian Seasoning as needed
Salt to taste
Olive Oil as needed


Preheat oven to 200 degree C. Grease 12 cup muffin pan with oil and set aside.

Take your pizza dough and roll it into a long rectangle.

Cut small circles from it using a cutter. Press it into muffin pan and brush it with oil.

Now pop this in oven and bake for 5 mins, remove it and if it looks puffy, just use a spoon to flatten it.

Now spread pizza sauce and all the other ingredients into each muffin. Finally sprinkle over cheese. Sprinkle some italian seasoning over it. 

Now brush it with some oil in the edges.

Now Pop it in oven and Bake for 8 to 10 mins

Remove it and cool little and serve hot.

You need a batch of pizza dough..Recipe here

Take your ingredients

Grease a muffin pan with oil and set aside

roll your pizza dough

cut small rounds

like this

now put this in each mould

like this

brush it with little oil

time to bake

it will look little puffy

press it with a spoon

now spoon in pizza sauce or ketchup

top with capsicum

add some olive

sprinkle with some italian seasoning

top with cheese

sprinkle more seasoning

brush with some oil around the sides

bake them



  1. Can I use the readymade pizza base available in the supermaket ? They r partially cooked so how do I use them ?

    1. No i dont it it will work, since you cannot mould it

  2. very innovative idea Aarthi. good going. i follow your blog for most of the cooking id . thanks a lot.


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