May 15, 2011

Lachha Paratha Recipe / Wheat Paratha Recipe

I have made a Flaky paratha post previously,That paratha is made with maida..But this is a flaky lacha paratha made with wheat flour.So it is a healthy one..

This is really easy to make,but it take a bit of time...Usually we will be having regular chappati,but this one will be a change for that...I served it with chettinad mushroom and tomato chutney.You could rest the dough for 2 hours..This makes the chappati so soft..So try this and let me know what you think...

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Resting Time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 1 to 2 mins per paratha
Serves : 4 to 5


Whole Wheat flour / Atta -3 cups + more for rolling and dusting
Oil-2 tblspn + More for pan frying and rolling
Salt to taste
Warm water as required


In a mixing bowl add flour,salt,oil and rub them together.

Gradually add warm water and mix it till it forms a dough..Knead the dough for 3 min.Apply oil on the dough and cover it with a bowl.Let it rest for 15 min.

Now divide the  dough into equal portions.Take a small ball and roll it into thin chappati.Apply oil on the chappati and spread it evenly.Dust some flour over the chappati and start folding it like a saree fleet.(check image).

Then Curl it to form a round shape.Apply a tsp of oil over the curled dough and let it rest until you make every dough like this.

Now take a curled dough and make chappatis out of it.Finish the entire dough like this.

Heat a tawa and put this chappati on to the tawa and cook on both sides by applying ghee or oil till done and golden.

Then remove it on to a plate and crush it with your hands,so that the flakes will separate.

Put this into a hot case so that it stays nice and warm.Serve it with any side dish..

Serving suggestion:

make the dough
Take a ball out of it

spread it thinly

drizzle some oil over it

spread it evenly

once you have spread oil like this

sprinkle over some flour

just like this

now make fleats

now time to roll

roll it

roll it

tuck the side in

now lets roll the paratha

like this

place it on a hot tawa

flip and cook

drizzle some oil or ghee

spread it 

flip again

drizzle some more ghee or oil and cook


crush it with your hands, since i am holding
 camera on one hand, i couldn't picture properly

crushing make the layers to separate



  1. Lachha paratha looks perfect and inviting! nice recipe..thanks for sharing!

  2. looks great...different from usual chapathis..nice one..

  3. looks great...different from usual chapathis..nice one..

  4. Looking good with the swirls .. nice and flaky.


  5. ooh yum !!! Love your step by step pics dear :)

  6. I love this paratha always...looks so good and flaky..

  7. Delicious and flaky Lacha Paratha. They are looking awesome.

  8. I tried your lachha pratha and mutter paneer (the green gravy one) bothe turned out yummy.
    I am a recent visior on your blog and like your recipes.
    the picture by picture post is extremely wonderful
    keep it up
    all the best

  9. Nice blog! Following u..... your posts are a very good read:) Keep rocking..
    kati roll online order

  10. Oh yes I need to try this recipe! Looks delish!
    Chowringhee Kamla Nagar

  11. Hi Aarthi, amazing blog and your recipes are really yum..,

    Would like to thank u for u r garlic bread and chicken 65 recipes which i recently tried in air fryer.. was a big hit.

    what is the yellow colored side dish which u have shown in this pic of paratha. please give the recipe for that. Also give me few baked versions of indian snacks which i can try in my air fryer.

  12. Hi aarthi,
    Came across ur site in facebook, somehow. And i sincerely thank facebook for this now. I found sooooo many wonderdully recipies that i have now become addicted to ur blog. Keep up the good work. And this laccha paratha instruction have been made so easy to understand and make me feel, its so simple, will try it out today and let u know how it turns out, since i and my husband a paratha fans.

    Thank u again for this lovely blog.

  13. I thought about trying this recipe but it looked complicated so I just ordered it form restaurant. Result was a solid and taste is like wow. chowringhee satya niketan menu


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