Sep 12, 2011

Devil Food Cake with Chocoholic Chocolate Frosting

Hai Friends..Hope you are having a great week..

I have posted the recipe of chocoholic chocolate frosting(Please click on the hyperlink for recipe) before and it was a huge hit with you...This is the cake which I frosted with that icing..

This is one of Nigella Lawson’s recipe...I want to make this from the first time I watched her video...

I waited so long to post this recipe and really excited about this one..I can tell you this is one of the best chocolate cake I have ever made..I made this and took few pieces to office and they all loved it...

Few weeks back I posted Angel Cake recipe... But this cake is entirely different..It is dark and chocolaty and rich cake...Hence the name..

So hope you like this and let me know if you have an doubts...


Flour-1 ½ cup
Oil-100 ml
Sugar-1 cup
Cocoa-50 gms
Brown sugar-3/4 cup
Baking soda-1 tsp
Baking powder-1 tsp
Vanilla-1 tsp
Chocoholic Chocolate frosting as needed for icing


Preheat the oven to 180°C(350°F)...Butter two baking pan and dust it with flour and set aside..

Take 250 ml of water in a sauce pan and bring that to boil.Take it off the heat and add in brown sugar and cocoa and mix well..

Add baking powder and baking soda to flour and mix well..

Beat oil,sugar,vanilla together..Add in half of the flour mixture and mix well..

Add in one egg and beat well..Throw in the remaining half of the flour and mix well..

Add in the final egg and mix till combined..

Pour in the cocoa brown sugar mixture and mix well..

Divide this batter in two tin and bake this for 30-35 mins or until the skewer comes out clean..

Let it cool before you take it out of the tin...Let this cool completely on the wire rack before icing.

Get your icing done...

Take the cake and add a dollop of this frosting..Sandwich with other cake and cover the entire cake with this frosting...

Refrigerate till serving...Slice and serve...

take all your ingrediants

Mix brown sugar,cocoa in hot water and set aside

Mix Baking powder and Baking soda with flour and set aside

Take Vanilla,Sugar and Oil in a bowl

Beat it together

add half of the flour mixture

and one egg...

add the remaining flour mixture

add the another egg

now add in the cocoa mixture

mix well

Prepare a tin...

Pour the batter in two tin (Sorry i have a small oven so i have to do it twice)

Bake it to perfection

Let the cake cool in wire rack
Now take the icing and dollop of the cake

Spread it evenly

Sandwich with other cake and add some more frosting

Spread evenly


I know it looks lovely

You want a slice

have it
I am going to Dig in...


  1. Still have your frosting on my must make list. Great cake recipe to go with it. Can't wait to give this a try. Yummy!

  2. I definitely want a slice and hope you don't mind sharing Girl. looks so sinful and decadent.

  3. Can I have a piece please! Looks so yummy !!

  4. Che torta golosa, troppo buona è un peccato di gola che non si può rinunciare!!!

  5. Chocolate Frosting looks very delicious and lavish.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. I have to make a chocolate cake this weekend. I may try this.

  7. wow, the cake is so tempting and can't resist to have something chocolaty now :)...always like ur detailed explanations with pics...awesome recipe and cake..

  8. Super delicious cake,prefect for a chocoholic person like me..

  9. Devil's food cake looks so very tempting.. absolutely love the chocoholic frosting!!
    Krithi's Kitchen
    Event: Serve It - Steamed

  10. I'm always looking for new chocolate cakes to try...and this one looks moist and wonderful! And that frosting is so gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing~

  11. This sounds so yummy. Wow!!! I want to bake this with gluten free flour.

  12. Would you beleive that I could eat whole cake by myself.I am true chocolic:)

  13. Aarthi, your chocolate cake looks so awesome, I want a big slice to goes with my coffee.

  14. Stefania..Thanks dear

    Pretend chef…I hope you try it soon

    Radhika…I never mind…Come over here I can give you the whole cake

    Yummy Little Cooks…Ofcourse you can dear

    Laura…Thanks for your lovely comment

    Hamaree Thanks dear

    Sunshine…I am really happy that you are going to try this cake…

    Sobha,Priya, Krithi…Thanks dear

    @Lizzy..Thanks dear…I am glad that you liked my cake..

    Ricki…yes could do that

    Dzoli…he he..I too can do that but my siblings wont allow me dear

    Amelia…Sure I can give you…Come over here

  15. Hummmmmm! J'en ai l'eau à la bouche maintenant!
    gros bisous

  16. This looks like one delicious cake, and the frosting tops it off wonderfully!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  17. Yummy yummy! Would love to have a bite!

  18. Wow Aarthi, I had seen this recipe on Nigella's kitchen. What a replication. Love your step by step guide.


  19. Yum this looks wonderful!! Nothing like having a perfect chocolate cake recipe (and frosting) on hand! Im so glad you found my blog and made it so I can find yours too!!

  20. brinkka2011 says: Ive been meaning to read this and just never received a chance. Its an issue that Im really interested in, I just started reading and Im glad I did. Youre a good blogger, 1 of the best that Ive seen. This blog absolutely has some data on subject that I just wasnt aware of. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light.

  21. You can give others a piece a small one mind you the rest of the cake is mine.

    Sinfully rich and decadent! Love it.( I have been begged to make this cake my kid was next to me when I opened this cake) bookmarked.
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  22. What a fabulous cake - and look at all of that devine frosting just waiting to be licked!

  23. martinealison …Thanks for your comment dear…

    Diane…you are welcome dear..

    Tina..Thanks dear..

    Raks Kitchen…Thanks dear…

    The Pumpkin Farm..yes dear…I am great fan of nigella..Thank you so much for your lovely comment

    Beth…Thanks are always welcome..

    Brinkka…Thank u so much for such a lovely comment…These kind of comments make me more energetic…Keep checking my blog..

    Archana…yes ofcourse you can take entire cake dear..WOW…I ma really happy that your kid liked my cake…

    Kristy…take it dear..

    Cakelaw…yes after the cake got over I took that plate and did the same thing dear...

  24. Wow, what a beautiful chocolate frosting. I'm just a fiend for all things chocolate and I love that you used honey instead of raw sugar. I'll try on my next cake .... very soon. Excellent recipe!

  25. Your pictorials are amazing which makes it an inspiration to cook o' cook!! Great work... simple yet well explained... just love to watch over daily your recipes..thanks a lot!

  26. Can you please tell me what will be the procedure if we want to baked in microwave oven.

  27. You have baked so many types of cake, awesome Aarthi. Can I bake this as a single cake and then slice it into two and frost it? Does it make any difference? Thanks.

  28. @Praba ArunI dont sugeest u to do that, because it may crack. But you can use bigger pan and bake

  29. @Praba ArunI dont sugeest u to do that, because it may crack. But you can use bigger pan and bake

  30. @AnonymousIf you oven has convection mode, then you can, or you cannot

    1. Oopps!! Na I don't have a convection mode. Anways thanks

  31. this cake is really making me guilty during diet days...i cudnt control..yummmmmmmy...going to try now...:)

  32. Is there any alternative 4 eggs? I want a good choco cake bt eggless. Bt im always disappointed. Also tell me if we can steam ths cake instead of baking.. love d frosting recipe.. following ur blog frm now onwards

  33. @Anonymouscheck this out

    will soon share a steamed chocolate cake

  34. My sister's favorite was the Devil's food cake recipe that she got from one of her friends. She always talks about it whenever we meet! I’m definitely making this! thanks for sharing!

    Ihjaz Ahmad

  35. Hii aarthi.. Can i use normal white sugar in place of brown sugar

  36. can we use the beater to mix the eggs and sugar or it should be done only in spatula

  37. Even my oven is small so is it okay to divide the batter into two and bake one batch after the other ? Will the two cakes be of the same texture? Coz many ppl told me not to let the batter wait once it's mixed...

  38. Even my oven is small.. I can bake one tin at a time only.. Is it all right to allow the batter to wait till the first batch gets baked? Will the cake texture be the same for two batters?

  39. @Kaviarasi Muthuyes it can wait till the first is baked

  40. @Anonymousu can use a beater to whip the eggs and sugar

  41. hi...i made this cake several times but each time my cake breaks and sinks from the middle...what could i be doing wrong?

  42. @shanzae tahirthe raising agent which you add is too much or the cake pan may be too small. or the oven door is opened inbetween baking

  43. Hi arthi
    Can u pls tell me the measurement of cocoa powder in terms of spoon or cup..?

  44. hey...
    why you have used brown sugar, im a new learner in baking area so iwant to know why ?

    Ihave tried many recipes of yours and non turned bad..Best of luck <3

  45. Instead of brown sugar,can we use white sugar or jaggery

  46. Such a beautiful recipe!!

  47. With what Can I replace eggs, as we are vegetarian, and is it necessary to use brown sugar for that cocoa mixture?

  48. hi. i wanted to use this recipe and bake it in the form of cupcakes. is it possible and what precautions should i be taking?

    1. yes u can. reduce the cooking time alone

  49. Hi aarthi, are u using a 240 ml measuring cup?


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