Oct 14, 2011

Milagu Kulambu / Pepper Kulambu Recipe

Amma’s always says that pepper is good for you and try to use it whenever possible...I too love to add pepper in all my dishes..Pepper Mushroom,Pepper Chicken are one of my favorite dishes and I make them often..

Oneday I made this dish and amma was totally happy because she don’t eat mushrooms and chicken, So she has never tasted the above recipes..But this one was her favorite and she enjoyed it a lot..

I want to show you Amma's Spice bowl.This one is called as Masala Dabba..She keep all her whole spices in this lovely container...She even have another plastic one for keeping her powdered spices..

Now coming back to recipe..As you all know that roasting spices increase their flavour and taste.Right...And I Love roasting my own spices..I love to see the way how the mild spices turns nutty and aromatic when it gets roasted..

Hope you will try this and let me know if you have any doubts..Straight away I am delivering you the step by step recipe with pictures..


Shallots / Sambar Onion / Chinna Ulli-10
Garlic Pods -10
Tamarind -1 small lemon size soaked in water
Salt to taste

For Roasting and Grinding:
Coriander Seeds / Malli -3 tblspn
Urad Dal / Ulundam Paruppu -1 tblspn
Channa Dal / Kadala Paruppu -1 tblspn
Pepper-2 tblspn or to taste
Raw Rice-1 tsp

For Tempering / Seasoning:
Oil- 6 tblspn
Mustard seeds / Kaduku-1 tsp
Cumin seeds / Jeerakam-1 tsp
Fenugreek seeds / Vandayam- ¼ tsp
Curry leaves – 2 spring


Heat 1 tblspn of oil in a kadai..Add in all the roasting ingrediants..Fry on a low flame till golden..Remove and let it cool down..Now grind this into a smooth paste by adding some water.

Heat 3 tblspn oil in a kadai..Add in shallots and garlic and mix well.

Now add in the ground masala and mix well..Pour in tamarind water and some more water as you need..Season with salt.

Bring this to a boil..Cover and simmer for 20-30 mins..

Make seasoning by heating 2 tblspn oil and crackling mustard,cumin,fenugreek and curry leaves.

Pour this over the gravy and mix well..

Serve hot with rice..

Take all your ingrediants
This is your roasting spices
Add everything in hot oil
and start roasting
continue roasting till light golden
let it cool down and take it in blender
powder it
add some water and grind again
make it into a smooth paste
Heat oil in the same kadai
add in shallots and garlic
fry them for couple of minutes
add in the ground masala
mix well
pour in tamarind water
season with some salt
cover and simmer for a while
untill oil separates from this
now make tempering
pour it over the gravy
mix well
You are Done
Only thing you need is rice


  1. My I come for dinner? delicious ...too bad i cann't find many of your ingredients, what is channa dal?

  2. Excellent pepper kuzhambu...Like to have with hot plain rice n papad...will try this way !!

  3. love this spicy curry will be a treat with some white rice and papadam

  4. nice spices used Aarthi....why dont u participate in the event
    Event: Kerala Kitchen
    looking forward to ur participation

  5. Wow I can almost smell this delectable dish, I love black pepper.
    I suppose if I can't obtain chana dal I could substitute yellow split peas?
    Great post Thank You.

  6. @ anthony..yes you could use that..

    @Andreea Channa dal is split yellow dal...you could find it at any indian super markets

  7. yesterday i did this curry at home and it came out so well, easy and quick recipe.. It was a total hit.. Thank u so much Aarthi!!!!

  8. yesterday i did this curry at home and it came out so well, easy and quick recipe.. It was a total hit.. Thank u so much Aarthi!!!!

  9. Hi Aarthi, today I tried this and it came out well. Its a first time. Thanks for this recipe.

  10. I made this and served it with mild carrot thoran and rice. We all love whole sambar onions in gravy, so it was a hit. My husband kept asking "It really doesn't have any chillies in it?". No, I said, just pepper. "Wow, but it's so good and spicy!".


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