Nov 27, 2011

Fried Bread Roll Stuffed with Sweet Corn Filling

I love sweet corn in any thing. I even add sweet corn in the pulav which I make. I love sweet corn soup and sweet corn fritters. When I feel hungry and I don’t feel like cooking anything  then what I do is, I take a cup of frozen sweetcorn and microwave it for 5 mins..Then add a blob of butter with some salt and pepper and dig in straight away. I even add some desi spices like chat masala or channa masala in this too..

Sweetcorn are such a versatile thing to have in hands..This recipe is adapted from rak’s kitchen but I modified that recipe a lot according to my taste and the ingrediants which I have in hand.

I love to have this on a cold day along with a cup of chai or hot milk, It doesn’t get better than this. So without any more delay off you go to the step by step recipe with pictures. I am sending this recipe to Blogging Marathan Day 5 in the theme Winter Special.. Hope you love it..


For Outer Layer:

Bread – 6 slices

All Purpose Flour / Maida- 3 tblspn

Water for dipping bread

For Sweet Corn Filling:

Onion-1 chopped finely

Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tsp

Sweet Corn Kernels-1 cup

Sweet Corn Puree-1 cup ( I pureed sweetcorn myself)

Corn flour-1 tblspn

Salt to taste

Oil-1 tblspn

Water as needed


Heat 1 tblspn of oil and add onions,ginger and garlic paste and fry for 1 min.

Now add in pureed sweet corn and whole sweet corn kernels and mix well.Season with salt and pepper.

Add a splash of water and cook this for 5 mins. Now add cornstarch slurry(cornflour mixed with some water) and mix well. This will be like a thick mixture.

Allow it to cool down.

Now make the dough for this, Take the bread slices and remove the crust off. Now dip each bread slices in water and squeeze with your hands to remove the excess water.

Now add maida to the bread slices and knead to form a dough.

Divide the dough into equal portions. Take any plastic sheet and apply some oil in it. Now take one dough ball and press it with your hands. Spoon some filling in the middle and roll it out. Seal all sides and set aside. Do exactly same for every dough.

Now heat oil for shallow frying and fry these roll in it till golden.

Serve hot with ketchup or any of your favorite sauce.

Take all your ingrediants
Add sweetcorn to a blender
make it into a puree
You will need whole as well as pureed ones..
heat oil
add onions
add ginger garlic paste
add in sweetcorn puree
and whole sweetcorn
season with salt and pepper
add some water
and your cornstarch slurry
mix well
Filling done..Allow this to cool down.
start making the outer layer. Take your bread slices
remove the crust off
take one slice
dip in water
squeeze off the excess water
add it to a bowl
now add flour in this
form into a dough
divide into equal portions...
take a plastic wrap
take one dough
press it evenly
add a spoonful of filling in the center
start rolling
roll roll..
press edges and seal well
heat oil for shallow frying
add the rolls in
fry till golden..
remove and set aside
with some ketchup and milk or tea
Enjoy each bite of goodness


  1. Mouthwatering corn rolls. perfect for a winter evening. nice picture and nice explanation.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site. Wow, loved the sweet corn filling, btw, sweet corn is one of my favourite too. Appreciate the illustrative clicks.Am already following u :):)

  3. Looks perfect and crunchy. I make this with potato filling. This looks delicious too...

  4. Very interesting filling, irresistible bread rolls..

  5. looks Awesome......very appetizing!!!need some now pls:-)

  6. Wow I remember my friend's mom making this with aloo yummy!..nice tutorial Aarthi..

  7. Looks so inviting and perfect for this chilly weather...

  8. oh...I used to make these with different stuffings...but havent done since a long time now..since it s..fried..I guess if we bake these..we would eat with comfort:)

  9. very nice and mouthwatering..perfect for winter

  10. Sounds too tempting, nice idea to mash the breads and make rolls!

  11. this looks pretty nice, especially as the dough is rolled out

  12. loved your idea of mashing the bread completely and then making a dough, nice filling too.



  13. Can we any other instead of bread?

  14. @Vaibavayou can use chapati dough instead of bread

  15. Aarti hats off to u... Thnk u soo vry much 4 d delicious recipe... God bless u...

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