Dec 29, 2011

Instant & Crispy Wheat Dosa / Gothambu Dosa ( Savoury Version)– Quick Breakfast Ideas

We make this dosa often in our house..Since it is instant and take only minutes to make, it is mostly served for breakfast. Amma makes her own way of this dosa, her dosa is more soft and spongy. But I don’t like that much..This version is my favorite..It is so crispy and flavourful.

The best combo for wheat dosa is coconut chutney...This is one of those best dish for busy breakfast and a great one for people who are in diet.

So here I deliver you the recipe and let me know what you think.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 2 to 3 mins per dosa
Serves : 4 to 5


Wheat Flour / Atta – 1 cup
Rice Flour / Arisi Mavu – ½ cup
Whole Pepper / Mullu Milagu – 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam – 1 tsp
Onion – 1 finely chopped
Green Chilli – 1 finely chopped
Coriander Leaves / Cilantro – 3 tblspn finely chopped
Salt to taste
Water as needed
Oil- for frying


Mix everything except oil to a thin batter. The batter should not be thick it should be watery in consistency.

Now heat a nonstick tawa. Pour a ladleful of batter in it and swirl the tawa so that the batter coats evenly and thinly.

Drizzle some oil and Cook it for 3-4 mins on one side until the bottom turns little crispy and golden brown.

Flip it over and cook for 2 mins on other side too.

Finish the entire batter like this. Serve it with coconut chutney or sambar.

Take all your ingrediants
Prepare all your veggies
Take wheat flour in a bowl
add rice flour to this
add salt
and pepper
add all chopped veggies
mix well
pour in water
and mix well
it should be in thin consistency
heat a nonstick tawa
Pour a ladleful in
swirl the pan so that the batter coats evenly
drizzle some oil
and let it cook
can you see.. the sides have started to turn crispy
flip over and cook
fold it and serve
Enjoy this crispy wheat dosa with
sambar and coconut chutney


  1. This looks like a tasty breakfast for sure. I like crispy dosa better than soft dosa too. I haven't made wheat dosa yet, this is nice and easy to make in the morning! Thanks.

  2. Oh I love how quick these are! It's great to find fast, savory dishes for breakfast. :) ~Megan

  3. They are like creps, aren´t they? I like them so much
    Kisses and happy christmas

  4. Me too love the crispy version more...looks very tempting

  5. Merci pour se régal ...

    A l'aube de la nouvelle année, je vous renouvelle tous mes voeux afin que tout soit possible y compris le bonheur.
    gros bisous.

  6. Looks great! I love dosa but never make it b/c it seems so challenging...yours looks super easy!

  7. i have to agree with you. it is very easy and quick. If my son asks for dosa and i do not have batter in the fridge for regular ones, i mix just a few table spoons of wheat and rice - just enough for 2 dosas :-)

  8. Hai Aarthi the platter looks very inviting.Me too prepare this dosa but dont add the whole peppers.Will try next time adding whole peppers.

  9. never heard of a wheat dosa...looks nice :) thanks for sharing

  10. Fantastic tutorial. I would love to make crispy dosa--the batter is thin, like crepes, but a lot more flavorful.
    Thanks, Aarthi, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Delicious and healthy breakfast can be made in a jiffy.

  12. Hi Aarthi,

    Nice to see, but I don't get that crispy.

    Your dosa is so crispy. Enjoy dear.

  13. I too make this dosa though mine are not as crispy as your next time will surely try your version.

  14. Really very crispy and quick breakfast item...loved it...

  15. hello arathi
    wishing you and your family very happy new year .. thanks so much for sharing this dish .. quick and easy .. good one for breakfast.

  16. hello arathi
    wishing you and your family very happy new year .. thanks so much for sharing this dish .. quick and easy .. good one for breakfast.

  17. Wish u a very happy and prosperous new year..Wat a healthy dosas,love it.

  18. Looks delicious!!! Wishing you and your family a happy and wonderful New Year.

  19. Hi Aarthi - Thank you for visiting the blog and your lovely comments. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog because it has so many incredible recipes on it! I've just been drooling over lots of delicious recipes and will definitely be trying some out. The step by step photos are really useful too.

  20. very tasty looking heat dosa..a perfect bf for all:)

  21. This is my fav bfast.. yummmy n healthy one.Happy new year...

  22. hot wheat doshas..............super...yummy...

  23. @Deeps
    it luks yummy..just wanted to know whether the rice flour u have added is roasted or plain

  24. @Anonymous You need just plain rice flour..Don't need to roast it..

  25. Hi ur dosas look yummy. I have just finished makin sambar.. will try ur dosa..

  26. looking great ...i will try today itself

  27. Thanks a the recipe easily when searched. didn't have to go through all the different sites like for other recipes i do. overall a good n simple breakfast for beginners or for people who ran out of their salary while the month comes to an end. thank u once again

  28. Can i add cornflour if i dont have rice atta

  29. @sonicai think cornflour wont work. i haven't used it

  30. Hello are just do amazing at your all your recipes...could you pls send ne the link of the coconut chutney..I cNt find on the blog...

  31. @RoopHere is the link

  32. Arithi mam, now days I'm becoming a big fan on you & your recepies.

  33. Just tried for friday bfasr.....came out well...thank u

  34. Just tried for friday bfast....came out well ...thank u

  35. Thank u arthi just tried this recipe for breakfast.. came out realy well.. :)

  36. Hi aarthi,can I add roasted rava into this for crispy..

  37. @kirthi Rit dont need that, but if you want yu can add it, then it will become wheat rava dosa

  38. Hi Arthi, can we avoid rice flour since I'm on diet

    1. rice flour makes it crispy. u can skip that too

  39. Thanks for sharing this wheat dosa aarthi. Today tried. It came out very well. I have grinded pepper & Jeera and used that powder. Pepper Gave a good taste.


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