Jan 29, 2012

Mysore Sada Dosa / Mysore Sada Dose / How to make Red Chutney for Mysore Dosa – Dosa Recipes

As you all know, Dosa’s & idli’s are one of the stable food in a typical southindian home..Specially in our house we have it several times a week and even several times a day sometimes..Amma makes Paper Roastcoconut chutney or tomato chutney..But I love to go crazy and make all types of dosas..

You can see quite a lot of dosa recipes in my blog..I have made Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Egg Dosa, Paper Roast, Onion Uttapam…You can check all my recipes through my Recipe Index…I am planning to make so many in my coming post..

This Dosa is adapted from  a cookbook which I love..It is one of tarla dalal recipe…I am in a mission to try out all the recipe from that cookbook..This dosa got its special care from lots of butter and a spicy red chutney which is applied on the top layer which makes it even more special..You can go a step ahead and trasform  this sada dosa to Mysore Masala DosaThey taste fabulous.I hope you like it and let me know what you think..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Serves : 3 to 4

Homemade Dosa Batter – as needed ( Click Here for Recipe)
Butter – as needed

For Red Chutney:
Coconut – ¼ cup
Channa Dal / Kadalai Paruppu– 1 tblspn
Urad Dal / Ulundu– 1 tblspn
Garlic – 1 fat clove
Dry Red Chilli – 3 ( Kashmiri variety if you need dark red colour)
Red Chilli Powder -1 tsp
Tamarind – 1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Sugar – 1 tsp
Oil- 1 tblspn


Start by making red chutney..Heat 1 tblspn of oil a kadai. Add in channa dal, urad dal, dry red chilli and garlic. Roast this for 2 mins untill it gets light golden.

Now add in tamarind, red chilli powder and coconut. Mix this once..Add in salt and sugar and mix well.

Turn off the heat and put it in a blender and make into a fine paste by adding some water.

Heat a tawa, I used my mother’s iron tawa. Take a ladleful of batter and spread it into a thin dosa..

Add a tsp of butter and spread it evenly with a spatula,so that the top of the dosa is smooth and even.

Now add a tsp or two of the red chutney over the dosa and spread again..Add a tblspn of butter on top and smear again..This will give more flavour..

Now let the dosa get crisp. Fold in half and serve.

You can serve as it is or add some potato masala on top and serve as mysore masala dosa.

Take all your ingrediants
Let start by making the chutney
heat oil
add channa dal
and urad dal
red chilli and garlic
add tamarind
red chilli powder
mix everything together
add salt and sugar
mix once
add it to a blender
and make into a paste by adding some water
transfer to a bowl..Chutney done..
now heat a tawa
add a ladleful of batter
spread it evenly
add a tsp of butter
smear all over the top
this is how it should look
add the chutney
spread evenly
add some more butter
spread it
fold from one side
and now other side
You can go one step further and make Mysore Masala Dosa...Click on the image for Recipe..

Mysore Masala Dosa.


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I had made this chutney.it tasted excellent.thanks a lot for your recipes.

Nehal Vora said... Best Blogger Tips

I had made this chutney.it tasted excellent.thanks a lot for your recipes.

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