Mar 18, 2012

Cheese Spread Sandwich with BellPeppers – Kids Special Recipes / Under 30 mins

If you have kids those who falls hungry unexpectedly, then i will suggest you to have a packet of bread and a container of cheesy sandwich spread always stocked in your pantry..These both comes handy always...This is one such recipe that can be made in minutes...So easy but extremely tasty..You can add any vegetables in this..I had capsicum at that moment in my fridge so i used it..My sisters don't like to eat raw capsicum, so i just sauted them in olive oil for a min and used it..But you could use it raw..

I hope you like it and try it immediately..I am sending this recipe to Blogging Marathan Day 3 under the theme Kid's Delight - Easy to make Snacks under 30 mins..

Bread Slices – 8
Capsicum – 1 cup chopped finely ( Use any colour)
Spring onion – 1 sliced finely (white and green part separated)
Tomato Ketchup – 1 tblspn
Sandwich Spread – 3 tblspn
Olive Oil- 1 tsp + for toasting the sandwich
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Heat oil in a kadai. Add capsicum and spring onion white part and sauté for a min.

Remove this to a bowl. Add spring onion green part, cheese spread, ketchup and salt and pepper and mix well.

Spread this evenly on a slice of bread and cover with another one slice.

Toast it in the tawa for 1 min on one side till the bread is toasted.

Slice and serve.


Take all your ingrediants

Prep them all

Heat a tsp of oil in a pan

add all the veggies and saute them

saute for a min

transfer to a bowl

add any of your fav sandwich spread...I used Cheese and Chilli

add a dollop or two of that

add in the chopped spring onion green part

and a dash of ketchup

season with salt and pepper

mix all together

take your bread slices

Spread this evenly on the slices

cover with the other slice

Fry them in a pan

untill they turn golden on both sides

Slice and Serve


  1. Wow looks like a perfect kid friendly recipe...very tempting

  2. yummy n delicious sandwich....

  3. Will surely want to try this..good one

  4. Delicious!!! Thanks for sharing this idea.


  5. not just kiddos us elders would love it too

    however i have never used sandwich spread before

    would try that too now

  6. Healthy n Filling sandwich!!! would love to try for myself with brown or wholemeal bread!!! :)

  7. Bread is a real savior when hunger pangs attack unexpectedly. Thanks for sharing a real lip smacking recipe.

  8. This looks very interesting. I am sure evry kid will love this

  9. recipes like these are so simple and yummy...good to remember that there is simple way out too

  10. Super Aarthi. I eat sandwiches for lunch sometimes, and the kid in me would definitely want to try it.

  11. hey you can pass that on to me.., can send it for kids lunch box, they love cheese and bell pepper :).., nice one

  12. yummy

  13. Kids and grown ups both will like to have them.

  14. Yummy sandwich ..even I feel like taking a nice big bite.

  15. very true.. its always good to have bread stock in pantry..this is my kind of food.. loved it :)

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  16. superb arthi.

    i am new to this sandwich spread and mixing of tomato ketchup like this. worth trying it out.

    Hema's Adugemane

  17. sandwich spread is something new to me ...yummy and easy recp.

  18. Sure it's a delight for every one, Yummy Preparation...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  19. Such a simple yet delightful snack..

  20. insted of cheese we can use mayo. no fantastic sandwitch.

  21. where can i get sandwich spread in nagercoil? this is lovely BTW..

  22. @ashyYou can get it in lynns in the sauce section

  23. I tried it was great
    since iam veg i put thousand islands

  24. Hmmmm yummy i like this arthi ji

  25. Hi Aarthi, what is the name of the bread u r using


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