Feb 26, 2015

Easy Bhatura Recipe / Bhatura without Yeast Recipe

Hope everyone had a awesome weekend and enjoying a great Monday now..I had quite a busy Saturday..As a result of that we went to a famous restaurant  in our place called 'PRABHU' on Sunday..We ordered their famous Parota, Chicken 65, Aapam & Mutton chukka. It was mouthwateringly delicious.. Then we went to again a famous icecream parlour 'WARRANCE' and enjoyed the best icecreams like jelly icecream, chocolate sundae, blackcurrent..It was so yummy..We totally enjoyed the day..

Now back to recipe..Anything deep fried is mine and my sweet heart's favorite. Starting my Samosa to Bhaturas, we drool for this..I made this some days back for dinner and served it along side with a spicy chana masala.. My god the combo was amazing and hubby loved it a lot and even thanked me for doing this for him. He even requested me to do this more often, because as a food blogger I don't repeat making the same dishes over and over again, He knows that..

I have two variations of chana masala in my blog, you can make any one of it..For recipe for both check this link and this link..I hope you will love this and tell me how it turned out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Resting Time : 30 mins
Cooking Time : 30 sec for one batch
Serves - 4


All Purpose Flour / Maida -  3 cup
Curd / Yogurt - 1/4 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Baking Soda / Cooking Soda - 1/2 tsp
Sugar - 2 tblspn
Salt to taste
Oil - 1.5 tblspn + For Deep Frying


Take flour, salt, sugar, baking soda, oil in a bowl and mix well with your hands till oil is mixed into the flour really well.

Add in curd and milk. 

Knead it for 5 mins and cover it with a bowl and let it rest for 30 mins.

Now take a small ball out of it and roll into a little thick poori

Heat oil for deep frying.

Drop this poori in hot oil and slightly press the top in a circular motion over the bubbles that form on them, the pooris will puff up like a balloon.

Now flip over and cook under side too.

Drain and serve with chana masala or any curries.

Take all your ingredients

Take flour in a bowl

add in sugar


cooking soda / baking soda

Add in oil

rub with your hands

once it is evenly mixed into the flour

add in yogurt


knead to a soft dough

cover it and let it rest for 30 mins

divide into small balls

take one ball and flatten it slightly

spread it out

heat oil for deep frying

drop bhatura in 

now use your spoon to press on the top over those bubbles

it will puff up

let it cook for few sec

flip over and cook

now drain it




  1. My favorite combo :) Nice and fluffy puris :)

    Cheers to Gagan :) And cheers to Gauri too for taking interest in cheering our Indian winner :) And also for this delicious recipe.. I have posted a wish picture in my Lamb Intestine curry and lets wish India success in Olympics~Today's Recipe~Crispy corn flour onion pakoras
    You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

  2. wow... looks so yummy... yesterday night i had this chole batura...

  3. Wow this is like poori but from maida huh? Never ate this before....wil try some day...thank you for sharing...

  4. My fav anytime...looks tempting!

  5. hey aarthi how have u been? this bhatura came out really good and fluffy

  6. Wow, nice recipe dear..never tried it without yeast!

  7. This looks fabulous! I love the browning and bubbles!

  8. Came perfectly

    Dish name starts with N

  9. I too make the same way almost :) but use curd...

  10. one of my fav too aarthi.....looks yummy!!

  11. hello aarthy,
    would it b ok to substitute maida with wheat flour?


  12. @JayaYes u substitute maida with wheat flour. But the texture will slightly vary


  13. This website definitely has all of the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  14. Baking soda is baking powder or metha soda?or its something else? Kindly explain

  15. Baking Powder is different from Baking Soda. Baking soda is khara soda or Meetha soda. You can also use Eno Fruit salt. Baking Powder on the other hand is used for breads, it makes the batter rise.

  16. Pattura = puri ? Or it is 2 different item? Thank u

  17. @Anonymousbattura is made with all purpose flour while poori is made with wheat flour

  18. Should I use baking powder or baking soda?

  19. Aarthi..just courtesy..you replied wrong in previous post...BTW batura looks yum..

  20. @Anonymousthanks for mentioning, it is a typo

  21. Hii. I'm a big fan of your recipes. But I thought to add a simple method of making bhatura dough. I kneet it with liquid soda and add 1 spoon of suji/rava, salt and sugar and keeping it aside for 15 minutes. And bhatura becomes really puffy and tasty.

  22. You are really a master chef��

  23. I tried this recipe last night.it came put very nice. Thank u so much. U r a star.

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  27. Any substitute for curd and yogurt..?

  28. @Neethu Nnope. you need that to get the right texture

  29. Thanks Aarthi ur recepies r really yuuuuummmmy or i say mouthwatering. Thanks a lot for sharing. U r a real Anapurna hats off to u.

  30. Hi Aarthi! I follow your blog pretty much everyday and paneer tikka is always a favorite in the family.
    Thanks for sharing the recipes to everyone. I would like to check with you in regards to the blog. I am not able to open the blog
    In my office computer. As we do not have access to all the websites but we still have access to blogs so I used to check the recipes before finishing work but since yesterday your blog is not
    Opening. Did you change anything in terms of blog to website?

  31. @Anonymouscan u check now..i changed my blog url.

  32. Hi Aarthi I tried Bhatura & thy were soft n really good in taste but it didn't fluff..
    What do you think what would be the reason.thanks
    Please email me on purnima_sarin@yahoo.co.in

  33. @Purnima Khannai think the oil may be not hot enough or dough is too loose

  34. arthi

    this puri is the recpie of halwa puri channay puri? or somthing else.
    if different kindly share the recpie of that puri which serve with halwa channay alo bhjiya etc


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