Feb 25, 2013

Amla Murabba / Amla Ka Murabba / Gooseberry preserved in Sweetened Syrup

Hai Guys..Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am gonna start this week with a healthy and power packed recipe.
Thanks to one of my viewer who requested me to post this recipe, so i got a chance to use up the gooseberry which i was wondering what to do with it..When i recieved the mail from my reader, I immediately tried it. The murabba turned out beautifully and perfectly. 

Have you ever bought the store bought gooseberry murabba, we buy that often in our house. They used to be whole gooseberry which is preserved in a sweet sweet syrup. They are so healthy for you, they are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. If you cannot find fresh gooseberries or if they are out of season, then this murabba comes in handy for you. Because they have a very long shelf life and you can store this in the cupboard and enjoy all year long.

If you ever think that making this murabba at home is really hard, then correct that. Because they are so easy and so cheap to make at home than buying from shops. Try out this have a spoonful of it everyday and tell me how it turned out for you.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 1 hour
Makes - 3 cups of murabba


Gooseberry - 12 big ones
Sugar - 11/2 cup / 300 grams
Water - 300 ml
Saffron - 1 tsp
Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder / Yelakai - 1 tsp 
Black Salt - 1 tsp


Wash and dry the gooseberries. Now take them in a sauce pan and cover them with water. Bring them to a boil and simmer for 15 mins till the gooseberry is tender. Now drain them and allow them to cool a little. Separate the gooseberry into segments and set aside.

Now make the sugar syrup. Take sugar and water in a thick bottom kadai and stir to dissolve.

Bring them to a boil for 10 to 15 mins till they form one string consistency. When you lift the spoon from the syrup the last drop falling from the spoon forms a elongated string.

Now add in the gooseberry and mix well.

Continue to boil it for 15 to 20 mins till it gets thick and gooey. It will form three string consistency.

When it gets to that point, add in saffron, cardamom, black salt, pepper powder and mix well.

Switch off the flame and leave it overnight to cool down.

The next day the colour will be intense and it will be thick.

Store that in a air tight container and leave it room temp upto 1 year.


1) Always use clean dry spoon while eating the gooseberry.

2) If you see the syrup has turned watery the next day, boil it for some more time to get it thick. This must have happened because the gooseberry must have leached some water out.

3)Use fresht firm gooseberry for this. If you see any black bits cut them off.

4)You can make this with whole gooseberry too.

5) Make sure you get the syrup thick, because watery syrup will reduce the shelf life of the gooseberry.

Take all your ingredients

Add gooseberry to some water and boil it

cook it for 10 to 15 mins till they are tender
drain it

and separate it by segments
take sugar in a kadai

Add water to it

Mix well so that it is dissolved

bring it to a boil

and simmer it for a while till it reaches one string consistency

Now add amla it

Mix well

Boil it till it reaches three string consistency and it turns out thick

it will take a while

Now add in the pepper, saffron


black salt

and simmer again

Till it is thick
The next day it will look like this

Store in a sir tight container


  1. looks very nice. will definitely try this recipe.

  2. a nyc way to preserve gooseberries with all its goodness

  3. I have bought so many gooseberries n thinking what it try new... Thank God u posted this dear... Bookmarked

    Event: Dish name starts with Q till Feb 28th

  4. Super healthy...

  5. Very nice looking murabba, love it any time, quite healthy too. Nice illustrative click.

  6. Very delicious and authentic recipe.. looks great :)

  7. How do you make it with ginger? Any tips for that. It looks lovely.

  8. @radhaDo as the same process, substitute amla with sliced ginger

  9. lovely recipe..looks delicious..

  10. Madam,
    Thank u for very good recipe and very good photos of Amala Murabba.

    Kindly let me know how the "Amala in Honey" is prepared?

  11. can i substitute sugar with honey? will the taste differ?

  12. @JeniThat is another recipe, i will post that soon.

  13. Hi aarthi hope u r doing well. I have a doubt on NOTE point 2. That is if next day the murabba turns watery do we want to boil only that syrup or to boil both combined amla and syrup...

  14. Thanks for the awesome and simple recipe...But I got a doubt ! Wont boiling amla and draining the water washes away the vitamins with it..??

  15. @Anonymous no it is just for preserving purpose. You have to do it.

  16. hi :)
    can u pls tell me 12 Gooseberries is how many grams??

  17. @Only IslamicEach gooseberry vary in size and weight. The total gooseberry i used will be around 500 - 600 grams.

  18. Thank you very nice receipe...

  19. do we have to switch the flame off immediately after putting safforn,pepper,blacksalt...?

  20. Can we use normal salt instead of black salt?
    can we do this recipe without saffron?

  21. can we use normal salt instead of black salt?
    can we do this recipe without saffron?

  22. @preethi reddy kantineduyes u can use normal ones, just a little. Yes u can leave saffron as well

  23. can i use jaggery instead of sugar ?healthy form?

  24. Can we use jaggery instead of sugar?

  25. I have made this sweet pickle three years before.Will it be good to eat it now also after three years?
    It was packed neatly.Its taste seems to be good.


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