May 1, 2013

Lemonade / Basic Lemonade Recipe

Lemonade is my favorite drink of all time. We call it as Lemon juice, and make it probably daily. But I just add some sugar and a touch of salt in some lemon juice and fill it with cold water and have it. It is just plain juice and taste fantastic when we have it after a long day in sun.

I will post another recipe of this fantastic juice soon. So try this and let me know what you think.

Preparation Time : 10 mins for making simple syrup


For one Serving:
Lemon Juice - 2 tblspn or to taste
Simple Syrup - 3 tblspn or to taste
Icecubes as needed
Cold Water or Fizzy Water as needed

For Simple Syrup:
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 2 cup


Start by making Simple Syrup. Take sugar and water in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil and mix till sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 5 mins. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool down. Store this in a clean sterlized bottle and keep in fridge till you need it.

Now make lemonade by mixing all other ingredients in a tall glass and enjoy immediately.


You can keep the simple syrup in fridge and enjoy it whenever you need it. You can store this upto 3 months or more when properly refrigerated.

First start by making simple syrup,
Take sugar in a sauce pan

Add water to it

Bring this to a boil

Let it simmer for 5 mins

Cool it down and store it in a clean bottle

Now take all other ingredients

Pour some lemon juice in a serving glass

Add some simple syrup into that

Add ice cubes

Now You can pour some fizzy water or cold water

All done



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great n sounds easy. Looks u r posting tangy dishes ... great going. Hv a nice day

Preety said... Best Blogger Tips

i never made this way before..nice and refreshing drink..