Jun 10, 2013

Falooda - My Version

Falooda is my favorite icecream to order whenever we dine out. I always wanted to post that recipe here in this blog. Before you guys look into the recipe, i want to warn you that this recipe is my version of making it. It is not the traditional falooda recipe. Because the traditional recipe calls for chia seeds, which i couldn't find it here. So please don't complaint me. This is how we make at home and everyone loves it. Once i can get my hands of those seeds, i will post the real version of it. 


For Jelly:
Instant Jello / Jelly Crystals - 1 packet
Water as needed

For Vermicelli:
Vermicelli - a handful
Water as needed

For Rosemilk:
Milk - 2 cups
Rose Essence - as needed
Sugar as needed

For Assembling:
Fruits - any of your choice(Mango, Pomegranate, Apple,Pineapple)
Icecreams - any of your choice( Strawberry, Vanilla)
Cashews - as needed
Cherry as needed


Start by making jelly. Do it as per directions mentioned in packet. Pour that into a bowl and allow it to set in fridge.

Now cook the vermicelli, boil vermicelli in water till they are done. Now drain it and wash it under cold water. Set that aside till use.

Make the rose milk, boil 3 cups of milk till it is reduced by half, Take it off the stove and add in rose essence and sugar. Mix well. Set this   in fridge till use.

Cut your fruits and set it aside. 

Now time to assemble, Take a tall glass, add a dollop of jelly in the bottom of the glass, add some rosemilk, Then add in some fruits and some vermicelli, Add scoops of strawberry and vanilla icecreams. Top off with cashews and cherries.

Serve immediately.

Take all your ingredients

Make jelly first, Boil water in a sauce pan

Take it off heat

Take your favorite jello powder

Add it to water

Mix well

Pour into a bowl

Set it in the fridge

Now cook vermicilli

Add semiya to boiling water

Cook, Cook, Cook

Till semiya is done

Rinse it under cold water

All drained

Vermicilli done

Now make rose milk, heat milk till it is reduced by half

Like this

Take it off the heat

Add Rose essence

And some sugar to taste

Mix well

Rose milk done

Now lets assemble the falooda

Take a tall glass

Add a dollop of jelly

Fill with some rose milk

Add your fruits and semiya

Fill with icecream

Add your toppings



  1. awesome, looks so good :) i want to taste it

  2. wowie!love it pass me a glass :)

  3. Looks so gorgeous and delicious.. thanks for sharing!!

  4. Loved ur version Aarthy..beautiful falooda.

  5. Absolutamente delicioso y hermoso me encanta,abrazos.

  6. Oh!! I lik Falooda very much!! Ur version jus looks tempting & yummy :)

  7. wow... falooda looks fantastic... mouth watering..

  8. I can do anything for this glass ;-)
    Loved the step by step presentation very mech.

    Sunandas Kitchen

  9. Thank you for the recipe! Won't be eating falooda outside ever again :-)

  10. Can we replace the rose essence with strawberry syrup?

  11. yeah its my most favourite one., so tasty & yummy , I think this is only one is while tasting moment they mouth watering comes till last end.

  12. Can we use sphegitti for vermicilli

  13. Awesome ! Ur way of defining a recipe is just superb after seeing ur recipes nothing feels hard to make excellent work keep it up

  14. Thanks for ur receipe arty. I tried ur falooda, I got good result from my husband. Also I have tried many receipe from ur blog vanilla ice cream with jelly, pongal, chicken briyani, mutton briyani, adai dosai, millet adai dosai, ragi puttu, marble cake, carrot keep, rice kher, neadrapazham payasam, all this recipe worked well. When I got marg I don't know cooking but now I'm good cook. I always used to refer ur blog recipe.thanks a lot ya.

  15. If u hv chia seeds, how do u use it in this falooda. How do u prepare chia seeds. Please help. Thks.

  16. @Anonymoussoak chia seeds in water for 15 mins and add it as it is


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