Jul 1, 2013

Homemade Multigrain Bread

I love making breads at home. I think those homemade breads taste way better than the store bought ones. And also you can keep track of the ingredients that goes into that. The advantage of homemade bread is, it is so cheap to make at home. With the money you buy a packet of bread at shop, you can make a bunch of loafs at home.

I love experimenting with breads, so far i have made a pure whole wheat bread and white bread. I always wanted to make a multi grain bread, so i experimented couple weeks back and it was really good.

I added oats, ragi flour and wheat flour in this. I will surely make a more healthy version by adding lots of grains in the bread soon. I hope you will love this one and let me know what you think.

Preparation Time : 20 Mins
Resting Time : 2.5 to 3 Hours
Baking Time : 50 mins
Makes One 9 x12 inch Loaf


All Purpose Flour - 3/4 cup / 90 grams
Whole Wheat Flour - 2 cups / 250 grams + more for kneading
Ragi Flour - 3/4 cup / 90 grams
Instant Oats - 1 cup / 90 grams
Yeast - 1 tblspn
Baking Soda - 1 1/2 tsp
Sugar - 3 tblspn
Salt - 2 tsp
Olive Oil - 3 tblspn
Warm Water as needed
Sesame Seeds to sprinkle over the top


Preheat Oven to 200 Degree C. 

Take yeast, sugar in a bowl and pour over 1/4 cup of warm water in it. Leave it for 5 mins to activate the yeast.

Meanwhile take instant oats in a bowl and pour in warm water over it. Leave it to soak for 10 mins so that the oats dissolve in the water.

Now add in baking soda, yeast water and mix well.

Add in wheat flour, flour, ragi flour and mix well.

Add in salt to this and knead to a sticky dough. Drizzle in the oil and knead again.

Now transfer this whole mixture to a well oiled bowl and leave it to rise for an hour to hour and a half covered.

Now punch the air out and add some more wheat flour and knead it again for 5 more mins.

Form this dough to a loaf, and place it in a well oiled loaf tin.

Cover it up and let it rise for a hour.

Once it is risen, brush the top with oil and sprinkle some sesame seeds over the top.

Bake in a preheated oven for 45 to 50 mins.

Remove it from oven and let it cool down for a while.

Now remove from the pan and leave to cool completely.

Slice and serve.

Take all your ingredients

All different flours you need

Take yeast in a bowl

Add sugar to it

Add some warm water and mix well

Let it foam up

Take instant oats in a bowl

Cover with warm water

Once it is soaked, mix well so some
of the oats will dissolve

Add in baking soda

yeast water

Mix well

Add in all type of flours

Sprinkle in some salt

Form into a sticky dough

Drizzle in some oil

Knead to a dough

Transfer this to a well oiled bowl

Leave it to rise

Now punch out the air

Add extra flour and knead again

Shape this into a loaf

Oil a loaf pan

Place the dough into this

Leave it to rise

Brush the top with oil and sprinkle some sesame over it

All baked



Babitha costa said...

Well made and explained nicely,great effort

ramya said...

Can you please tell me, what brand yeast you use?

Stefania coolchicstyle said...

Molto bello questo pane , ciao Stefania

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

Wow!! you are the perfect cooking teacher one can ever have..so well explaned.. one can neever go wrong. perfect bread Aarthi and so healthy too !

martinealison said...

Un pain qui est très appétissant...
Je vais essayer de le faire.
Ce week-end j'ai fait du pain dans mon four à pain extérieur... Mais je vais vraiment tester votre recette qui est fabuleusement bien expliquée.
Gros bisous

Chella KS Nathan said...

your bread looks extremely professional :) kudos to ure efforts:)

shubha said...

I just love the way you post your recipes.Step by step.And by the way when are you due because then you will be a Yummy Mummy.Take care.God Bless.

Priya Suresh said...

Nutritious and very healthy loaf,beautifully made.

Aarthi said...

@shubhaThank you, my due is in the end of august

Aarthi said...

@ramyaI buy my super market branded yeast.

Hari Chandana said...

looks super soft and perfect.. awesome !!

give me strength to fight said...

Nice recipe. I'm the only taker for bread.
Can I reduce the quantity to half. That is

All purpose to 1/2 cup
Whole wheat 1 cup
Ragi 1/2 cup
Oats 1/2 cup

How much yeast will it require and also how long should I need to bake?

Aarthi said...

@give me strength to fight Yes u can, use 1 tsp of yeast and give a little long time to rise. The baking time will be like 30 to 35 mins

If you wish you make it into small buns and bake it. The baking time will be 15 to 20 mins

Radha said...

Hi Aarthi, If I need to use old fashioned oats instead of instant, how do I go about it?

Aarthi said...

@Radha Powder the old fashioned oats and use it.

Anonymous said...

Wht is ragi flour?

Aarthi said...

@AnonymousRagi flour is finger millet flour

Priyanka Sharma said...

Dear Aarthi

Thank you so much for sharing wonderful recipes with us.

Pls. tell me if all purpose flour is same as Maida and can we skip it altogether in this recipe?

Many thanks in advance.

Aarthi said...

@Priyanka SharmaAll purpose flour is Maida

Anonymous said...

Can i do this in a convection oven? If so, can i follow the same procedure. Thanks

Aarthi said...

@Anonymousyes u can do, follw the same procedure

green said...

Wat is the temp? U didn't mention it

Aarthi said...

@greenit has to baked in 200 degree C.

Anonymous said...

how r we supposed to store it? Last time when i baked a bread next day it became hard ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful recipe :) Will I be able to bake using convection microwave? Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arti, can u pls teach me multigrain bread with out yeast, my hubby is not allowed yeast intake. Thanks dear

Aarthi said...

@Anonymousyes u can bake this in convection oven

Aarthi said...

@Anonymousstore in a air tight container at romm temp

namratha jeyachandran said...


Thnk you so much or the recipie.it turned out good.But one small thing,it was a bit crumbly..can you tell me what i would have done wrong?Thanks.And how many days does it stay good?

Aarthi said...

@namratha jeyachandranleave it for a day or let it cool for few hours before slicing. you have to knead the dough well till smooth, else it will be crumbly

namratha jeyachandran said...


hello,thank you.yes,i think i dint knead it enough after the irst rise.Thanks.. :)

Aarthi said...

@namratha jeyachandran then not sure though..

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