Dec 2, 2013

15 Minutes Coconut Ladoos - Only 4 Ingredients

Ladoos, my favorite sweets of all time. You can make it with ofcourse anything. Any powders from wheat flour, gram flour or anything. I have quite a few ladoo recipes in my blog. My favorite kind of ladoos is motichoor ladoos. I made this ladoo around diwali, but i didn't get anytime to post this, so now i am posting it..I have one more ladoo recipe to post too.

This ladoo is so simple to make, just take few minutes to whip up. But the taste is just phenomenol. The condensed milk makes it just wow. In my opinion condensed milk is one of the most versatile ingredient to have on hand. Because you could whip up many sweets with that. Check out my 10 min palkova recipe, which i made using that.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Makes : 12 to 15 ladoos
Recipe Source: Edible  Garden


Coconut - 2 cup ( I used fresh, you can use dessicated coconut too)
Condensed Milk - 1 cup 
Almond - 1/4 cup powdered
Ghee or Butter - 1 tblspn + for greasing hands
Dessicated Coconut for rolling


Take fresh coconut in a dry kadai and toast them for 3 mins. If using dry toast them for a min.

Now add in condensed milk and mix well. 

Add in almond powder, ghee and mix well.

Keep cooking for 5 to 10 mins till it leaves the sides.

Once it started leaving, remove it to a bowl. Allow to cool down.

Now grease your hands with some ghee. Shape this into small ladoos.

Now take dessicated coconut in a plate. Roll the ladoos in the coconut till it is coated. 

Place it in a air tight container and Store in fridge for a good 2 hours.

Remove it before 30 mins from the fridge before serving.


1) If you are using fresh grated coconut, They will be in big grates. So i suggest you to take them in a blender and pulse them for a few mins till it is crushed into small tiny bits. 
2) Adjust the condensed milk as per your taste.
3)Rolling the ladoos in dessicated coconut is optional.
4) You could add cashew powder or any of your favorite nut powders.
5) Store in fridge for a 2 hours, so it gets little hard and sets a little.
6) Always serve this at room temparature or little cold.
7)You can keep this in fridge for upto a week.

Take all your ingredients

Take coconut in a dry kadai

Roast it till light golden

Add in condensed milk

Pour it out

Mix well

Add in badam powder

mix well

Add ghee

Mix well till it leaves sides

Remove it to a bowl, let it cool down

Take some dessicated coconut in a plate

Grease your hands

Shape balls from the mix

Add done

Place it over the coconut

Roll till it is coated in coconut



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Marisa G said...

Hi, Aarthi, long time we don't visit each other, but be sure, I follow your posts.
I love this recipe and I'm sure I'll prepare it after Christmas. Have a goood weekend. Cheers from Valencia

Tamilarasi Sasikumar said...

That looks simple & tasty...Love it...

Maha Gadde said...

Very yummy n easy laddus..

xinex said...

Looks delicious! Do you know where I can get almond powder? Is it in the grocery baking section?...Christine

chitra said...

mouth watering aarthi. yummy ladoos

Aarthi said...

@xinex Yes it will be available. But i powdered my own badam to make powdered almond.

ELel said...

I love the recipes like this: simple, but very very good!

silby said...

Hi.........seems very good recipe.sure will try .. thanks ......

Anonymous said...

Can this recipe be made without condensed milk? What can be an alternative for that?

Aarthi said...

@AnonymousNo condensed milk is a important ingredients in thos ladoos..

Anonymous said...

Hi aarthi how long we cn storage the ladoo?

Aarthi said...

@AnonymousYou can store this in fridge upto a week

Soumya S said...

Hi Aarti
Thank you for these quick and easy sweet recepies.Very helpful for working mom's like me.

Sandhya G. said...

can we use fresh coconut for rolling the ladoos ?

Aarthi said...

@Sandhya G.u can use, but it wont stay good for more days..

Anonymous said...

I just made it n it s mixure tastes so yummy rich n creamy..Thanks a lot for the sweet n simple recipe.

bharti kaushik said...

Thanks aarthi for this yummy lodoos

Anonymous said...

Dont we nedd to add any suger in these ladoos.

Aarthi said...

@Anonymousdont need to add sugar, condensed milk give the sweetness

Sukanya said...

Can it be made without the nut powder ??

Aarthi said...

@Sukanyayes u can make it without nut powder

Priya K said...

There is no sweetening content added. what will it taste like???

Aarthi said...

@Priya Kthe condensed milk is sweetened it is enough

Rachna said...

Pls suggest a receipe for kaju katri.

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