Oct 11, 2014

Kulcha Recipe / Plain Kulcha Recipe

I love indian breads very much, they are so much versatile and can be made in few minutes to have with curries..I make them a lot for dinner..So i couldn't take pics of them. I have been getting request from my viewers to post kulcha recipe. So few days back i made these in the morning and had them with vegetable salna(recipe soon).

Normally kulchas, naan, tandoori rotis are made in a tandoor. But i have a fail proof method which works like a charm for my naans and kulchas..I have already showed you that method in my coriander naan recipe. This is how i make my naan bread and kulchas..Love that so much..So hope you will try it out and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Resting Time : 30 mins
Cooking Time :45 sec to 1 min for each kulcha
Makes : 8 to 10 kulcha


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 2 cups
Sugar - 1.5 tblspn
Salt to taste
Baking Soda / Cooking Soda - 1 tsp
Curd - 4 tblspn
Oil - 2 tblspn
Water as needed
Nigella Seeds / Kalonji as needed
Butter or Ghee as needed to smear on top of kulcha


Take flour, salt, sugar and baking soda in a bowl. Mix well.

Add in 2 tblspn of oil and rub it with the flour so it is well mixed.

Now add in curd and water and make it into a soft dough.

Cover the dough and leave it to rest for 30 mins.

Now divide the dough into equal portions and take a ball.

Roll it into rounds. It should be little thick.

Now take some nigella seeds and sprinkle it over the kulcha, use a rolling pin to roll the nigella seed, so it is evenly spread and pressed over the kulcha.

Now flip it over, brush the other side with water.

Now place the water side over a hot tawa, as soon as you see some bubbles forming. show the tawa directly over hot flame. You will see black spots all over it..

Now remove the kulcha and spread it with butter or ghee.


Take some plain flour in a bowl

add in salt, sugar and baking soda

Mix well

add in some oil

Mix well so it is evenly distributed

add in curd

and some water

knead it to a soft dough...You have to knead it atleast 5 mins to make it smooth

cover and let it rest for 30 mins

Divide it into equal portions

Take a ball

Roll it into round

it should be little thick, not too thick, because it will puff up as it cooks

I took some kalonji / nigella seeds

sprinkle it over

roll it so it is pressed over the kulcha

flip over

brush it with water

put the water side down on a hot tawa

as soon as you see bubbles

flip the tawa over and show the kulcha over direct flame

it will get brown spots

now remove it to a plate

spread it generously with butter



  1. Can v make onion kulcha the same way? Please tell recipe for the stuffing in that case

  2. Hi aarthi,kulcha looks so tempting,neat explanation,wish to grab one now

  3. மிக அருமையாக வந்தது. முதல் முயற்சியில் இந்த அளவிற்கு நன்றாக வரும் என்று நாங்கள் நினைக்கவேயில்லை.. மிக்க நன்றி உங்களுக்கு.. அட்டகாசமாக இருந்தது.. அப்படியே உணவகத்தில் சாப்பிடுவது போலவே இருந்தது.. வாழ்த்துக்கள்..

  4. Thank u so much.came to know about your site thru facebook.gng to try kaima idli today for first time by seeing your recipe.can you please tell me do I need compulsorly add baking soda while preparing kulcha..is there any other possibility to prepare kulcha without adding baking soda.I m going to try all your receipe as I love cooking and learn new things

  5. @BhuvaneswariBaking soda is must for soft fluffy kulchas..If you dont add it it will be like tandoori rotis, but still it will taste good

  6. Thanku tried this few days back it tasted awesome n was so simple . Thank u for step by step pictorial help. Thanx a ton.

  7. Tried it out. It was soft and very tasty. Thank you.


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