Dec 9, 2014

Eggless Chocolate Doughnuts Recipe / Eggless Donuts with Chocolate Glaze Recipe

Its doughnuts time..It is my favourite and i can never stop making new donuts recipes whenever i get time. I have already shared quite a few recipe in my blog.

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I made this donuts for my sister's son who visited here from mumbai. I made a box of donuts and took them and he was totally excited to see the doughnuts and loved it to the core..

I would say that this is the best donuts i ever made. It was so fluffy and like eating a cloud that soft. You will never imagine that it is eggless. It was so good..

I made a chocolate donuts, but you can just roll it in cinnamon sugar to keep it plain. But i strongly suggest you to try this out..

Hope you will check my quite a long post and let me know if you try it..

Preparation Time : 30  mins
Resting Time : 2 hours or so
Cooking Time : 1 to 2 mins per batch
Makes : 12 to 15 donuts


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 3 cup + more
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Milk Powder - 4 tblspn
Warm Milk - 1 cup +more as needed
Sugar - 10 tblspn powdered
Soft Unsalted Butter - 50 grams
Dry Yeast - 11/2 tsp
Vanilla Essence - 1.5 tsp
Oil for Deep frying

For Chocolate Sauce:
Icing Sugar / Confectioners Sugar - 1 cup
Cocoa Powder - 3 tblspn
Milk - 2 to 3 tblspn as needed
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tsp

For Toppings:
Dessicated Coconut
Chopped Almonds
Coloured Sprinkles
Silver Balls


Take warm milk, sugar, yeast in a bowl and let it activate for 5 mins till it gets foamy. Add in vanilla and mix well.

Take flour, milk powder, salt in a bowl. Add in the yeast milk and use a spoon to mix the whole thing. It will be very sticky.

Now add in soft butter and mix that well.

Cover and let it rise for a hour or till it is doubled in size.

Punch the air down and add more flour and knead to a soft dough.

Now roll this and cut into donut shape. 

Arrange it in a plate and let it rise for 30 mins or so.

Fry this till golden on both sides. Drain onto paper towel and set aside.

Mix all the ingredients for glaze.

Dip the donuts in glaze and top it with your fav toppings.

You can cut donuts into rounds and fry them. You can make small holes in the donuts and fill with chocolate ganache by filling it in piping bag. Dip in glaze and top with your fav toppings.


Take your dough ingredients..

Start by activating the yeast..Take warm milk in a jug

Add in powdered sugar

sprinkle over yeast

let this sit for 5 mins

Add in vanilla

mix wel

Take flour in a bowl

Add in salt

add in some milk powder

mix well

Make a well in the center

Add in milk yeast mix

Mix well..The dough should be very sticky..I used
a spoon to mix the whole thing

Add in soft butter

Mix well

Cover and let it rise

look it has risen more than double in size

punch the air out

add in some more flour

and knead the dough till it is not sticky

take the dough out

roll it out

use a round cutter to cut donuts

I used a bottle cap to cut the inside

like this

Arrange it in a plate

I also cut like this..because i wanted to make chocolate
filled donuts

now leave these to rise

Now it is risen..time to fry

drop few in and fry

flip over and fry till golden

Drain on to paper towel and set aside
Now make the chocolate glaze..

place a sifter over bowl

Add in icing sugar

Add in cocoa powder

all sifted

Add in milk, few tblspn at a time and mix well

add in vanilla

mix well

the glaze should be little thick, but not too thick

I took the toppings as well..Chopped almonds,
sprinkles, silver balls, dried coconut

First take a donut

Dip it in the glaze

like this

top with some sprinkles

i did a combination of toppings

Now make some chocolate ganache(Recipe here)

I filled the piping funnel with it

Take the round donuts

make a hole in it using a knife

fill the chocolate in this

look heaven

dip this in chocolate glaze

top it with sprinkles as well



  1. Can we bake this instead of frying

  2. Aarthi,

    wow, you crossed 500 posts in 2014.
    you are very hardworking.
    Keep Going :)


  3. What milk powder do you use?

  4. Am so nervous. .it's the tym fr rising.. will the dough rise???

  5. For chocolate sauce can I use normal sugar instead of icing sugar

  6. Alternative of yeast pls....

  7. hi I tried making them.
    but after putting the yeast it did settle for 15mins.
    even the dough did not rise and donuts turned a bit hard.
    where did i go wrong?

  8. @Anonymous I think something went wrong with activating yeast.

    For activating yeast,

    1)Use very very warm water or milk and add yeast to it. If you add yeast to hot water or milk,then it will kill the yeast and it wont activate.

    2) If you use cold water or milk, then yeast wont activate.

    3)You need to add little sugar with yeast, because yeast needs some sweetness to activate.

    Just try it again and let me know.

  9. Aarthi, I tried ur doughnut recipeie. It came out so well, this recipe is a keeper. Luv ur blog, it simply bowls me seeing u post so many posts. Keep up d good work. Ur blog is like a recipient ocean. Thank u :)

  10. How to thicken the syrup? Mine has become thin and its not holding to the donut

  11. Can you please elaborate on what 11/4 (measurement of milk required) means ?

  12. Can I use blue band butter???? Reply me please

  13. Hello aarthi..I like the way u post ur recipes.. I have tried many of them..n they come out nice n delicious..I want to try ur donut recipe but I didn't found dry yeast in market..may I use lots of baking soda instead of yeast..will u plz help me out..?? Plz rply fast
    Good luck for future..n waiting for new recipes..
    Thank you..

  14. @Anonymousno yeast is a must in this recipe. It makes this soft and helps to rise them.

  15. I dnt knw whr I went wrong. My dough is not rising. :(

  16. I dnt knw whr I went wrong. My dough is not rising. :(

  17. @Fariza MarzookIt is because of the yeast. There may be these reason.

    1)The yeast may be expired. Get a new one.
    2)You must have added too hot water so the yeast has died.
    3)You must have added too cold water, so the yeast is not activated.

  18. I tried ur donut recipe.. But my yeast din not get active.. I followed ur steps carefully.. May I use active yeast instead of dry yeast..if yes..what is the procedure to use active yeast..plz help me out in this..

  19. Will surely try today..looks delicious

  20. Oh. Sad..what happens to my yeast :( get mixed properly in milk bt didn't activated..:( plz aarti help me out in this section.. Need ur instant help ..

  21. Can't we use salted butter instead of unsalted butter and salt separately? Which brand of unsalted butter is available?

  22. @Anonymousyes u can use..I can get milkymist unsalted butter here

  23. @Anonymousu must have added it to hot water, which have killed the yeast

  24. hello aarti.. very sweet receipe.. i want to know that can i use any chocolate syrup for glaze like hershey's chocolate syrup?

  25. @Anonymousyes u can use, but it will form a thin glaze

  26. I m trying ur recipe at the moment nd i used accuratr measurements using measuring cups but my problem is wen i added milk mixture to 2 cupd of flour nd 4 tbs milk powder mix my dough turned watery it was so thin almost watery then i added 1 more cup of flour then it came to the sticky consistency as shown in the pic i hope my doughnuts wont turn hard as i used 3 cupd instead of 2 nd it is exactly the same consistency as shown in the pic i ll b adding more flour to make it smooth after it wll rise can u tell me where dd i go wrong

  27. @asma asadits not going to be a issue, add little more butter as mentioned. The rising time may vary


  29. Can i know that from where can i buy dry yeast


  30. @Akshata Rameshyou can get it in any super markets. Big ones.

  31. Hi Aarthi.... I tried this recipe and it came very well...thank u so much.
    Please give me few eggless cake recipes.

  32. My dough is looking like batter 😒 what to do?

  33. @Mansi Dhamiadd more flour and some more butter

  34. Finallly I made them 👌 they were really delicious nd soft ☺️ will try ur more recipes 👍

  35. Hi aarthi..I tried making a dough but it became too watery so I put more flour n butter n now it's been an hour still dough has not risen. ...pls tell maida s measurement in grams. ...tia☺

  36. @Anonymousmaida is around 240 grams. you will be needing little more as well.

  37. Hi Aarthi, I made these doughnuts today.... They came out perfect...
    soft and pillowy from inside.. My kids n I couldn't stop eating them ...
    Hot and fresh out of the wok.. Totally loved it...
    Thanks for such an awesome recipe.. Hugs

  38. Hi I HV tried or doughnut recipe n it has cm out well. Once the drought didn't ris at all probably bcoz the yeast didn't activate. Thx

  39. @simmiu must have added too cold water or too hot water. Always make sure your yeast is bubbly before adding it into the flour

  40. Hi, is there any alternative for milk powder or is it a must for this recipe

  41. Instead of powdered sugar what can you use ?

  42. @Anonymoususe normal sugar which is powdered

  43. Ur recipe is the best!!!! I wanted to try it for the longest time ever since i first read it n when i finally did it today, initially i had doubts if i could make them but woohoo!! Dey turned out super good n im so glad i stumbled across ur blog! Keep up the awesome work so tht us begineers can get confidence, step by step with their baking skills all thanks to superb bakers like you!

  44. I am definite that the measurement for milk isn't correct
    Please rectify it

  45. Can I use instant yeast?! If so.. How many tsp should I use?

  46. @Anonymousi feel it is good. you can add little by little and knead it

  47. You know, it's strange that I used every single step as you mentioned but the dough didn' rise.. The only doubt I have is with the yeast.. You haven't mentioned if it was regular yeast or dry active yeast.. Would that make a difference? (Just so you know, I used dry active yeast)..

  48. @AnonymousIf the dough didn't rise it is because of the yeast. You must have added cold water to it so the yeast is not activated. or you have added too hot water which killed the yeast

  49. alternative for milk powder

  50. @Smitha dinesh i think it would work best when deep fried but if you would like go ahead and experament sorry for the one whole year to reply

  51. Hi Aarthi,
    Thank you for your fantastic recipes. I have a severe allergy to eggs and am glad to have found your recipe for eggless donuts. I just have one doubt, in this recipe you have mentioned using 1 1/2 tsp of Dry yeast for 3 cups of flour, but in your other eggless donut recipe (linked in this recipe) you have mentioned using 1 tablespoon of yeast for 3 cups of flour. Which is the correct ratio for dry yeast to flour?

  52. arthi
    kindly mentionen in tblsp of yeast... i couldnot understand the 11/2 portion

  53. I tried it with 1 cup of maida and 2 cups of atta and it came out so well. Tasted great. Thank you for recipe.

  54. I just made donuts from your recipe. Super yummy in taste. Loved it totally by my kids and hubby.

  55. Hi. I have tried many of your recipes earlier which came out very well. But with the doughnut recipe i failed.
    My doughnut was hard...& second problem which i faced was, as soon as i put the batter for frying, it used to turn brown in colour. It gets cooked from outside but the inside is partially cooked. What could be the reason? The oil was not hot. I tried to redo it by keeping at the lowest temp but still the same.

    One of your recipe mentions to use baking powder. Which one is softer? with or without baking powder.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  56. @Rajani Menonyou are cooking it in high flame, just cook it in moderate flame. doughnut with yeast makes soft ones.

  57. Which brand of yeast u have used?

  58. Please..arthi...can u tell me the brand name of yeast that u r using..i want to make it in ramadan

  59. Hiii Checchiiii..
    I Tried your wheat naan and pepper chicken yesterday. It was Yuuummmmyyyy.. That was my first try naan and pepper chicken.. Huuggss to you!!
    Now i want to try donuts.. my sisters always had asked me to try but i was scared thinking it would turn out bad, but i trust your recipes so i want to try this out.
    I have a doubt here.. is there any difference between dry yeast and normal yeast? or is it necessary to purchase dry yeast for this recipe?

  60. Arthi always my doughnuts are bit hard dear wats da reason ...yeast is always active

  61. Chechi
    I think my milk was too much than needed. I didn't pour the whole thing into the maida? Should iI?I don't want to add more maids and increase the quantity. But will it rise enough as the rest of yeast is in other half of the milk? I
    I'm a big fan of your Indian food. I never knew you were a masterchef I'm preparing for my sons 1zt birthday and really wanted to make donuts. I'm done having tried two recipes and failed. Accidentally came across your site.

  62. Chechi
    I think my milk was too much than needed. I didn't pour the whole thing into the maida? Should iI?I don't want to add more maids and increase the quantity. But will it rise enough as the rest of yeast is in other half of the milk? I
    I'm a big fan of your Indian food. I never knew you were a masterchef I'm preparing for my sons 1zt birthday and really wanted to make donuts. I'm done having tried two recipes and failed. Accidentally came across your site.

    1. if u add too much milk, you can add maida and knead it well

  63. If I am using Gloripan active dry yeast, quantity remains same as above?

  64. Can I leave the donuts overnight and fry in the morning


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