Feb 10, 2015

Best Tiramisu Ever - Classic Italian Desert Recipe

Tiramisu which literally means Pick Me Up, One of the famous italian desert. If you taste it once, i am sure you will pick it up wherever you get a chance too. It is that good. Many of us think that making this at home is quite complicated, but it is not. If you follow this recipe, you can make a fairly decent tiramisu right in your kitchen. 

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Normally they use egg yolks and alcohol in tiramisu, But i left both of them and made a eggless version. You can never say it is completely eggless because of the ladyfinger, they have eggs in them. But if you want to make it completely eggless, instead of ladyfinger, you can use any eggless cakes. It will still taste good.

The real start of this cake is the coffee and mascarpone cheese. Coffee and mascarpone marries really well together and it really makes this cake unique.

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Chilling Time : 5 Hours
Serves :4


Ladyfingers - 15  (RECIPE HERE)
Whipping Cream - 1/2 cup
Mascarpone Cheese - 1 cup (RECIPE HERE)
Powdered Sugar - 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup
Instant Coffee - 1 tblspn to 2 tblspn
Hot Water - 2 cup
Dark Chocolate as needed for topping
Cocoa as needed for topping

(My 1 cup measures 240 ml)


Line a tray with plastic wrap and set aside.

Take hot water in a jug, add in coffee powder and mix well. Chill this up.

Now take cream in a bowl and use a beater to whip it up till it is thick. Set aside.

Now take mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, 2 tblspn of coffee liquid in a mixing bowl. Use a beater to whip this up till it is thick.  Dont over beat or butter will be separated from this.

Now fold over whipped cream in this very gently.

Now line ladyfingers in the tray, pour coffee liquid all over it so it is soaked. Spread the cream mix over this. Now dip ladyfingers in coffee mix and arrange it all over the cream layer, spread another layer of the cream mix. Now pop this in fridge and let it set overnight or for 5 to 6 hours.

Now use a small sieve to dust cocoa powder all over it, and grate some dark chocolate all over it.

Slice and serve.


1)Dont overwhip the cream and mascarpone cheese because it will make the separate and curdle.

2)If you want it comepletely eggless, instead of ladyfinger, you can use any eggless sponge cake. It may not be the traditional, but still it will taste great.

3)You can leave out whipping cream in this recipe and just use the mascarpone cheese mix alone. But whipping cream makes the cream layer lighter and tastier. 

4)You can make the coffee as strong as you like, you can even add few splashed of coffee liquor or any rum in the coffee liquid.

Take whipping cream in a bowl and 
use a beater to whip this up

whip till the cream is thick
Bring 2 cups of water to a good boil

take it in a jug

add in instant coffee

mix well and chill this up
You will need mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, 
whipped cream, ladyfingers and coffee

first line a tin with some plastic wrap, this is optional

take mascarpone cheese in a bowl

add in powdered sugar

pour in few tblspn of coffee

use a beater to whip this up

keep whipping till it gets little thick, 

look how thick it has got, dont overwhip, 
if you do then the butter will be separated from this

now add in whipped cream

fold gently

now it is all mixed up
now line the tray with ladyfingers

pour the coffee mix over this

the spongefingers will absorb the coffee mix really well

Now spoon some mascarpone filling

spread evenly

now dip ladyfinger in coffee mix

place it over the cheese

do this till the whole thing is covered

spoon some more mascarpone cheese over this

spread evenly

pop this in fridge and let it set for few hours, 
i left it overnight

Now remove the tray from fridge

sprinkle some cocoa over it

take some dark chocolate

grate it all over it


this is why i lined it with plastic wrap, 
unwrapping is so much easier..
you can just pull the whole thing off the tray 

and cut into pieces



  1. Hello Aarthi,
    In your mascarpone recipe can you tell the fat percentage of the cream you used. Was it 30% fat or 36%?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You kidding me right? You can't decide of you want to use 30% or 36%?

  2. Yum...it surely looks delicious....!!

  3. Thank god i saw the pictures...really its very helpful especially in my situation.. when i just read the recipe i thought it was the "vegetable lady's finger". he...he.. LOOKS SOOOO YUMMY.. i am definitely going to try this... thanks a lot aarthi for the pictures...

  4. Hi Aarthi,
    can we use readymade sponge cake instead of lady fingers...Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks dear for the prompt response...

  6. Could u plz upload eggless spongecake recipe

  7. I have tried this recipe and the outcome went well :) Thanks for the recipe.

  8. do we have to keep it in freezer or just refridge it

  9. @kokilaU have to set this in fridge. Dont freeze it.

  10. Did you use 25% whipping cream for this recipe too?

  11. Hi aarthi this cake recipe was awesome it came out very well and tasty for me. Thank u. Can u please put a recipe of home made whipping cream:)

  12. Thank you for such detail description of this yummy recipe.... Your pics and step by step process makes the recipe simple and easy for us...

  13. Aarthi is there alternative for mascarpone cheese that can be used??

  14. Hi aarthi,

    The mascarpone cheese you have shown before in cheese preparation is like a thick solid..but the one shown here is little liquidy..did u mix anything liquid with that..please let me know..want to try tomorrow..thanks in advance ��

  15. @chanduit is looking little liquidy, but it is actually thick. It is homemade, hence looking like this

  16. Arthi, I have become a fan of your recipes because a) they are easy and b) they are made with easily available ingredients in India without relying on exotic and hard to source ingredients. I had caught the cooking bug when I was in US but after moving back to India got disappointed with lack of all those fancy ingredients. now your blog has rekindled my interest in cooking once again and I will definitely be trying a lot of your recipes. Thanks once again!

  17. Hi Aarthi, you have mentioned recipes for mascarpone cheese and lady fingers. Will it be right to use the exact quantity of mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers we make from those recipes for this Tiramisu recipe? Hope I am conveying my doubt right.

  18. Hey can v use hand blender instead of beater coz I don't have one .. Thank u in advance 😊

  19. Can you tell the weight of mascarpone cheese & fresh cream in grams?

  20. @Anonymous it is around 250 grams or so..and whipping cream is 120 ml

  21. Love Tiramisu Cake!! Looks delicious

  22. Hey Aarthi.where can we get the ladyfinger biscuits.Is it available in India.pls help.thank you

  23. @Arscheck this link

  24. Where we can get whipping cream

  25. @kavithayou can get it in any big super market

  26. Can I use fresh cream instead of whipping cream?

  27. Hey Arthi.can we use cream cheese instead of mascarpone cheese.and sponge cake instead of biscuits.thank u

    1. You can try using it. But taste will be diff

  28. @Arsu can use but it will taste a bit diff, still it will be yummy

  29. Can u mention the brand of whipping cream u hav used in this recipe n also what brand hand mixer do u have ? Btw am frm chennai .thanx :)

  30. Hi aarthi. Can u tell me any brand name for whipping cream. In my place I don't get it. Thank u in advance :-)

    1. I used bakers whipping cream powder

  31. Thank u aarthi

  32. Wow!!! Awesome will definitely try mam.. thank you for this amazing recipe

  33. hi Aarthi
    thank you so much for the recipe...it came out awesome!!! Only coffee liquid was bit more under the tiramisu...other than that ...just wowwww:-)
    Thanks once again!!!

  34. wonderful aarthi.........love your simple approach....mouthwatering...keep going dear !!


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