Feb 11, 2015

Tiramisu Trifle Recipe / Mini Individual Tiramisu Recipe

This recipe is quite same as much tiramisu recipe, but it is more like individual serving and made in a beautiful trifle glass or any stem glasses. I loved thiss version more than that, because it looked more cute and photogenic.

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The cool thing about this trifle is, it is easily portable. If you are having a picnic, you can assemble this in jam jars, pop a lid, refrigerate it overnight, now you can take them where ever you need to and it is very handy as well. I learnt this trick on youtube jam jar cake ideas..

Another great thing this, unlike other tiramisu which takes lots of hours to set, this one sets in a hour or a couple of hours. So you can enjoy it as soon as possible..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Chilling Time : 1 to 2 Hours
Serves : 6


Ladyfingers - 18  (RECIPE HERE)
Whipping Cream - 1/2 cup
Mascarpone Cheese - 1 cup (RECIPE HERE)
Powdered Sugar - 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup
Instant Coffee - 1 tblspn to 2 tblspn
Hot Water - 2 cup
Dark Chocolate as needed for topping
Cocoa as needed for topping

(My 1 cup measures 240 ml)


Take hot water in a jug, add in coffee powder and mix well. Chill this up.

Now take cream in a bowl and use a beater to whip it up till it is thick. Set aside.

Now take mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, 2 tblspn of coffee liquid in a mixing bowl. Use a beater to whip this up till it is thick.  Dont over beat or butter will be separated from this.

Now fold over whipped cream in this very gently.

Take your glasses, break a ladyfinger in the glass, pour coffee liquid all over it so it is soaked. Spread the cream mix over this. Now break couple more ladyfinger and pour coffee liquid over it. spread another layer of the cream mix. Now pop this in fridge and let it set for a hour or couple of hours.

Now use a small sieve to dust cocoa powder all over it, and grate some dark chocolate all over it.



1)Dont overwhip the cream and mascarpone cheese because it will make the separate and curdle.

2)If you want it comepletely eggless, instead of ladyfinger, you can use any eggless sponge cake. It may not be the traditional, but still it will taste great.

3)You can leave out whipping cream in this recipe and just use the mascarpone cheese mix alone. But whipping cream makes the cream layer lighter and tastier. 

4)You can make the coffee as strong as you like, you can even add few splashed of coffee liquor or any rum in the coffee liquid.

Take whipping cream in a bowl and 
use a beater to whip this up

whip till the cream is thick
Bring 2 cups of water to a good boil

take it in a jug

add in instant coffee

mix well and chill this up
You will need mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, 
whipped cream, ladyfingers and coffee
take mascarpone cheese in a bowl

add in powdered sugar

pour in few tblspn of coffee

use a beater to whip this up

keep whipping till it gets little thick, 

look how thick it has got, dont overwhip, 
if you do then the butter will be separated from this

now add in whipped cream

fold gently

now it is all mixed up

Now take your glasses

Take a ladyfinger and break it in the bottom like this

pour over some coffee

now it is soaked nicely

spoon some cream

spread evenly

I took couple of ladyfinger and broke it on top of the cream

now pour some more coffee

it is nicely soaked up

spread some more cream mix

spread evenly

look at the gorgeous layers

pop it in fridge and let it set for couple of hours,
minimum 1 hour

now before serving

dust some cocoa powder

top with some chocolate curls or shavings




  1. Wow superb idea :) .... looks so tempting :)

  2. What is tat ladyfinger? Where i will get in bangalore plzz suggest me thanks in advance :)

  3. @Anonymousyou can buy it in a any big super market..else make your own.

  4. Shobana18always@gmail.comApril 15, 2016 at 3:50 PM

    I feel at home with your blog.inspires me to start one.i love what you have done so far and wish you all the best to go further...I understand this fusion of east with west perfectly.tiramisu is a wonderful recipe and you have got it done with charm and simplicity.that you can demystify complex cooking with ease is your talent and that you put it to such good use deserves the highest merit.congrats and keep up the good work!!!


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