Apr 17, 2015

Fresh Pomegranate Juice Recipe / How to Make Anardana Powder at Home

You must be making pomegranate juices at home, but i am sure, you must been discarding the squeezed leftover precious seeds from it. I have been to untill i read a amazing tip in a magazine. 

Anardana Powder / Dried Pomegranate, it is such a amazing ingredient which is used in many recipes from chicken curry to aloo dishes. But i have never made any of them. Because i was unable to get my hands on them in my place. But few months back i read this great tip from a magazine of making your own homemade anardana. It is so simple, whenever you make a batch of pomegranate juice, just reserve the seeds, dry it up and powder it. Thats it. It is like two recipes in one and you are using ever bit of the penny you spend in those pomegranate. So i thought of sharing it with you all.

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins

Serves : 2


Pomegranate - 2 large

Sugar / Honet - 1 tblspn or to taste
Lemon Juice - 1 tsp or to taste


Remove the seeds from pomegranate by bashing the top. 

Take them in a blender, and pulse it few time to crush them

Strain them.

Add in sugar and lemon juice to taste.


How to Make Anardana Powder at Home:

When you strain the juice from pomegranate, reserve the seeds, dont throw it away. Just Spread them on a plate and dry them under sun till it is completely dry. 

You can powder them in a blender. 

Store them in a air tight container in fridge. 

Use in your recipes.

Take a pomegranate

Cut them in half

To remove the seeds from this fruit

bash the top with a spoon of ladle

look all the seeds has come out

Few of the skin would fall with it

you have to remove those skins out

now time to blend

take it in a blender

Pulse it few times, dont grind it..JUST PULSE IT 

Pour this into a strainer

press and extract as much juice as possible..And dont
discard the seeds, just spread it in a plate and dry it under
sun till it completely dry..This is what called  Anardana / Dried pomegranate seeds..You can make a delicious chicken dish
using that..will share soon
fresh pomegranate juice

add sugar or honey to taste

squeeze little lemon juice to tast

mix well

pour in to glass

decorate with a slice of lemon



  1. Hi arathy , i am shabna i always read your recipes, they are really good.
    i read this recipe have a doubht, in making anardhana powder do we use the juice or the left over seeds to powder

  2. ok , thank you
    kindly add reserve juice and spread seeds
    in that sentence so that everyone will understand .
    else a small confusion will occur

  3. Hai I started cooking after seeing your site thank u soooo much gonna try juices arthi rocks

  4. Hai I started cooking after seeing your site thank u soooo much gonna try juices arthi rocks

  5. Why should we add sugar or honey ? Pomegranates are delicious without them. In fact you may add lemon juice or a bit of sea salt to make them tastier and maintain the nutrient too.


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