Sep 2, 2015

Vella Seedai Recipe - Vella Cheedai Recipe - Sweet Seedai Recipe

Seedai one of the must make snacks for krishna jayanthi. This is my first attempt in making them. I have heard about disastrous stories of seedai bursting, so i kind of stayed away from them. And also we have shops here where they sells yummy crispy seedai. So never thought of making them in home. Since gokulashtami is around the corner and seedai is a must recipe to offer god. I decided to try it and post it here.

Making the perfect and traditional seedai needs few preparations in advance. To get it right, you have to make rice flour and urad dal flour at home. But you can use store bought flours too. Other than that it is pretty easy. I have compiled all the reason why seedai burst in my notes section, so please make sure to check that. 

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 5 to 7 mins per batch
Resting Time : 30 mins
Serves : 2
Recipe Source: Sharmis passions


Rice Flour - 1 cup (HOMEMADE)
Urad Dal Flour - 2 tsp (HOMEMADE)
Unsalted Butter - 1.5 tblspn 
Coconut - 1 tblspn grated
Jaggery - 3/4 cup grated
Water - 1/2 cup
Sesame Seeds - 2 tsp
Oil for deep frying


Take jaggery in a bowl, add in water and let them soak for 5 mins. Now take them in a pan and heat it, it will come to a boil. Strain this and set aside.

Take rice flour, urad dal flour in a dry pan and roast for 2 mins or so.

Take this in a sifter and sieve well.

Take this in a bowl, add in butter, sesame seeds, coconut in a bowl and mix well.

Add in jaggery water little by little and make a dough.

Take small portion from the mix and shape it into a small ball.

Set aside for 30 mins so it dries up.

Heat oil for deep frying, drop the seedai in oil and fry till it gets light colour. Now reduce the flame to medium and fry till dark.

Drain and cool it down. 

Store it in a container and enjoy.


1)Sifting and roasting flours is very important. It takes the moisture from them. So dont leave that step. 

2)Drying the seedai for 30 mins is important, this takes the moisture from seedai and prevent it from bursting.

3)When rolling the seedai, roll gently into round balls. If you roll it tightly then when frying it will burst.

4)You should use soft butter which is at room temparature for this.

5)If you are scared and trying this for first time, then take a needle and prick holes on all seedai. This will prevent them from bursting.

6)You can make this same recipe with store bought rice flour and urad dal flour. But sift it and roast it.

7)When frying seedai. Always fry on medium high heat. If you fry seedai on very high heat then it will get colour outside but wont be cooked in the middle. So be careful while frying.

Why Does Seedai Burst? TIPS TO AVOID THEM.

1)If your flour is not sifted well, it may have some lumps so it will burst. 

2)The flour which you use should be very fine, if it is not ground finely, then it will have small grain which makes the seedai burst.

3)Pricking holes on all seedai will help to release the air trapped inside the seedai when you are making balls, this will avoid the seedai from bursting.

4)If you roll the balls tightly then the air bubbles will be trapped inside the seedai. This will make them burst. So roll gently and softly.

5)Drying the seedai for 30 mins, will dry it out and remove any moisture from it . This will prevent them from bursting.

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Take all your ingredients

Take jaggery in a bowl

add in water

soak for 5 mins, so the jaggery softens

Pour that into a pan

heat till it is melted and comes to a boil

strain the mix

set aside

In a dry pan, add in rice flour

in the same pan add in urad dal flour

roast it little

put that in a sifter

sieve well 

take it in a bowl

add in butter

add in sesame seeds

and finely grated coconut

add in jaggery water little by little

knead it to a soft wont be needing all
 the jaggery water

take a small portion

roll into a smooth ball

set aside for 30 mins so it dries a little

for testing, drop one seedai in hot oil and step away..

if it didn't pop then it is safe to fry the remaining ones

drop a whole bunch of seedai in oil

keep frying them..when it gets a nice colour,
reduce the flame to medium and fry

it will get dark

let them fry

now strain them

cool it and store in a air tight container

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