Oct 13, 2015

Fresh Fruit Cake Recipe - Fruit Pastry Recipe

This is one cake which i wanted to bake for long time, finally i made it for hubby's birthday. He totally loved it. I used quite a bit of fruits which was available in my place. But i really wanted to use some strawberries and cherries but to my luck i couldn't find those..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Here is the slice of cake..

Preparation Time : 45 mins
Serves: 8 to 10


Vanilla and Chocolate Cake (Recipe here)

For Orange Sauce:
Orange Juice - 1 cup
Sugar - 3 tblspn
Gelatin - 1 tsp
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 2 tsp
Orange Essence - few drops

For Sugar Syrup:
Water - 3/4 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup

For Whipped Cream:
Cream - 2 cups
Icing Sugar / Confectioners Sugar - 3 tblspn
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Orange Food Colouring a pinch

For Filling:
Mixed Fruits chopped finely - 1.5 cup
Sugar - 2 tblspn

Pineapple as needed
Kiwi as needed
Oranges as needed
Pomegranate as needed


Bake cake as mentioned here. Cool it completely, use a serrated knife to slice the dommed top off.

Take cream, icing sugar and vanilla in a bowl and whip this stiff peak is formed. Chill till needed.

Take orange juice, sugar, gelatin, orange food colour and mix well. Take cornflour in a bowl, add some water to it and mix well till disolved. Pour this in the orange juice and mix well. Heat this for 5 mins till it is melted. Set aside till cools down.

Now cut fruits for decoration. And also chop fruits into small pieces, take it in a bowl and add sugar and mix well. Set aside.

Now mix the ingredients for sugar syrup. Set side.

Now take the vanilla cake, soak it with syrup, top with cream and fruits. top with chocolate cake, soak with syrup, spread cream and fruits. Top with vanilla cake and soak it with syrup. Cover completely with cream.

Pour orange sauce over it. Decorate it with fruits

Chill for 5 to 6 hours. Slice and serve.

Prepare cake batter..Check recipe here.

bake till done..cool it and set aside

Start by making orange sauce

Take sugar in a sauce pan

Add in orange juice

sprinkle in gelatin

add little food colour

Take cornflour in a bowl

add little water to mix it

pour it in the syrup

heat it

cook till it comes to a boil

add few drops of orange essence

Set aside to cool

Take fruits for decoration

Cut top and bottom of orange

slice the skin off

now you can see the white segments, slice between that

this way you can get orange segments

orange done

Take your pineapples

slice the skin off

cut it into rounds

cut it like this..set aside

Take your kiwi

peel skin off

slice into rounds

Cut pomegranate

bash to remove seeds

These are the fruits for decoration
Meanwhile i chopped some more fruits finely

add some sugar

mix well and set aside

I mixed some sugar with water to make a quick syrup
 for brushing on top of cakes

I whipped up some cream with some sugar and vanilla till stiff

Take a vanilla cake, slice the top off

like this

Place it in a serving plate and cover the sides with 
some plastic wrap

spoon the top with some sugar syrup

now it is soaked

top with cream

and the fruits

top with chocolate cake

spoon with syrup

top with cream and fruits

place the vanilla cake on top and spoon with syrup

top with cream

spread some cream on sides

now it is well coated

i filled some cream in a piping bag

piped it on top

now take the orange sauce

spoon it on top

pour the syrup on sides

now it done

remove the plastic wrap, place some fruits on top

I decorated it with kiwi and pineapples

top with oranges and pomegranate


Chill for few hours and serve


  1. i know you used the pomegranate seeds which was made for pomegranate tea recipe for the decoration purpose...right?

  2. Great job. One doubt though. How did u remove the plastic wrap that easily? Won't that cling to the cake?

  3. @tinuno it won cling, you can use slide it

  4. @AnonymousYou are a genious...You are right..I ran out of cherries and fresh seeds. so used those..

  5. Aarthi.. plz make butter scotch cake

  6. Great job.. SurpriseForU sells different varieties of fruit cakes. Do visit the link http://bit.ly/1jRe2lm

  7. I don't have a cake pan...is there any way I can prepare cakes without a cake pan for the time being? Plz reply Asap...thanks ☺️

  8. @Anonymousu can use any steel pan, line it with foil and bake

  9. Hi Aarathi, u blog is so nice and inspiring.. Instead of gelatin can we replace it with anything?

  10. Fresh and beautiful, looking very healthy and meaningful guide to make fresh fruit cakes.


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