Apr 20, 2016

Chapati Ladoo Recipe - Policha Ladoo Recipe - Roti Churma Ladoo Recipe

I love making ladoos, because they are so versatile, they can be made pretty much with any flour. I have quite a few ladoo recipes in my blog. Ladoos will make a quick sweet for any festivals. Even if you have no time on hand, you can make these in minutes. 

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I made these with leftover chapati and it was delicious..It is healthy and good for kids as well. If you have a day old chapati, you can whip up this in minutes.

I used leftover chapati in this ladoo and i toasted them in a dry pan till crispy. You can make fresh chapati and toast them till crispy and use it.

So hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Makes : 8 to 10 ladoos


Leftover Chapati - 3
Jaggery / Gur / Sarkarai - 1/4 cup or to taste
Ghee - 1 to 2 tblspn
Cardamom Powder - 1/2 tsp
Almonds or any nuts - 2 tblspn chopped


If you are using a day old chapati, toast them on a low heat in a tawa till it crisp up,  Remove and set aside, they will cool down.

Now break them into small pieces and take it in a blender. Pulse few times so it is crushed.

Now blend them so it resembles coarse breadcrumbs.

Now add in jaggery and pulse till mixed well.

Take this in a bowl, add ghee, cardamom powder and nuts. Mix well.

Take small portion of this and shape it into balls.

Arrange it in a bowl, serve immediately or store in fridge or at room temp till needed.

Toast leftover roti in a dry tawa till it crisp up..
cook on a low heat

remove and set aside to cool down

break into small pieces

take it in a blender

pulse few times

now grins them till it is fine

Add in jaggery

pulse few times till it is mixed well

take in a bowl

add in cardamom powder

add in ghee

add in nuts

mix well

take some portion

shape into ladoo




  1. Hi Arthi, its really a brilliant idea

  2. Thanks for posting this recipe Aarthi..!! This reminded me of my childhood days .. One of neighbour use to make it n I love it.. She use to add saunf I guess ..can we add that too ??

  3. V nice idea
    Must try

  4. Hi Arthi
    U r just fabulous dear. Thank u so so much for all the efforts u r putting in. I have tried numbers of recipes from ur blog and they turned out amazing. I love cooking and thanks for making me best at my home.
    Ladoos are irresistible. It resembles churma ladoo prepared here in Gujarat. Pls do post churma ladoo and sukhdi recipes if possible.

  5. really interesting..gonna try tdy...please post some toddler recipes

  6. Really fabulous arthi madam superb...........

  7. Really fabulous arthi madam superb...........

  8. Really fabulous arthi madam superb...........

  9. made it just now. really superb idea.
    can it be stored in the fridge?

    1. u can store it in a air tight container outside for 2 days


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