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  1. This is my first message. Please don't delete it. Thanks
    jsh39shd2 [url=]link[/url]

  2. goog morning! your recipe is lovely! Thank you for your visit to my blog, you'll find a translator to translate the recipes. So, follow me and I follow you!

  3. Dear Aarthi is a satisfacion belong to your blog, I love learning Indian recipes I like their flavors and colors, I still thank you for your message and visit, have a friend in VIGO, share friendship and what we like to cook. I will visit you again, hugs Marimi

  4. Hi Aarthi, it's a pesure for me to meet you! Sorry for my bad english, I hope that you understand me. I think it's beautiful to know other persons that live in other countries, far away from me. I'll follow your blog and I hope you will teach me your traditional recipes. Many kisses 🙂

  5. Eccomi qua dopo la tua gradita visita : )
    Un hamburger delizioso!
    Ti seguirò volentieri ma spero che tu faccia lo stesso iscrivendoti tra i miei lettori!
    Oggi inizio io… ti aspetto ; )

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm very proud that you like it. At this moment, I have to go out. When I come back I'll see your recipes better. Regards from Spain.

  7. Hi Aathi, nice to meet you too. I like to discover tradicional food of other countries. This burger seems delicious!! I see that you have a lot of interesants recipes. I'll follow you!! A kiss from Barcelona!

  8. lovevy blog too!!!, I love indian food, and exotic dishes…..and this is very special to me…. I'll stand by you and your recipes….!!

  9. Hai Aarthi, tank you for your visit.

    This burger is amazing, I love garam massala.

    Hope you like my next recipes i'll take some ideas from your blog.

    Follow me please.


  10. Hello!!.
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog.This has allowed me to know yours.Sorry for my bad english, I hope that you understand me 🙂
    You have very interesting things, great recipes, and your photography is spectacular.
    His burger looks fabulous.

    Greetings from Spain

  11. Hi Aarthi, you also have a great blog. Thank you very much for your visit.
    I'm glad you enjoy cooking as much as me.
    You have some great recipes.

  12. Swathi Swathi Swathi! thank you so much for these recipes!!!! i am compiling them to try out and i just cant stop collecting them. they are mostly so easy to make. i enjoy your veg recipes, specially potato sev and muruku recpies. your instructions and pictorals make it seem simple and fun to prepare.

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