Sep 24, 2011

Funfetti Cupcakes with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

Hai Friends....Hope you are enjoying your blissful Saturday a lot..I have lots of works to be done and I am in a bit hurry..Before that somehow I want to upload this post...So this post has no introduction, straight to the recipe...I know this recipe speaks for itself..Here you go.


All Purpose Flour / Maida -1 1/2 cup / 180 grams
Granulated Sugar - 1 cup / 200 gms
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Vanilla Essence -1 tsp
Milk - 2/3 cup or 160 ml
Egg Whites - from 2 egg
Butter - 100 gms or ½ cup
Sprinkles as needed
Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting


Preheat the oven to 170°C...Line the muffin tray with cupcake cases..

Mix flour,sugar,baking powder together and set aside..

Mix egg whites,milk together and set aside..

Beat butter and vanilla in a mixing bowl..add in some flour mixture and mix well.

Now pour in half of the milk mixture...Add in rest of the flour mixture...

Pour in all the egg mixture and mix well...Add some sprinkles in this and mix well..

Spoon this on to the cupcake cases...If you wish you can add some sprinkles on top..

Bake it oven for 20-25 mins...

Let this cool completely before icing..

Decorate with your favorite icing and serve..

Take all your ingredients
Take your sprinkles....I have the bigger ones here...
But you can use smaller ones too...
Sift your dry ingrediants
Mix your wet ingrediants
Beat butter and vanilla
add half of the dry ingrediants
pour in half of the wet ingrediants
mix well
add in rest of the dry ingrediants
pour in the wet ingrediants
mix well
add your sprinkles
mix well
Now take your cupcake cases....Thanks Nameeta for the Cases...So Sweet of you...
Fill this with the batter
Looks stunning right...
Let it cool down...
Take your favorite frosting
Decorate your cupcakes
Close up shot
Cherry on top looks great...
Yummy right...


  1. These are lovely cupcakes, very pretty wwith the sprinkles.
    Thank You.

    Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep
    Trouble on Earth Day
    Author Kathy Stemke (my spouse)

  2. It sure does look yummy and superbly done. Chocolate frosting is icing on the cake for me :)

  3. Hello, very nice blog.... d descriptions (pictorial) r d best thing dat can happen 2 me aftr discoveru=ing dis blog ... 4 a growing cook like me i needed dese badly .... Thank u so much 4 making ur recipes look so neat n descriptive

  4. Can I make it in microwave grill oven
    it has combi 1 , combi2..........

  5. @AnonymousNo it has to be done in microwave convection mode


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