Dec 30, 2011

Bread Balls / Fried Bread Balls Stuffed with Potatoes and Beetroot

This is one of the simple dish which you can make when you have some guest arrived in your house..I love it because the stuffing, It has nice beetroots in it which gives a awesome colour to it..I can assure you that your kids will love it..I made this a month back and everyone in my house loved it and the plate vanished in minutes..You could have some ketchup on the side..

If you don’t prefer to fry the balls..Just roll the balls in some oil and bake it in a 200°C / 400°F Oven for 20-30 mins untill it turn golden..This is best served hot along with Indian chai, if anyone want a perfect masala chai or cardamom chai recipe let me know so that I can post for you…

So here you go to the recipe and let me know what you think..


Bread -10 slices
Potatoes – 2 large cooked and mashed
Onion-1 chopped finely
Beetroot- 1 cup grated
Chilli Powder- 1 tsp
Garam Masala Powder – 1 tsp
Green Chilli – 1 chopped
Corn Starch / Corn Flour – 3 tblspn
Salt to taste
Oil- 1 tblspn + for deep frying


Heat 1 tsp of oil in a kadai. Add in onions and green chillies and sauté for 2 mins.

Now add in grated beetroot and mix well. Season with salt. Add in chilli and garam masala powder and mix well.

Add in mashed potatoes and mix well. Let it cool down a little. Divide into equal portions and make into balls. Set this aside.

Now take the bread slices and remove the crust off. Dip it in water and squeeze it. Put this in a bowl and mix well. Divide into equal portions and set aside.

Take one portion of bread and press it slightly with your hands and put the filling in the middle and seal from all sides. Do the same to all dough.

Now roll this ball in corn flour and set aside.

Heat oil for deep frying and fry this till it gets golden brown. Drain it in a paper towel.

Serve hot with ketchup.

Take all your ingrediants
Start by making the filling...Heat oil in a kadai
add onions and green chillies
saute well
add in grated beetroots
season with salt
add ur spices
and mix well
add in potatoes
and mix well...Allow it to cool down..
Shape into equal portions and set aside
Now for outer crust..remove the crust of the bread..
Dip the bread in water
squeeze it and set aside
Divide into equal portions
Take everything ready
take one ball and spread it with ur hands
Put the filling inside
and cover from all sides
do the same to everything
Now roll this in corn flour
and set aside
Heat oil for deep frying
and drop the balls in
and fry till golden brown
drain it
and set aside


Hamaree Rasoi said... Best Blogger Tips

Excellent looking snack. Wish I was there to get a taste of it.

Hamaree Rasoi

chitraj.hegde said... Best Blogger Tips

wow the bread balls looks delicious.....and the beetroot give a nice colour to the ball from the inside..good idea.well done..Have happy new year dear........

faseela said... Best Blogger Tips

ofcourse it luks double awesome......innovtive recipe...filling is just scrumptious......

Kalpana Sareesh said... Best Blogger Tips

too good sersly perfect for this climate.. love the stuff..

khushi said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely thought Aarthi....loved the colorful stuffing
wish u a very happy new year

Chandrani said... Best Blogger Tips

Crunchy delicious bread pakora..

Az said... Best Blogger Tips

You have such a great space here!!!

Glad to follow you as well.

Nalini's Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious and the stuffing is so colorful.Thanks for sharing,Wish you a very happy new year.

Kavi said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy filling! I would definitely not deep fry it! :) Love your photos! Happy 2012!

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Shanthi said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful and luv the stuffing. Happy new year

Mythreyi said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect Snack for Chai. Love the addition of Beets for the Healthy Twist..

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Maayeka said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious and crisp..with awesome stuffing ...nice snack...

Muraligeetham said... Best Blogger Tips

beautifully made !!

Curry and Comfort said... Best Blogger Tips

Now that recipe really surprised me... I thought it was dough on the outside and you used sliced bread. Fantastic idea. :) Have a wonderful, happy and blessed New Year!! All the very best to you in 2012!!! ~ Ramona

maha said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious and yum...pic was so superb......

Sumi said... Best Blogger Tips

Like this recipe, like the way it didnt soak up much oil ..Good one:)

Sruthi R nath said... Best Blogger Tips

akka... awesome recipe... loved it...

Resna Nishad said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious are excellent

Shafna Ashmi said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried this recipe and served for ifthar. One of the best dish i made.
My family members gave good comments "oooo nalla kaara sarama iruku".They emptied the plate. All credits to u. Thank u.

aish0007 said... Best Blogger Tips

Mouth watering