Sep 12, 2012

Fried Pineapple Rings with Cinnamon Sugar

I know many of you have been waiting & wanting to know the gift which I got from my hubby, so here I deliver that…Its not a kitchen appliance or a stand mixer or a OTG or a car or another dog like JOE(which is one my friend comment on facebook). It is a CAMERA, a real SLR CAMERA, a CANON SLR CAMERA, which was my dream..Now you are going to get pictures with more quality..I am still learning how to use it and how to take better pictures out of it..I really really didn expect this surprise gift from him, it was like a magic..I still cannot believe that I own a SLR camera..

This is how it happened. Hubby took me to my mother's place on Monday, I just went there to see my sister and mom. I had no clue what hubby has in store for me…When I reached there, my sister handed me a huge parcel with is covered with lots of paper..I was totally in a shock, at first I thought that my sister has something for me in that. But once I started to open that parcel it started getting little and little(my sister put that camera into many little boxes). I started getting nervous and was sweating like anything..It was a great feeling. But once I saw the name canon in that box, I was shouting like "NO WAY, THIS CAN'T BE TRUE". But IT IS….I saw hubby, he just gave me a little smile..Oh man I was so touched..Thank you so much dear, you are the best. You know what I love and what I wanted the most without even hearing from me..You are the one who know each and everything about me. I love you so much.

Ok now back to the recipe…I had few slices of Pineapple in my fridge. I wanted to try a new dish out of it. I am damn sure that it has to be a desert, because I craved for it last night. I also have a huge box of vanilla icecream in the freezer, so wanted to make a warm desert to go perfectly with that icecream.  There is nothing more than a fried pineapple ring, I know for many of you this sounds really strange. But I beg you to try it once..The batter which I made turned out to be so crispy, and the cinnamon sugar dredging is the master touch. The one thing which you have to do is eat it right off from the stove with lots of vanilla icecream..


Pineapple Rings - 3 Slices
Flour - 1 cup
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 tblspn
Cold Butter - 2 tblspn cubed
Egg - 1
 Water - as needed to make a thick batter
Oil for Deep Frying

For Cinnamon Sugar :
Sugar - 3 tblspn
Cinnamon Powder - 1 tsp


Heat oil for deep frying.

Take a mixing bowl. Add flour, salt, baking powder, sugar in it and mix well.

Now add in the cold cubed butter and rub it with your fingers till you get coarse crumbs.

Add egg and water and make into a thick batter.

Now dip pineapple slices in this mixture and coat them well on all sides.

Using a spoon or fork remove the pineapple and drop them in hot oil.

Fry till golden on both sides.

Remove that and drain on a paper towel.

Now make the cinnamon sugar, mix sugar and cinnamon together.

Dip this hot pineapple ring in the sugar so that both the sides are coated well.

Serve with cold icecream.


Take your ingredients..Sorry i missed cinnamon
Take flour in a bowl
add salt to it
and baking powder
and sugar
add in the cubed butter
and rub with your hands
it should resemble like this
add a egg
and some water
to make a thick batter
dip pineapple in this batter
and remove them with a spoon
drop in hot oil
and fry till golden on both sides
drain them in a paper towel
now make the cinnamon sugar...take sugar and cinnamon
and mix  them well
dip the pineapple rings in this
and coat on all sides
serve with icecream


  1. Wow Aarthi, wow a perfect dish for my kids school tiffin. Just 2 question. First can I pan fry it instead of deep fry. And second is can I use some other flour like rice flour instead of maida.

  2. @Sunita No deep frying is best because it makes the rings crispy. I think you cannot use rice flour, because it doesn't bind as easily as regular flour...But i think you can use wheat flour..

  3. Hey this looks very innovative.

    Nice one.

  4. Omg, feel like inviting myself to ur place,fantastic dessert.

  5. That looks superb! and congrats to the proud owner of DSLR..waiting for ur clicks:-)

  6. Aarti the dish looks very nice.New to me.

  7. very tasty and mouth-watering pineapple rings:)

  8. something very similar is in my draft folder ; gee ! i know it must have tasted swell

  9. very innovative.. looks like donuts..

    Hey , please try and participate in my new event

    Cook with-Poppy Seeds

  10. AARTHI... what a great innovator you are ... you melted my heart when you melt those chocolate chips.. i realy love the way you recreated nigella's recipes.Im a great fan of a chocolate freek and i luv cooking.. obviously it made me luv you.your pineapple desserts were really awesome...

  11. Hi could this be made without egg

  12. @AnonymousEgg gives a fluffier and crispier texture. You can try adding cold milk.


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