Jan 31, 2014

Homemade Ragi Powder Recipe / Baby Ragi Powder Recipe / Sprouted Ragi Flour Recipe / How to Make Ragi Flour at Home / Finger Millet Flour Recipe / Sprouted Ragi Powder for Babies


This is the powder which i was talking about here. Now i have this handy and never go back to store bought ones. This powder is great when you are starting your baby to solid foods. Homemade powder is good and preservatives free, so you know what you are feeding your baby. 

Ragi is very healthy for babies, it is filling and help your baby gain weight in a healthy way. Few things you have to remember before making this.

1)The consistency of the porridge which you make totally depends on you. You can make it too runnier and pour it bottles and feed your baby or make it little thicker and feed your baby using a spoon.

2) I use panakarkandu or karupatti as sweetner. This is how i do. I take a small piece of karupatti or a piece of panakarkandu in a saucepan, add some water in it and heat it up till it is melted. Then i strain that and add ragi powder in it, strain again and cook them together. 


Karupatti strengthens your baby bones. Panakarkandu helps prevending cold for your babies. You can even mix up a small piece of both.

3)If you feed a good bowl of this for your baby. Your baby will sleep peacefully for a good 2 to 3 hours. It is that filling.

4)Cook ragi properly. If you didn't cook it properly, it may cause constipation.  

5)Many people say ragi may cause constipation. But i am feeding the to my baby for 3 weeks now. And she is passing stool daily.  


1)Why are you sprouting ragi?
 Ragi with skins are little hard for digestion. So sprouting the ragi      will make it easier to digest. And also sprouted grains are more healthy and nutritious for your baby.

2)Is roasting the ragi necessary?
Roasting ragi ensures that it dries off the last bit of moisture from ragi and ensure for a longer shelf life of the ragi. Mean while, you have to roast the ragi on a very low flame and for a minimum time.

3)Is it necessary to store ragi in fridge?
I recommend you to store ragi in fridge. Because i am scary cat of handling homemade stuff. I always have concern that homemade stuff should be always be handled carefully because it can get spoiled so easily. So i always keep homemade powder, masala, pickles, jams in fridge to make sure it is always fresh.

4)My ragi is not sprouting even after a day?
Ragi don't sprout so big, you can only see small sprouts in it. And you have to keep the ragi undisturbed in a dark and cool place to make it sprout. You should not peek into it often.

5)Can we grind ragi at normal blender at home?
Grinding ragi at normal domestic blender can take lots of time. It makes the blender gets over heated. So if you want to grind ragi at home, then grind it in small batches. Leave sometime if the machine gets over heated. After you make it into fine powder,sieve it through a fine sieve and allow it to cool down. Once the powder has cooled store it in a air tight container.

How to introduce solid food to your baby:

Read this

How to sterilize baby feeding bowls:

Start by sterilizing the bowls and spoons which you are going to feed your baby. Take the bowl and spoon in a large saucepan, cover it with water and bring them to a boil. Boil it rapidly for 5 mins. Now you can turn the heat off and leave them stay in the hot water till use.

How to make Sprouted Ragi Powder at Home:

To make fresh ragi porridge. Start by washing fresh ragi by rubbing with your hands in lots and lots of water to get rid of dirt and other ucky stuff. Do this step atleast 4 to 5 times to make sure that your ragi is absolutely clean.

Now soak them in fresh clean water overnight.

Next morning drain it. Now take a colander and line it with a clean white cheese cloth or muslin cloth. Transfer the ragi in the cloth and tie it up. 

Now place in a cold and dark place and leave it undisturbed for 12 to 15 hours. I leave it for a whole day.

Next day morning, you can see small sprouts coming out from ragi. Now spread the ragi in a clean cloth or plate and dry it under fan or sunlight for 5 to 6 hours till it is completely dry.

Now heat a large kadai. Add the dried ragi in it and roast on a very low flame till it is lightly toasted.

Remove it to another big plate and allow it to cool down.

Now give this to mill and powder it finely. If you have a powerful blender you can powder it at home, do it in small batches. It will take long time to powder the ragi. After you powder it pass it through a fine sieve. Allow it to cool down and store in a air tight container.

You can store the ragi powder in cupboard. But for safety purpose i store it in fridge. 

For making porridge out of this powder, Check this post.




Take your ragi

Pour water in them

Use your hands to rub

so the dirt will come on top

Drain off the water, repeat this for 4 to 5 times

Cover the ragi with fresh clean water

Cover the bowl and soak it overnight

This is how it looks the next morning, drain it

See the difference
Now to sprout the ragi, take a colander

Line it with clean white cloth, like a cheese cloth

Pour the drained ragi in it

tie it up and leave it undisturbed for 12 to 15 hours

See the tiny sprouts..Now spread the ragi on
a big plate and dry it sun or under fan overnight..

Next day, heat a large kadai

The heat should be very low

Add the dried ragi in the kadai

Roast on a very low flame

Till it is toasted

Allow it to cool down

Give it to mill and powder it or if you have
powerful blender powder it,It will take long
time to powder
this at home, so i gave it to mill and powdered it.


  1. Aarthi,

    Very nice tips for new moms...Sprouted ragi a good option for babies..

    Ragi wont cause constipation but it may cause loose motion bcoz of the high fiber in ragi which cleans our stomach.

    Why people in all parts of India starting with ragi you know?
    you said it is healthy ...yes..bco it has high amount of Iorn in it.

    Baby's body has iron,but that is not sufficient after 6 months,breast milk(anymilk)doesn't have iron,so we are starting with high iorn food.Also Karupatti,Jaggery & panam kalkalndu also have high amount of iron.

    Ragi's fiber cleans baby's stomach & make the baby heathy. Constipation makes unhealthy.

    And btw thanks for posting my previous comment in the post "when to start solid food"

    After that only I check there are lot of mistakes in typing..

    - Suneeta

  2. thank u so much for the post aarthi. making everyday fresh Ragi is little pain.can i add milk to this.and also tell me the right time to give ragi for my angel( morning or afternoon. since she is eating idly in the morning.( she is seven month old)

  3. @chitraI dont recommend adding cows milk to ragi, since your baby is 7 month. You can add cows milk when your baby is above 10 months. Give ragi in the afternoon.

  4. Hi All,

    One of my relative prepares very good ,nutrient homemade healthy food for babies above 6 months, she do sell this for working mommies.

    Ingredients used :

    1) sprouted raagi
    2) sprouted chick peas
    3) sprouted green gram
    4) sprouted peas
    5) sprouted cow peas
    6) boiled rice
    7) whole wheat
    9) rajma
    10) soya beans lentils
    11) groundnut
    12) double beans lentils
    13) fried grams
    14) almonds
    15) pista
    16) walnuts
    17) cashews
    18) elachi few pieces

    She will add/remove the Ingredients based on your requirements, everything is sprouted at home only. I am taking it from her for my 9 months old baby. He is all fit and active and loves his food.

    Please contact shreelakshmi.p.rao@gmail.com if you need this for your baby.


  5. Hi,very well xplained..Will whole ragi hav husk in it wen bought from local vendor? If yes- shal v hav to remove it b4 makin?? Plzz tel hw. Or can v buy husk free ragi from any wer else=>advice pls<=

  6. @AnonymousYes it has husk, u cannot remove it. You can follow this procedure then http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/2014/01/how-to-make-ragi-porridge-for-babies.html

  7. i want to add some badams to ragi.will it be heavy for babies.

    and how many almonds for 1 kg of ragi.


  8. @durga kalyanNo you can add, just add 100 grams for 1 kg

  9. Thnx aarthi..very helpful information.

  10. This is really a great idea! I'm gonna try it for my 14 months old. But how long can I store it in my fridge? Thanks a lot!

  11. @MiglouYou can store this for a month in fridge

  12. Very well explained.. If I want to add badam for my 6month old baby.. How do I proceed..?? Should I directly add it in mixie or should I soak and then add..

  13. Very well explained.. If I want to add badam for my 6month old baby.. How do I proceed..?? Should I directly add it in mixie or should I soak and then add..

  14. @AnonymousRoast it and powder it separately and mix it with this. But store the powder in fridge, so the powder dont get spoiled.

  15. Hi Arthi,

    Very useful information.. Thanks a lot. Can I give ragi porridge for my 4 month old baby?


  16. @SadhanaYes u can..But give it in diluted form and in very little portion. Once a day.

  17. Hi aarthi
    Very nice receipe
    Can u pls tell me for how many weeks or months we can store this in fridge once made.

  18. @AnonymousYou can store this for 2 month in fridge

  19. Hi... Your blog has been a saver for me always...thanks a lot for sharing such detailed recipes..
    I'm planning to prepare ragi porridge for my one year old daughter along with all the millets ,corn,beans n dry fruits..can u please guide me how to go abt it..
    .wat all I can add n in wat proportions..it will b of great help to me

  20. Can u please tell me some stuffed mushroom recipes

  21. @Rachna SuprithJust add everything in equal propotion, but add more ragi.

  22. I have mixed raagi and millet . Kambu together . Is this fine ?

  23. Plz tell me another name of ragi in urdu.i belong to pakistan i cant understand what is ragi.

  24. Dr. Recommend this rahi powder for my twin boys. They r 4 month old. And allergic to milk protein so now no formula milk allow. Plz can u tell how to prepare this after making powder. Should I boil this powder with water or just mix of in boiled water ? And what should b the proportion of water and powder?

  25. @AnonymousU have to add this powder to water and boil it.for 1 tblspn add 1/2 cup water.

  26. Hi Aarthi I boiled n made t porridge from above powder n fed baby in bottle but she was getting choked since grains can b seen seperatly. Wat do I need to correct plz?

  27. @Anonymousthe powder is not made fine then, strain the mix once it is mixed with milk and then heat it.

  28. Hi aarthi,
    My baby is 8 months old. I'm planning to add green gram dal,wheat & badam with ragi.should these be sprouted? Pls advice

  29. @Anonymousyes u can add, no need to sprout them. But it gets much healthier when u sprout them

  30. If adding the above grains wat would be the quantity of each one?

  31. @AnonymousJust add 1/2 cup of each. that would be good. Dont add too much badam. Just a little is good. and if you add nuts then you have to store the powder in fridge

  32. Hi aarthi,
    I tried ragi porridge powder. Added samba wheat rava(1 cup) and green gram (half cup) to 1 cup ragi.but my porridge is not thickening. Its in liquid state even if I boil for more than 10 mins.wat would be the mistake?

  33. @Anonymousu must have added too much liquid for the amount of powder u used.

  34. Hi, can this sprouted ragI powder be used in any other form other than porridge? My lo had from 6 months as breakfast but now at 9 months he has more teeth and wants new textures...

  35. @AnonymousYou can add it to chapati dough and make roti, you can add it to dosa batter and make dosa..

  36. Excellent. Thank you!

  37. Hi aarthi recently visited ur site and its really helpful especially for mom' s like me who do not have any elder people at home to guide. I live in Pune and its very difficult to get pannakalkandu or karripatti. As an alternative can I use normal kalkandu for ragi porridge? My baby completed 4 months and I am planning to start with ragi in a very diluted way as my milk supply is less. Please suggest.

  38. @Anonymousyes u can use normal kalkandu or jaggery

  39. Will it sprout in hot case or casserole if kept overnight?

  40. hi aarthi thanks for UA posts I'm really confused regarding the drying of the ragi after sprouting dem can I dry in hot sun or shade if I'm not frying n how long if its in hot sun n shade cz many say can't dry in hot sun so pls reply

  41. @Anonymousdry them under hot sun till it is comepletely dry. it will take a couple of days.

  42. Hi aarthy
    Whether ragi porridge can be given daily for a 6 month old baby??

  43. @Anonymousyes u can give..feed only afternoon

  44. Hi aarthi,
    Thanks for the recipe. I had powdered the sprouted dried ragi giving in the commercial mill without roasting it. Am planning to give my 6 months old baby, is it harm to give ragi without roasting it. Pls advice.

  45. @Shylajano issues u can give ragi without roasting as well

  46. @Shylajano issues u can give ragi without roasting as well

  47. Hi aarthi
    My son is going to start his 5 th month in a couple of days so shall I start ragi porridge, and apple puree for him

  48. Hi
    Last time I made this recipe, I used 2 kilos of ragi with 200gms of all dals and 100gms of dryfruits..
    i washed , roasted and powdered them at the mil.. And I had around 5 kilos of powder.I was scared it would spoil so gave most of it to neighbours. What do you suggest is the shelf life ? The above quantity lasts for atleast 6mths . Is that okay? Should I also roast the powder after its powdered in the mill? I am just so confused !!!

  49. @Anonymousu can roast it little for longer shelf life. If you keep this in fridge it will last almost for a year

  50. Hi Aarathi, Can I add sprouted moong and sprouted horse gram in Raagi powder? What should be the proportion and should I remove the skin of moong n horse gram?
    What woould be your suggestion to make it more healthy for 6month and 2 week baby?

  51. @Anonymousyou can add 100 grams of moong dal. horse gram is not advisable. Roast the moong and add

  52. I am staying out of india. Is it ok to use TRS ragi flour to prepare baby food ?

  53. @rucha kaviif that ragi is good brand, you can use

  54. Hi Aarthi, thanks for the recipes for babies. my lo is 6 months old. can i start with other dhal and nuts together. i'm working so it will be very useful for my lo. r u selling this ragi powder with dhal and nuts . if yes, it will be very helpful for me. pls reply

  55. Thanks for the recipe
    Very useful...
    I have a question on drying the ragi under the sun/fan..I live in Uk and don't have both these options..
    Please help
    What is the other alternative for drying??Can I roast it without drying???

  56. @Shailudry it completely spreading it in a cloth so it will absorb the excess water. Then you can slow roast them

  57. @Rajifor 6 months old you dont need nuts only plain ragi is good

  58. Hi Aarti thanks for the above recipe..I hv done exactly u have mentioned.. After making the flour from from mill last tym I stained through cloth. But now I am giving by staining through sieve.. Is it OK .will it be difficult for him to digest..he z now 7 months.. Plz suggest..my mil doesn't help me..n its difficult for me to stain through cloth

  59. Hi
    Why ragi dint turn up as u made in pic
    Its not thick i had to throw it in bin
    Hw mny spoons ragi shud i use for first time feeding a 16 month old baby
    I used normal jaggery

  60. @Anonymoususe 2 tblspn of ragi, mix it with milk or water and heat till it get thick

  61. Hii aarthi....I have a doubt?? I recently prepared healthy mix for my baby in that I have added cumin seeds more and aroma is very strong does it harms the babies health....she is 8 months old....she is having it very little....suggest me some tips which encourages my baby to eat more.....

  62. @Sandhyaif the cumin is too strong then it will be hard for baby to enjoy..Make little more batch of the health mix and mix with this. So baby can enjoy. But adding little more cumin wont do any harm

  63. Thank u so much aarthi 4 u valuable suggestion.....can v give babies processed oats(quicker oats) I am using dat....my friends r saying processed oats r not gud 4 babies health....I am in big dilemma whether to use r not?????

  64. One more aarthi...flax seeds are very good for babies I heard....
    I bought n grounded it....but nt understanding Hw to use it....I added it in banana bt my baby is nt liking it....wt 2 do pls help me....

  65. @G.Sandhya ReddyYou can add flax seeds to your health mix

  66. @G.Sandhya ReddyIn my place i can only get instant oats so used those..if you can get rolled oats or steel cut oats you can give that too

  67. @Anonymous
    If ragi is sprouted for a long time, the sprouts grew bigger, then this happens. So sprout it only till u see small white dots over it.

  68. Hii. Aarthi akka u r recipes are really very simple and easy to understand for new mom.. Thank u so much.
    My son is nw 5 month which food should I start and when.plz tll me. B coz I m working woman. .

  69. @Anonymousyou can start with ragi, raw banana, oats and apples, pears, carrots

  70. Hi Arthi,I am a fan of ur cooking.one of my cousin said sprouted items could only be stored for 20 days.is it true.sprouted items should only be dried away from sunlight.????

  71. @GS Karthikano not like that..if it is well dried, it can be stored for many months

  72. Hi I gave my child mixture of rice wheat and raggi with badam n nuts little in it just a one tea spoon cooked in a pan with lil water and lil ghee.. After that in 24 hours he passed stools for 5 times

  73. @Nidait is not a issue..Cook it completely. If it is not cooked enough means it may cause this

  74. Hi, nice tips Aarthi...I have a query... How long should the ragi porridge be cooked?? Like if I take 1 tsp

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Hi Aarthi..
    I soaked ragi in water through out night after washing out all dirts from it.. in the morning wen I opened the ragi vessel some sort of smell came from it.. does this smell comes usually.. since I ve not used ragi before I'm not sure of the smell from it.. kindly advise..

    1. It is because it has been soaked too much. No issues with that. Just rinse it really really well and use

  77. Hi Aarthi,
    Yesterday night I washed ragi to remove dirts from it n soaked it over night in water. When I opened the vessel of ragi next morning some smell came from it. I have not used ragi before so I'm not sure of that smell from it. I dint like that smell. Please advise on this. Thanks in advance.

  78. Hi,is it ok to use readymade ragi powder for making porridge?

  79. Hi, Can anyone pls tell the proportion of each element for making this powder...also what is the shelf life of this powder

  80. Whether Ragi cause cold to babies? Please let me know.

  81. If you are selling this home made Ragi powder, please let me know

  82. Hi arthi..thnx a lot for all this.. My daughter has turned 6 months.. Of all these baby food, wt r those that i can give her as a beginner to solid food

  83. Hai Arathi. First of all thank you so much for this wonderful page you wrote. I followed the same steps as you told. But finally after sieving the grounded ragi powder, what I get z white powder along with some red powder mixed in.I think it's that of skin of ragi. Is it alright to give it to my 7 month old daughter? My MIL told it will cause digestive troubles. I'm worried. Your insight on this would be highly appreciable

    1. it is because the ragi is not ground properly. u can give it to mill and grind. if not it may cause constipation and indigestion in baby


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