Aug 18, 2014

Homemade Butter Recipe / How to Make Butter / Homemade Buttermilk Recipe / How to Make Buttermilk

I love love love white butter, it is not only lord krishna's favorite one, but mine too..When i was little i used to gulp lots of them, but now i kind of stay away from them. When we were little, amma used to take the cream, malai which forms on top of the milk when she boils them in a small container, she used to do this regularly and after few days when quite a bit of cream is collected, then she used to churn it using a churner and collect the butter. She makes ghee using that butter.

But i am not that patient to collect the cream whenever i boil milk, so i take the instant and short route. I buy few packets of fresh cream and make butter using those..I made this for krishna jayanthy and offered lord krishna..

This homemade butter can be used to make homemade ghee and in making cakes and stuffs like that. But i wont suggest this to make frosting, because this has water content in them which is not good when you make frosting..So try this and let me know how it turns out..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Makes : 250 grams of butter, 250 ml of buttermilk


Fresh Cream / Heavy Whipping Cream - 500 ml


Take cream in a large mixing bowl and use a electric beater to whip. 

Keep whipping, first it will get thick and stiff. This is whipped cream, You can use this for frosting cakes.

Now when you keep on whipping it will looks thick and kind of curdled, now add some cold water and beat..

You have to keep on whipping at this stage, it will slowly get curdled. At a point it will be completely curdled and the milk solid will be separated.

Use a spatula and gather the butter together to form a balls. This is homemade butter.

Add this to a bowl of cold water and let it stay there for 5 to 10 mins.

Now your homemade butter is done.

Take left over water from the butter is buttermilk, add some salt and asafoetida to it and have it. It is tasty or you can use it for any recipe that calls for buttermilk.


Take your cream

cut them open

pour it into a large bowl

Time to whisk

Use your beater to whip

keep whipping

Now it is getting thick

This is what you use for frosting cakes,

it is stiff peak now..

you have to keep whipping

it will slowly start to curdle

keep whipping

look it looks kind of curdled

now i add some cold water

and keep whipping

Now the milksolid has separated

use a spatula to gather them together

It will be quite easy

Now you can shape them into a ball

Now take some cold water in a bowl

put the butter into cold water and allow them to
 sit there for 5 mins

Your homemade fresh butter is done..

The water which is separated from the
butter is buttermilk

Take that in a jug

add a pinch of salt

and a pinch of asafoetida

mix well..

Butter done..

Buttermilk done..


  1. Luks really gud :).jst wantd 2 know if v can use amul fresh cream..

  2. wow, thnx for the detailed step by step instructions...

  3. This is completely new to arthi..... I wil try asap n let u knw d results...tks fr sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing. ... I am gone to try it...

  5. wow, will try this out soon. I love butter.

    thought you will post some pictures of your daughter too in krishna costume, I was waiting for that. I guess her birthday is approaching. Awaiting to see her pics

  6. Hw long will the butter keep?
    Lv ur blog...keep the gyd work coming

  7. @lijihivyyou can keep this for 3 to 4 days in fridge and a month in freezer

  8. Hello, Very useful post. Approximately how many minutes should I whip and on what speed to get the frosting cream using an electric beater. I really need this info because I am struggling to get whipped cream stiff.

  9. @AnonymousIt depends on the cream type..It will take around 5 to 7 mins on high speed

  10. Hi aarthi,
    Pls tell me if we can store the buttermilk and if yes, then for how long??

  11. @AnonymousYes u can store..Just for 4 to 5 days, may be a week

  12. Hi aarthi, I don't have beater, how can I whip it in this case

  13. Hi Aarthi, I have very recently started reading your baking recipes.I am very new to baking.So far I have just made a basic sponge cake. I shall try baking this cake today for my son's 4th month birthday. I tried your pizza...and it turned out really really well..Thanks n keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Arthi, do we not need to add curd n make yogurt first n then churn it till the butter is formed? This is how we did in the village back home.

  15. Hi aarthi, I tried a few of your recipes and they turned out great specially the schezwan chicken. Everyone of my guests loved it. Thanks for your posts. Keep the good work coming. Lots of love to your li'l one. God bless your family.

  16. Hi Aarthi thanks for teaching cooking almost everyday. Can you please explain us how to make butter from curd using blender?

  17. Fantastic experience. Gr8 work. Yhx

  18. Hi Aarthi. Can you guide me on how to make butter using fresh milk? Tqvm

  19. Can we make heavy whipping cream at home.. If u know plz add home made fresh cream recipe too

  20. Shall we use this butter to make a ghee. Pls clarify

  21. @Rifaya saudi yes u can make ghee using this butter

  22. Hi Aarthi...Mind to share on making the butter using fresh milk. Tq

  23. Can dis butter be used for baking cake,creaming with sugar?

  24. @Ijeoma Florenceu can use this for baking cake and frosting

  25. I am using Amul cream but I dint get butter like u told here.. Pps can u say y is that

    Thanks in advance

  26. @Nairit will work with amul cream too. what pbm you faced

  27. Can i use malai instead of cream ?
    I usually collect malai from top of milk
    after it is boiled n cooled.

  28. I tried with amul fresh cream, it didnot work. Every else is getting it, how am I not?

  29. @Deeprajthere is nothing wrong u can go in this..u have to just keep on beating it..make sure the cream is cold

  30. Hi arthi can I whip the fresh cream in mixie blender? ??Will it turn out perfectly???


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