Dec 12, 2014

Murg Malai Kabab Recipe / Chicken Reshmi Kabab Recipe

I have already shared my recipe for murg malai kabab. I would say that this is my all time favorite kabab, and i wanted to reshare it with new pictures.

This kabab is so juicy and very mild so i am sure kids will love it for sure. This is great for parties. Marinate the chicken the day before and grill it just before serving. It will hit the spot for sure..

Hope you will try this out and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Marinating Time : Overnight
Baking Time : 15 to 16 mins
Serves : 3 to 4


Boneless Chicken- 1/2 kg cut into small pieces
Salt to taste
White Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
Ghee or Butter for brushing on top 
Chat Masala for sprinkling on top

For Marination:
Green chilli - 3
Coriander leaves- 1/4 cup
Fresh Cream - 2 tblpsn
Cheese - 1/2 cup grated ( I used cheese cubes)
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 4 tblpsn
Salt to taste


In a bowl mix together chicken with salt,pepper and set this aside for 10 min.

In a blender add ginger garlic paste, green chilli,coriander leaves and blend well.

Take cheese in a bowl and mash it well.

Pour this marinate over it and add all the remaining ingredients given in the marination. Mix well and leave this to marinate overnight.

Remove the chicken a hour before making from fridge so it comes to room temp. skewer the chicken, place it in a foil lined baking tray. 

Preheat the oven to grill mode 250 degree c.

Grill this for 8 mins. Now remove it and flip over, grill again for 8 mins. 

Now brush it with some ghee or butter and serve hot with a sprinkling of chat masala.

Take chicken in a bowl

add in white pepper powder

some salt and mix well. leave this for 10 mins

take your second marinating ingredients

Take coriander leaves and green chillies in a blender

add in ginger garlic paste

puree them

Start by taking cheese in a bowl

mash them well

add in the ground masala

add in curd


mix well

add in cornflour


mix well

add in chicken

mix well and leave this to marinate overnight

now take some skewers

take the chicken out

skewer it 

place it in a baking tray


flip over and grill again


serve by brushing it with some ghee or butter


  1. can this be done in microwave grill mode ?

  2. Hi how should i grill this in a convection mode pls assist thank u.

  3. @Sameeha BasithSame method, just set the oven to convection mode and cook.

  4. Should i add baking powder n cardamom powder too like how it was mentioned in your other post about murg malai kabab or are they optional?
    Please reply

  5. @paricheddar cheese, amul cheese slice or cube will be good

  6. @Anonymousyes they are optional..but add cardamom if u enhances the flavour.

  7. Can you post a recipe of a dip for this kebab??

  8. Hi Aarthi. The baking tray used here is made of cast iron? Or can u please guide me on how should I purchase it. Is it oven based... I would like to try this dish...

  9. Hi, its sanju, I have BBQ unit, how do I grill reshmi kebab on it, with foil,?

  10. @Anonymousyes u can grill them, place a foil as you said. or you can place the skewer directly over it

  11. Hi! In the recipe u hv mentioned to do it in grill mode...later mention convection mode...which one will be more perfect for this revipe

  12. @Moon Jashnaniyes u can cook, but you have to cook it on a very low heat

  13. Hi, I tried this recipe the other day and it took almost an hour for it to get grilled even though my chicken pieces were small. When I tasted it after 30 min, the chicken was cooked well inside, but the outer marinating covering was stil having that raw taste and had not dried also. Please help me how I can avoid grilling chicken for such a long time as the final result is that the chicken tastes good, but it is not juicy and is hard.

  14. @Anonymousif you cook it too long then it will turn hard. Did you place the tray on the top rack and did you marinate it well

  15. Hii..i tried it n dey turned out to b hubby loved posting such amzng recipes..waiting for more chicken recipes frm ur syde

  16. The recipe is superb. Bt i am nt good vd grilling cn i shallow fry it? Plzzzz help

  17. @aishano i dont think frying works. u have to grill them

  18. Hi aarthi i tried this but it was a big mess... I preheated oven for 10 mins in convection mode.. Then baked chickn for 8 mins both sides.. And then grilled for 5 mins but the chicken was nt cooked from inside... Pls help

  19. @sohail khanyou can increase the cooking time them. First bake it in high temp, then reduce the temp and bake for longer

  20. I once had chicken malai tikka at a hotel while travelling, since then I'm in love with this thing and always wished to prepare it myself. The way you elaborated the things are very good and I sure make this good stuff at home and no wonder it works perfectly, thank you.

  21. Hi, I want to serve these kebabs at a party but not sure of the power situation. So was wondering if I can cook them ahead of time and just before serving, I cook it on a tava. Would it work?

  22. What is the fresh cream you told here ?

  23. @Anonymousit is amul cream..u can use whipping cream as well

  24. Wow these look soo good. Bet they taste amazing. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


  25. my whipping cream is non diary....can i use it

  26. Mam can we soak the skewer in water for sometime to prevent burning while cooking the chicken.

  27. Hi Aarthi... I made this today for our new year's party n as like all ur recipes this too turned out so well... I had a lil concern.. Will u please guide me how to make this in a microwave... I tried both grill n combi mode n then finally i gt the required result.


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