Dec 27, 2014

Vegetable Grill Sandwich Recipe / Bombay Veg Grill Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are my favourite, i make them quite often, i would say atleast 3 to 4 times a week. But each time i make, i try different sandwiches and love to experiment it. Recently i have been addicted to these bombay style sandwiches and i have been making lots of them. I have taken pictures of them as well, will share all those recipes in the coming post..

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This is a simple vegetable sandwich, but what makes this sandwich very unique is the green chutney and sandwich masala. Normal veg sandwich can be quite boring, but this sandwich has the punch to it..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Makes : 3 Sandwiches


Bread Slices - 6
Sandwich Green Chutney as needed (RECIPE HERE)
Sandwich Masala Powder as needed (RECIPE HERE)
Cucumber Slices as needed
Tomato Slices as needed
Onion Slices as needed
Boiled Sliced Potatoes as needed
Boiled Sliced Beetroot as needed
Butter as needed


Take two bread slice, spread some butter on both the slices. 

Spread some chutney over the buttered side of both the bread. 

Arrange veggies and sprinkle sandwich masala over each veggies.

Cover with other slice of bread butter and green chutney side down.

Spread some butter over it.

Place it over a heated grill butter side down and spread some more butter on other side. Cover and grill till golden.

Remove to a plate and spread some butter on top side and sprinkle with sandwich masala.

Cut into wedges and serve.
Cook some potatoes and beetroots

Slice the potatoes and beetroot

Prepare all your veggies 

Place couple of bread slices on a plate

Spread  some butter

spoon some green chutney (RECIPE HERE)

spread it thinly

arrange cucumber slices over it

sprinkle some sandwich masala over it..RECIPE HERE

Once you have sprinkled it

Arrange onion slices over it

and a layer of potato slices

sprinkle some sandwich masala over it..RECIPE HERE

arrange beetroot slices over it

and some freshly sliced tomatoes

sprinkle some sandwich masala over it..RECIPE HERE

once it is sprinkled, cover with other slice

press it firmly

spread generous amount of butter

spread it all over the sandwich

Mean while heat your grill, you can use normal tawa as well

Place the sandwich butter side down

spread some more butter on top

cover and grill

now it is all lovely

Remove it to a plate
spread some butter over it

and sprinkle some sandwich masala

cut into triangles



  1. Looks yummy. Wl try t out wth sandwich masala. Your blog is my frst stop when i try new recipes..your pictorial representation of the recipes deserves a spl mention.thnks a lot.pls keep up the good wrk.

  2. I agree with Priya. The step by step pictures are extremely helpful. And of course the recipes are bang on and well researched. Keep up the great work!


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