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Over the past few years I’ve been on a mission to find and create recipes that I can make from scratch. I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Aarthi,beautiful and lovely cakes.so tempting.I must try it. Can we use wheat flour instead of maida.

    • Aarthi

      yes u can use wheat flour

  2. Nirmala

    Lovely! For "strong coffee " can I just mix 1 cup hot water and a table spoon of instant coffee powder? ?

    • Aarthi

      yes it will work

      • Vanitha.J

        Hi aarthi sister can I use normal coffee powder ( filter coffee powder). To use coffee chocolate cake.

        • Aarthi

          Use instant coffee powder

  3. Anonymous

    Y u use vinegar in dis recipie ?
    Is dere any subtitute of vinegar ??

    • Aarthi

      vinegar reacts with baking soda in this recipe and makes this cupcakes extra soft and moist. You can add lemon juice instead of vinegar

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Aarthi.. Could we omit the vinegar out of the recipe..or add an egg instead?

    • Aarthi

      NO vinegar is must in this recipe. If you want to skip it, you can add lemon juice instead.


    Can we skip coffee?if yes what is the substitute?thanx.

    • Aarthi

      Yes u can skip coffee, instead add same amount of water

  6. Priya

    Hi aarthi.. Tried both the mocha as well as your nutella cupcake recipe.. Both were wonderful.. Thanks a lot..
    However i have one question.. My cupcakes cracked on the top.. How can that be corrected?

    • Aarthi

      Dont over fill the moulds. Just fill 3/4th way

  7. Alboni - Boni's Healthy Twists

    Looks Tempting !!! Will try it soon.

  8. kalpana kk

    Hi aarthi
    Shall we use butter r margarine instead of oil
    I tried as u said but cupcakes r too moistened.

    • Aarthi

      U can used melted butter in this

  9. Alboni - Boni's Healthy Twists

    I tried it, it turned out perfect !!!

  10. Nirmala

    Hello Aarthi!I baked this as a cake and the texture came out fantastic! But chocolate flavour was in dominance. ..just added a teaspoon of bru to water. ..is that not enough? ??otherwise it is good and soffffft!

  11. Prakash Mistry

    how long it can be stored

  12. Husna Fathima

    Sis what if don't have icecream cream scoop how many tablespoon should we used to pour batter into cupcake liner .
    Do give us measurement how many spoons should we add in medium size cupcake liner and mini cupcake liner.thanku

  13. sheetal garg

    Hi aarthi!!
    Can i make them in microwave oven?

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