Jul 5, 2011

Korean Rolled Omelette Recipe - Gyeranmari Recipe - Fancy Eggs Rolls Recipe

Many of you have been asking for kids lunch box recipes..This is a great lunch box dish for kids and it is extremely fancy to make..kids will surely love it..It calls for simple ingrediants but taste so good with ketchup or any hot sauce..The one thing you should do is cook the entire dish in a slow flame and use a nonstick pan,so that this wont stick to any of the pan..This recipe is modified from Maangchi.com..So please give this is a try and let me know what you think..


Spring onion / Regular Onion-2 tblspn chopped
Salt to taste
Pepper-1 tsp
Oil-as needed


In a bowl,beat eggs,spring onion,salt and pepper together till combined.

Heat a non stick frying pan on low heat.drizzle with some oil.

When it gets hot,pour half of this egg mixture in this and slightly tilt the pan so that it coats evenly on the pan.

When the egg gets cooked slightly,take a spatula and start rolling the egg from one side.Now move the rolled egg to one side and pour the egg mixture on the other side.

When the egg gets cooked on the other side,roll the egg again and pour the rest of the egg mixture like this and do exactly same.(Check pictures for clear details).

Now when the egg is rolled completely,Flip it on each side and cook gently by pacing the spatula over it so that it forms into a nice square shape..

Now take it on to a cutting board and slice into small pices..

Serve it with ketchup or hot sauce...


Ur ingredients

Put everything in a bowl

Mix it up

Heat oil in a non stick frying pan..Pour half of this egg and cook it on a slow flame..Using a spatula fold it from one side...

Pour some more egg on the other side and roll it again..Wipe any of the burnt oil with a tissue paper..

Pour the remaining egg and roll it completely to a log..Using a spatula press on all sides..

Press on all sides till it forms a square log shape..Remove it on a cutting board..

cut it in to pieces



  1. Nevermind the kids - I would love these for lunch!!

  2. How original, turning your omelette into these wonderful tasty egg rolls. I love the idea.

  3. wow, what a recipe, looks great

  4. dats very creative aarthi...must try it next time i make egg

  5. Yumm, super delicious and mouthwatering egg rolls..

  6. This definitely looks very good, will try it soon and let you know.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Your recipes sound great...and look good, too! I will definitely need to try some of them.

    I really enjoy cooking a variety of ethnic recipes and from various regions...not just "meat and potatoes" LOL.

    I visit Maangchi's site often and LOVE her kimichi recipe. I always keep a batch in the fridge.

  8. Wow.....this looks absolutely delicious and tempting.

  9. I love that you show us how to do this too! Looks delish.

  10. Wow lovely idea...looks very tempting

  11. addition of spring onions gives it a gr8 flavor

  12. wow so yummy rolls.. so wonderfully rolled..

  13. this is gorgeous..my hubs would love this..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  14. I think this will be great as an apetiser also. Inoovative method, thanks for the step by step photoes. Great high protien snack. Bookemarked this one for sure

  15. We tried your Fancy Egg Roll Receipe, it came out well..Thanks for your innovative idea to eat egg as a snack.

  16. Egg roll looks elegant.Mouth watering.Children will like it very much.Well prepared.I shall try this at home.Thank you also for liking my Recipe

  17. Very creative and original.. This will be my son's snacks tomorrow :)

  18. Wow ur post must be appreciated..
    Very nice today itself i try it in my home as a side dish for lunch..
    Thank you...
    Thanks again. I really learned a lot from it. Keep it up.

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  19. i love your blog, aarthi. i made the chilli chicken today. great as usual. your step by step picture guide sets your blog apart from the rest. love. amina.

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