Aug 31, 2011

Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews & Peppers

Hai Guys...Hope you are doing great...And many of you asked me about my fiancée and his photo..I have posted it in my another blog..Please check it by clicking here..Now coming back to todays recipe...

I love to cook with pepper specially because they give a lovely crunch and also make dishes look colourful..I always want my food to be colourful...I know everyone likes their food colourful...But I am crazy about it...

My next favorite thing is Cashews..I eat them a.........Well!! You know me....Ha Ha... I will eat that all day..But right now I have stayed away from them a little because as my love for cashews grow,it reflects in my waistline...But there are days when I eat tons and tons of them..

Ok Now coming to cooking with cashews...I mostly  put cashews in sweets and payasams...Mainly my little sister will search for cashews in payasam always...

In our place there is a restaurant,they serve a delicious chicken dish in which they add lots of cashews..That one is their signature dish too...I had it recently and I am in love with it from that second onwards...

So I thought of combining chicken and cashew in a dish that should be so simple like a stir fry which should only take 15 mins to cook...And I succeeded in that..

And I am delivering that to you...Check it...


Chicken- ½ kg
Onion-1 chopped
Yellow Bell Pepper- ½ cup chopped
Green Bell Pepper- ½ cup chopped
Garlic-6 chopped
Cashew – ½ cup
Sugar-1 tsp
Salt-to taste
Pepper to taste
Soy Sauce-2 tblspn
Oil-2 tblspn
Cilantro-for garnishing


In a Wok add oil and heat it up...Add in chicken pieces and season it with salt and pepper..Cook it for 5 mins or until the chicken is cooked through..

Now add in Garlic and Cashews and fry it for 2 mins..

Add in onions and bell pepper...Cook this for 3 mins.

Season with salt,pepper and sugar..Pour in some soy sauce and mix well..

Garnish with cilantro and serve hot with rice..


Take all your ingrediants...

Chop it...Cube it... and get prepared before cooking...

Add chicken to hot oil..

Season with salt and pepper...

Stir till the chicken is cooked...

add in chopped garlic...

throw in cashew and stir....
now add in onions and peppers

add some more salt to taste

and don't forget to add some freshly ground pepper...

and some sugar  YES..(Balance is everything...In food as well as life..)

add some soy sauce (this is for taste)

garnish with a good amount of cilantro...

mix well...

Serve piping hot...Right from the stove...

This taste good with


Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Aarthi todos tus platos me encantan!!. aprendo a cocinar contigo todos esos ricos platos indios. Un beso.

savitha ramesh said... Best Blogger Tips

The colour and texture reminds me of the chinese cashew chicken.lovely.

Foodiva said... Best Blogger Tips

Stir fried chicken and cashew nuts is one of my favorite dishes! And the addition of peppers made this a colorful dish...yum!

Lizzy said... Best Blogger Tips

What a yummy entree!! And congratulations on your engagement...he sounds like a keeper!!!!

Santosh Bangar said... Best Blogger Tips

wonderful stire

Nava Krishnan said... Best Blogger Tips

the cashew nuts seems very interesting and add a crunchy to the dish.

Umm Mymoonah said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this preparation with chunky vegetables and cruchy cashews, absolutely delicious. Next on my do to list.

Torviewtoronto said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious looking combination with chicken

Stefania said... Best Blogger Tips

good recipe!!!! very coloured

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Feel like finishing the whole bowl,delicious..

Care's Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum! Love all the flavors here! Cashews are one of my favorite nuts for sure!

Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

thats a yummy chicken dish, love the cashews in them..all ur chicken recipes are great..

julie said... Best Blogger Tips

wow..quick stir fried chicken n lovely combos..
you have been tagged in a game with me,check out my space :-)

Dzoli said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes taht's true//cashew is fantstic with chicken.Great recepei..and cute finacee;)

ANU said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome recipe the detailed step by step pictorial and explanation.....

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raquel erecipe said... Best Blogger Tips

hi my friend, this one looks great I like the step by step photos, I am much comfortable reading and following recipe with photos...thanks for continue uploading recipe on our site. I will promote it soon.

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♥LOVE2COOK MALAYSIA♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

Afraid this is not enough for me! Looks fab!

Sere said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful recipt!!!so colourful it looks so tasty!!!

Pretend Chef said... Best Blogger Tips

Better than takeout. This looks so delicious. Crave worthy.