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May 27, 2013

Basic White Bread Recipe

I have been baking bread in our house for a very long time. I usually do wheat bread at home. I have also baked white bread too, they always comes out so soft and fluffy. Everyone loves it a lot, they just eat it as it is tight from the oven. But i have no idea how i missed to post it here.

The recipe for making bread is so simple. If you try it once you will never go back to store bought stuff again. Baking bread at home is so fresh and they makes your house smell so heavenly. The freshly baked bread can never go wrong.

The only key point in this is don't make the dough too hard and stiff, just make the dough little sticky, that makes the lighter bread. If you make it stiff, that will result in denser bread. So keep that point in mind and let me know if you try it some day.

Preparation Time : 2 to 3 Hours
Cooking Time : 45 mins
Makes One 9 x 20 cm Loaf
Recipe Source : Julia Child


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 31/2 cup / 420 grams + Extra if needed
Warm Water - 1 1/4 cup
Active Dry Yeast - 1 tblspn
Sugar - 1 tblspn
Salt - 1 tsp
Oil or Butter - 1/4 cup


Take yeast in a bowl. Pour in some water and sugar. Mix this well and set aside for 5 mins till it foams up.

Take 3 cups of flour and salt in a bowl and mix well.

Pour in the yeast water and some more additional water and knead into a dough.

Add in oil and knead it for 5 mins.

Transfer this to a well oiled bowl and cover it tightly. Let it rise for a hour or hour and half till it is double in size.

Now add 1/2 cup of extra flour and knead into a soft dough.

Grease a loaf pan. Take the dough out and shape into a loaf shape and place it inside the pan.

Cover with a cling wrap and let it rise till it is more than double in size, for about a hour.

Preheat the oven to 375 Degree F / 190 Degree C.

Bake in a preheated oven for 35 to 40 mins till it is golden on top and cooked.

After 10 to 15 mins take it out of the pan and leave it to cool completely on a wire rack.

Slice and Serve.

Take all your ingredients

Take yeast in a bowl

Add some warm water

Sprinkle some sugar in

Mix well and set aside

Let it foam up
Take flour in a bowl

Add in salt

Mix well

Add in yeast mixture

Knead well

Drizzle in some oil

Knead it well

Transfer this to a greased bowl

Cover it

Now it is double in size

Add some extra flour

Knead and form into a loaf shape

Grease a loaf pan

place it in

Cover it with wrap

Now it is double in size

All baked

Leave it to cool

Slice and enjoy


  1. Sure, I'll try it! Cheers from Valencia

  2. Hi...
    thank you so much for the bread recipe...
    I really want to try this out...
    but please let me know to which mode I should set electric oven " bake or broil"?
    I am a new user of oven..
    thank you..

  3. The bread has come quite good... I looks very yummy

  4. Aarthi,i too love baking ,but haven't tried,ur step by step pic. is sooo useful

  5. Aarthi,i too love baking ,but haven't tried,ur step by step pic. is sooo useful

  6. Do u have a PIN icon here so i can PIN this recipe ?

  7. Can we use rice bran oil for making dis..was yeast nd active dry yeast are same or s Der any difference

  8. @AnonymousYes u can use any oil. And yes active yeast is normal dry yeast

  9. i wanna make this ingredient list into half and try..can u tell me hw much yeast i need to use..what s d resting time for it to rise..temp and timings...which brand yeast r u using..

  10. @AnonymousJust half everything, use 1.5 tsp of yeast. And the resting time will be same. Cooking time will be less, around 20 mins. I use a yeast which i get from my supermarket. It is their own brand

  11. Hey hi..tried this bread nd it came out very gud but the problem was the taste.as the taste of yeast was very high.....nd it taates little sour too.....I measured each ingredients twice beforr making....plz help...y its so....

  12. I tried this nd think that 1 tablespoon yeast is more as the yeast tasteis there in bread after bakinh

  13. @Priety MaheshwariIt depends on the brand of yeast. For 3 cups of flour 1 tblspn is good, since it needs that. But if you find it yeasty then reduce it.

  14. Hi aarthi.. Can I bake this in microwave? If so wat r d steps to be followed? Please guide me..

  15. @IndhuIf your oven has convection mode, then you can make this or you cannot

  16. Can we make this bread in pressure cooker? If so for what time ? Plz share some healthy bread recipes that can be made in cooker.

  17. Hi tried ur bread today, it was said to bake for 35 mins but within 15 mins my bread top turned brown and I had to remove it. Pls tell me where I went wrong

  18. @Anonymousit depends on your oven, if it gets dark, then place a foil over it, dont cover it conpletely, just place a sheet of foil over it and contine baking

  19. @Anonymousyes u can make, just cook for the mentioned time. if it is not done cook longer

  20. Hi,I tired baking dis bread today..I followed as per ur measurement...top layer of d bread bcum harder but inside was soft..can u plz tel me we're I went wrong...

  21. @sowmiya ponnuswamycover the toop with some damp cloth for few mins, it will turn soft.

  22. For me too the top layer turned out really hard. Cover with a damp cloth as in keep it in a box n cover it or just put a damp cloth on the loaf???

  23. @Anonymouscover the top of the loaf with some damp cloth for few mins. Any way next day the loaf will turn soft, it will be having hard crust only after baking

  24. What brand yeast can we use for the recipe....

  25. @poorna vikrami get a yeast from my supermarket. It is their own brand

  26. HI aarthi,

    Thanks for sharing the recipe..
    Today i Tried... and the top part became dark brown in 10 - 15 min.. so i had to take it from oven ... inside is soft .. but outside is too hard... tried with damp cloth but not becoming soft .. what i have done wrong?

  27. @Anonymousthe bread will turn soft the next day.

  28. can we reduce this recipe to half?thanks:)

  29. @umamahiyes u can reduce but the baking time with reduce too.

  30. Hi aarti ...lovely bread....what size of tin we need for this measurement... Please tell depth also

  31. Hi arthi, I tried your recipe. Bread was soft n tasty. But it did not get browned on top. It was white. If I bake for more time then it becomes hard at the edges n sides. Please suggest what I need to do for a brown top layer.

  32. @Gomathy Shri Venugopalanthe browning depends on each oven. So dont worrry about that

  33. Can u you pls suggest me some tip on how to make top layer brown. It dose not look good if its not brown on top.

  34. hi mam really all ur recipes r super mam pls tell me in which mode v have to select for bake bread in otg with fan

  35. @Anonymousfor baking bread, use baking mode or both coil on in OTG

  36. The bread us porous but hard wat should I do
    please help me out

  37. Thank u aarthi. But I baked it at 180 fr 30 mins. Probably ill reduce the timing n check it out

  38. Excellent pics aarthi..dying to try it...I have a doubt..do I knead with hands? Lik chapathi or is it mixing with ladle..the pics don't show any hand kneading????

  39. @HARICHUactually i didn't take pictures of that. but you have to knead it well using hands

  40. can we add more sugar to dis?

  41. and also can we proof d instant yeast lyk dis..so tat i think it can reduce d yeasty smell which is my problem here..whethr it ll wrk akka?

  42. how do i measure d loaf tin akka? i duno how many cups ll my loaf tin can hold..pls clarify me thanks:)

  43. @umamahiregular size loaf tin is good for this

  44. @umamahiinstant yeast dont need these steps..

  45. @umamahiu can add sugar as per ur taste, but dont over do it

  46. arthi
    i try it but my bread is rubbery and very dry wat happend?

  47. @Anonymousi think u must have not kneaded it well..

  48. I tried so many time BT yeast don't active it remains a mixture...what should I do for activate yeast...

  49. I have tried many time for activate yeast... BT it don't... Plz guide me

  50. Hi mam I'm having both instant yeast n dried yeast which is suitable bake for buns n bread. I tried in both yeast but it's not proving up wat to do. Can you please guide me...

    1. activate yeast in luke warm water with a spoon of sugar. this will activate it

  51. Hello aarti.. I tried this bread receipe today and it came out tasty and soft but when I kept it for baking it flattened little form top.... May I know where I went wrong please...

  52. Can u help me in making doughnuts


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