Apr 12, 2016

Egg Muffin Cups Recipe - Toddler & Kids Recipes

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This is my little ones favourite. It is a great way to include veggies in your kids diet. I thought of sharing it with you because many of you have been asking me the recipe when i shared it in my instagram, BTW if you are not following me on instagram, i think you have to follow..

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This recipe is so versatile, you can add any veggies as you like..You can add mushrooms, carrots, spinach in this as well.

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Baking Time : 15 mins
Makes : 6 to 7


Eggs - 4
Cheddar Cheese - 1/2 cup grated
Spring Onion - 1 chopped finely
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Tomato - 1 small chopped finely
Oil to grease moulds


Preheat oven to 190 degree C.

Take all ingredients except oil in a bowl and mix well.

Grease muffin mould or silicon moulds lightly with oil. Spoon the mix in it and pop it in oven and bake for 15mins.

Remove it and cool for 5 mins.

Now remove and serve.

take egg in a bowl

add in cheese

add spring onions

Season with salt and pepper

add some tomatoes

mix well

i used these silicone muffin liners

grease it with little oil

spoon this egg mix in
bake till done



  1. Hello.. Can we make these in microwave ..if yes how.. ?

  2. Can v use mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar??

  3. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Tried a couple of days back for dinner and it turned out delicious..
    - Priya

  4. Thanks for the recipe.I tried it today,taste was superb,at first,it rised a lot,but as soon as I demould it,it got settled down like a cutlet,no idea,where I went wrong!! Please reply,because my little one loved it like anything.


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