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  1. whenever i make these they burst.why is this happening.any tips to avoid this. thanks in advance.


  2. hi if its burning,pls do this simple mysore bonda which kids or elders can eat and very quick.

    Take a bowl, add Maida,rice(like 1:4), curd & water(half and half),salt ,cumin(jeera) and mix them well without any breaks, it should form a thick (not too think like if you take with hand it should come easily )batter.

    wait for 1 hr to any hrs(like 3-4hrs),i try making quick in evening so hardly i wait 1hr and i will not add any baking soda ,chilli,ginger etc as i like my kids to eat as well.if you dont want kids to eat you can add all this.

    Heat oil quantity so that the bonda should be dumpled completely or atleast 3/4th.
    So once oil is hot(medium is fine),check 1 bonda and see salt and adjust as req.if you think bonda coming hard add a little water to make batter little thin.
    njoy !

  3. I tried this evening. it came out good.. but inside it was somewhat sticky. Is it normal to have like this? Or did I made some mistake. Btw daily am browsing your pages to look for recipe and preparing the same.. tons of love for your lovely recipes.

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