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  1. Hi aarti, I am a regular follower of your blog… And have tried lots of recipes which have turned out good too…
    In this particular recipe can I substitute butter with ghee… Is that the GHEE CAKE or is that an entirely different recipe

  2. Hi, I feel your recipes are always easy to make and good. Was looking for eggless butter cake, was excited to see your post but what can I substitute for eggs and what's the amount needed, if I want to bake a pure vegetarian cake.

  3. Hi Aarthi,
    Thanks for the recipe. tried it and it turned out excellent. My husband and daughter are not big cake fans but they loved it and finished it all ;)I had my share too :P:P I am encouraged to make it again 😀

  4. Made this today in my new oven for first time and its a huge hit ! Cake came out so spongy and melt in mouth just like u described..Thanks for all awesome recipes and motivating all of us!God Bless!

  5. Hi Aarthi , I have the same Morphy Richards oven as yours .did you use only the bottom heat setting or both top and bottom heat setting ?Thanks in advance.

  6. hi aarthi..! i love ur recipes.. i try them for my son and he loves them… i would like to try this butter cake… i wanted to ask u whether i can do it in otg.. i have an otg at my home…
    and pls tell me the degrees and time to bake it in an otg… pls reply

  7. thank you for the reply… i have another ques. pls let me know what kind of baking tins do u use in an otg… aluminium or silicone or any other material… especially for baking cakes… pls do reply…

  8. Hi Aarthi,
    This is my first cake and really wanted to let u know a big thx, cos itturned out very nice. Used the same measurements however I see that your cake looks a little bit wet and moist. Mine was soft and dry and tasted like a Tea cake. Is that how it is supposed to taste ?. What can I do if I want it to be little Moist?.
    Can I use this as a base for a birthday cake ?. Also pls let me know after adding flour can I use a hand blender or fold using spatula. I used the hand blender throughout at speed 1. My nxt try is your choclate devil cake :P..
    You are really a star !

  9. Thank You Aarthi.. I m gonna try again today with my little cousins… Can u please tell me if I can use a frosting on this cake and use it like a sponge cake..

  10. I follow ur blog regularly. I have followed a several recipes.
    ur recipes are fool proof.. u r a live saver arthi… One kind suggestion, I see u use newspaper for seiving and all, Newspapers have ammonia in the print.. Please do not use it. U can alternatively use chart paper or brown paper.

  11. I tried this last night. It turned out so yummy and soft.My wife and kid loved it very much.Going to bake again today.Thanks a lot. Your recipes are so easy and classy.

  12. Hi Aarthi..I really like your blog a lot and follow a lot of recipes..kudos to your great work..just wanted to know if we can put some plain vanilla frosting on this cake…

  13. Hi aarthi,
    I'm a regular follower of your blog.Actually my LO is the reason as i searched baby foods recipes and reached here. Nowadays all my food related doubts end up here.I feel your recipes are easy to follow and like your pictorial details very much . Yesterday I tried this recipe and it came out really good. soo yummy..not get this yellowish colour as i used white butter. Thanks a lot…..

  14. Hi your recipes. I baked this cake and my little one loved it. Just one question though, can we substitute whole wheat instead of maida? Just that since kid is eating it I'd feel a lot more comfortable if there is no mauda.

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