Sep 15, 2011

Jalebi ( Deep Fried Indian Sweet)

Jalebi is probably one of the sweet which I stayed away for such a long time thinking that it is a complicated one to make...So when srivalli announced this dish for Indian Cooking Challenge,I was a little bit nervous...But I thought to give this a try..

And It cameout quite good..I am giving you step by step recipe for this...So you too can prepare it at home..

This recipe is really simple to make and it taste great..Traditionally they serve it piping hot with some milk poured on top..It taste divine..

If you have never heard about jalebi, it is a deep fried Indian sweet which is then drenged in sweet sugar syrup..It taste more or like honeycomb..Yes HONEYCOMB...

So here you go...


All purpose flour / Maida - 100 gm
Curds / Yoghurt - 1 cup
Lime juice - 1 tsp
Cornstarch / Cornflour- 30 gm
Hot oil - 1 tbsp
saffron color/food colouring-1 tsp
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - ½ cup
Oil for deep frying


Mix flour,cornflour,limejuice,curd,food colouring till it forms a thick batter.

Heat oil and pour hot oil over this and mix well..Let this ferment overnight.

Heat sugar and water in a sauce pan for 5 mins till it gets transparent and syrupy consistency.

Heat oil for deep frying..

Now take the jalebi batter and spoon it in the piping bag and pipe it in hot oil..

Fry it till crisp and light golden..Put this in hot sugar syrup and let it sit for 30 sec.

Take it out and serve hot with some milk..

Take all your ingrediants
Mix everything up

make this to a smooth paste

Heat oil till hot

Pour that over the batter and mix well...Let this ferment over night...

Now make the sugar syrup by taking sugar in a saucepan

add water to it

Heat it up

Bring that to a boil

Let it get syrupy and clear...It will take 5-7 mins
Spoon the fermented batter to a piping bag

pipe it in hot oil

Cook it for a min or two....Don't let it go so dark like this...I fried it too long

Drain it

Immerse in sugar syrup and let it sit for 30 sec...

I know that it looks Deliicous...........


  1. Quite addictive and wonderful looking jalebis..

  2. Looks delicious. I make it too but have never added corn flour.

  3. Makes me drool..jelabi looks so tempting

  4. You are certainly correct, it looks delicious. How could it not with those wonderful ingredients.
    Thank You.

  5. I haven't had jalebi in ages! Yum!

  6. Honestly,I would be enrvous too if I saw the recepie;) Lucky we have your step by step instructions.The reason I love your blog:)

  7. I too make this recipe.. yours looks absolutely perfect and delicious.. awesome preparation dear.. Yummy :)
    Indian Cuisine

  8. Yummm,
    you too got it right dear :-)
    mine came out dry :-(
    very helpful clicks.

  9. i tried this out came very well thanx for the recipe

  10. i tried this recipe, the taste was great but the jelabi's weren't crisp :( is there any special care to be take while preparing this recipe other than the oil temperature? and i substituted cornflour for rice flour, was that the wrong step?

  11. U r too good arthi keep up the good work ur tutorial pics make the receipes so easy ... Thank u soo much for such nice receipes ...

  12. thanks for the recipe..I tried it tastes gr8..but its not crispy..after frying it was crispy..but once immersed in syrup,everything gone..wats the pblm with me..

  13. @AnonymousYou have to use the measurements.If you increase or reudce anything it will affect the crispness.

  14. Plz give me measurment in spoon or cup

  15. @maryam bakhtawari
    maida - 1 cup - 2 tblspn
    Cornflour - 3 tblspn

  16. Aarthi.Where to keep for fermentation


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