Mar 2, 2012

Watermelon Granita – Summer Special Recipes / Healthy Summer Recipes

Oh Man it is so hot outside..I definitely want something which makes me cool from inside..And it has to be my watermelons…And I planned to make some granite out of it…This is the first time I ever tried granita, and I am in love with it from that time onwards.You could make  it with any fruit you like..You can make it with orange, tomatoes, strawberries and anything..Combining tomatoes and watermelon will make a good tasty granita..

I made it couple of weeks back and my mother absolutely loved it..Infact she finished more than half of the container..I think it is a healthy alternative for icecream in summer..Even though it is not creamy, but it makes you cool and you can have it anytime you want with no worries..Because you know that it is healthy for you..

The cool thing in this granita is you could flavour it with whatever you like..You could add some ginger juice, I mean ginger and watermelon goes so well together..I came to know about this from my watermelon cooler recipe..You could add mint leaves in this granite and go with whatever floats your boat..

I hope you will try it and make some watermelon cooler and watermelon fizz for this summer and enjoy it..

Recipe Source: Pioneer Woman


Watermelon – 1 small one or half a big one( preferably seedless, if not remove it yourselves)
Lemon Juice – 2 tblspn
Sugar – 200 gms


Cut watermelon in half. Cut in quarters and cut of the flesh by running a knife underneath the skin.Chop them into small cubes.

Take sugar and lemon juice in a blender and blend it to a puree. Add the watermelon cubes and blend it so that it becomes a liquid.

Pour this into a wide freezer container and freeze it for 5-6 hours. I left it there over night.

Now take a spoon or fork and scrape the granite so that it gets so what loose.

Put the lid back and put it in the freezer again and leave for 2 hours.

Now take it out. It will be hard now. Use a spoon or fork and scrape it of starting from a end. Scrape all over the container.

Now put it in the freezer till serving. You can take some granita in a bowl and decorate it as per you wish.

Take your simple ingrediants
cut the watermelon in half

lovely fruit

Slice it down in the middle
Now cut that in half
And this in quarters
take the flesh out of it

and cut into cubes

like this

take it in a bowl
now take sugar in a blender
add lemon

and blend it off

add watermelon pieces to this

and make into a puree

tranfer to a bowl

and into a wide freezer container

cover and freeze it
now scrape it off when it is half set

it will be like this after scraping

put it back in the freezer
now scrape again.

start scraping
half way through

all done..
Happy Summer


  1. Looks like a perfect summer cooler...perfect granita

  2. granita looks perfect. wow.

  3. Aarthi, this is mind-blowing!! I'm still amazed that how you got this idea???

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  4. Lovely Aarthi, so beautiful and refreshing..

  5. I need this too to beat our weather here! Love that pinkish colour :)

  6. I love watermelon so this will definitely be a favourite during summer. We are still a bit cool for it at the moment! Diane

  7. I like mine with pudinara or even with tulsi. =)

  8. Seems to be some kind of Gola???

  9. Aww, u did it so nicely!! Just love it :)

  10. Fruit granita is the perfect way to cool off! And by the looks of that fresh watermelon, your granita has some awesome flavor. It is about 70 degrees here so I kind of am at a middle ground on the weather. However, weather will have no influence because I want this-yum!

  11. Looks yummy. Love the colours

  12. We are having a hot day too before a cool spell comes in tomorrow. All of the windows are open and it feels nice. I haven't tried making a granita but that looks so good. We would all love it.

  13. Yummy and healthy recipe......

  14. Yummy and healthy recipe......

  15. kids would definitely love it. This recipe is right in time for my FRUIT FIESTA join in

  16. wow....perfect for the summers!!

  17. Looks awesome.. greta way to beat the heat! How do u manage to cook something every day :) waiting for u to send some entries to my event!

    Ongoing Event: I'm a STAR

  18. This looks really tasty n yummy..vl try this surely.......

  19. It's quite hot here in Australia. too. Would love to have some granita to cool down!

  20. Ahh what a refreshing treat for summer!!! Loved it :)

  21. Lovely n colorful fav...

  22. In this summer will try this recipe ...........

  23. Mmmmm. Aarthi this sounds so refreshing and delicious! A perfect treat!

  24. Very refreshing indeed! Have a lovely weekend, dear! XOXO, Shirley

  25. Great idea this. It's hot here too!

  26. hi aarthi, wow looks so yummy and thirst quenching.. have a nice day

  27. Beautiful color and perfect cooler!

  28. I should wait summer for this granita- perfect!

  29. Hey aarti i really like this recipe...i must try this one...i m soo tempted to use the strawberries for this recipes ..can i do that ?
    its simply awesome!

  30. lovely granita, never made it with watermelon, i make it with orange juice

  31. Aarti very tempting recipe love to try.

  32. @beenaBeena , you can use any fruits as you like...yes you can make it with strawberries too..

  33. So refreshing indeed! Well explained! Thanks :-)

  34. summer has set in & this looks perfect to beat the heat :)

  35. I Love watermelon., this recipe is so tempting one, even watermelon inner white skin very healthy, that skin used like as coconut scraper with curd & lemon we will make an salad ,it should be so healthy for all especially B.feeding mothers.

  36. Hey aarty i've tried this at home and was very yummy and refreshing🍧🍧🍧.But 200 gms of sugar is a lot for was toooo sweet....

  37. @Aishwarya Karthikeyanu can reduce as per the sweetness of watermelon


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