Jul 17, 2012

Indian Style Simple Paneer Fried Rice (Cottage Cheese) - Cooking with my Sister

This is another recipe from my sister..She found this from a magazine and tried it when I was at home..You can see how easy it is from the ingrediants list itself..It doesn't have any fancy spice powders or anything like this…Just a simple tempering spices, onions and tomatoes..The paneer taste so fresh since it is not drenched in any of the spices..

This is a great recipe to use leftover rice or if you want anything quick to put in lunch box you can make this..Kids will love this recipe since it doesn't have anything too spicy..This taste great with any spicy gravies , we had it with kadai paneer which is again my sister's recipe..I hope you will love this and tell me if you try it..


Paneer - 200 gms cubed
Onions - 1 large sliced thinly
Tomatoes- 2 large chopped finely
Salt to taste

For Tempering:
Oil - 1 tblspn
Ghee - 1 tblspn
Cinnamon / Pattai - 1 small stick
Fennel Seeds / Sombu / Saunf - 1 tblspn
Cloves / Krambu - 4
Bay leaf / Brinji Ilai - 1
Garlic - 5 cloves crushed
Green Chilli - 3 slit


Soak cubed paneer in hot water till use. Cook rice till done, drain and set aside.

Take a wok style pan and add oil,ghee to it and heat it up.

Now add all the ingrediants given in the tempering list and saute for a min.

Add in onions and cook till they turn transparent.

Add in tomatoes and cook till they turn mushy.

Add in paneer pieces and toss well.

Add in cooked rice and mix well with the onions masala and stir for few mins.

Serve hot..

Take all your ingrediants
Cook your rice perfectly...Check this link
Heat oil and ghee in a wok style pan
add all the ingrediants given in tempering list
add some crushed garlic as well
add in some chillies too
now throw in lots of onions
and saute for few mins
Now add in tomatoes
and cook till they turn mushy
Add some salt at this point
add in paneer cubes
and mix well
add in rice
and mix well


  1. Thats a simple, yummy dish...


  2. nice delicious Indian style pulao...

  3. Rice looks yum and perfectly done.

  4. I love rice in all its varieties so Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  5. Paneer fried rice looks yummy.....

  6. Fried Rice looks so delicious! Loved this recipe dear..


  7. Super delicious!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. Super flavourful fried rice, inviting.

  9. Paneer fried rice look really nice and tasty! :)

  10. Easy and flavourful paneer fried rice...yummy!!

  11. should v use cloves,pattai,sombu both times...like whn cookg rice and again in fried rice...


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