Oct 9, 2012

No Bake Chocolate Cherry Tart with Oreo Crust

Ok here you go, I am up with the tart which I made for my hubby's b'day. This is one of the easiest and tastiest tart I have ever made and ever tasted. Are you worried that you don't have a oven, chill out friends, this one is a NO BAKE version.  Don't you have time to make the crust for a tart,  be cool, this crust takes less than 5 mins to make.  So why are you waiting,  go ahead and make it today.

This tart is so chocolaty, frankly you will get into chocolate sick when you have this. Each mouthful will dissolve meltingly in your mouth. It is that good.. I used cherry to make this more flavourful, but you can easily use strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or any fruit as you like. 

I hope you will love this and tell me how it turned out for you.


For the crust:
Oreo Cookies - 30
Butter - 3 tblspn

For the filling:
Heavy cream - 200 ml
Chocolate Chips - 400 grams
Vanilla Essence -1 tsp
Honey - 3 tblspn
Cherry  - 1 cup
White Chocolate for serving


Take oreo cookies in a food processor and whip it up till they are crushed. Now add in melted butter and whip again.

Transfer this to a tart mould with a removable bottom and using a cup press it firmly and cover the edges of mould too.

Put this in the fridge for atleast 30 mins.

Meanwhile lets make the filling. Take heavy cream in a sauce pan and heat it till it gets to the simmering point.

Turn off the heat and add vanilla, honey to it.Mix well.

Now pour this over chocolate chips and leave it alone for 5 mins.

After 5 mins whip this well with a whisk till it gets smooth and chocolaty.Let this mixture cool for 15-20 mins.

Now pour this over the chilled oreo crust and transfer to the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Before serving grate some white chocolate over it.

Slice and serve

Start by making the crust for this tart..You will need just two ingredients..OREO & BUTTER
Take Butter in a microwave safe bowl
and melt it for a 30 seconds
take oreo cookies in a food processor
add some butter to it
and whip it up
Take a tart mould with a removable bottom
tip off the crushed oreo cookies in that
and spread it out
Now use a stainless steel cup or bowl to smoothen the top
carefully make the rim of the tart
that is one beautiful crust..Bow put this in fridge and let it chill
Mean while lets make the filling
heat heavy cream in a sauce pan on medium heat
when you see small bubbles around the edges, take the pan off the heat
Now add in vanilla
and some lovely amper honey
Take your chocolate chips in a bowl
pour the cream mixture over this
Now leave it alone for 5 mins..For me this is the hard part
After 5 mins...use a whisk to whip it up
till it gets chocolaty and glossy
Lets add something which takes this plain ganche to a new level
whip some cherries..I used my small food processor
add cherries to the chocolate
and mix well
Pour this chocolate mixture over the chilled crust
does it look tempting for you?
but you have to chill it for 3-4 hours before digging in
I grated some white chocolate over that before serving


  1. utterly butterly gorgeous .. so so yumm looking..

  2. Makalaeeee superrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. love this d :) Keep Rocking!!!

  3. Chocolaty & divine!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats corner

  4. Makalae superrrrrrrrr d :) Keep ROCKING machi!!!

  5. gorgeous color ..... the oreo crust would have danced with flavour.....cheers

  6. Wowww... looks super delicious and tempting.. awesome preparation dear !!
    Indian Cuisine

  7. Amazing...simply amazing!!!!

  8. Uh, this is a very special tart!!

  9. Love dishes that are tasty and as simple as this. Take care Diane

  10. I love dishes that are as tasty and as simple as this. Diane

  11. awesum...luks like heaven 4choco lovers.vl try dis

  12. Wooooooooooooooooow arti. You made a heavenly Tart. Looks soooooooooooo beautiful. And it's sooooooo easy to make. Thank you sooooo much for sharing such a fantastic dish.

    I don't have cherry here. What can I use instead of it.

  13. That looks like a really tempting dessert! Death by chocolate I must say. Yummyyy.. I love chocolate based desserts

  14. WOW, that looks SO GOOD :D

  15. Looks really yummy, Thanks for this non-baking cake recipe.

  16. Oo oo that's lovely aarthi nice prep

  17. @SunitaYou can substitute any berries like strawberry, raspberry anything..You can even skip that and make this

  18. This is a really nice not baking recipe fast and easy.

  19. Can u let me know where can i get tart tins and baking pans? in chennai?

  20. hi aarthi, your dessert is so tempting. which heavy cream you used for this?

  21. How much fresh cream do i use????

  22. 11/2 cup of cream means??
    this luks super tasty, i cant wait 2 try it, once i get the ingredients

  23. @sadaf 11/2 cup cream means 375 ml of cream

  24. Hi,
    This is such a easy n wonderful recipe.. ny chocolate lover would want to make it badly.. so do ii..

    But i've gotta que.. ! can we replace heavy cream n chocochip?
    can you plz let me know what can ii replace it with..

    i tried to fetch them ..but i couldn't plz help :)

    Thanks! :)

  25. @Anonymous
    There is no substitute for heavy cream and chocolate chips. If you want to try it, you could use regular chocolate bar and milk. But the chocolate amount has to increased a little more than mentioned in the recipe in order to make the tart to set. Hope you get my point.

  26. Looks tantalizing. One doubt though. Did u use Oreo with vanilla cream or chocolate?

  27. Which Chocolate chips you used for this? please reply me as soon as possible...and if the chips is not available so which chocolate use for tart cream? thank you :-*

  28. @Ashwini RautI used dark chocolate chips, you can use dark chocolate bar

  29. Very good preparation

  30. hi....tart look soo yummy ..u mentioned in ur chocolate filling recipe that "let this mixture cook for 15 - 2o minit.do i hav to cook it ?

  31. @AnonymousSorry that is a typo, it is cool not cook

  32. Hi..instead of oreo cookies what else i can use?

  33. Can i use coco pwdr instd of chclte chip??

  34. @Anonymousno it wont work. chocolae chips should be used

  35. Can I use ghee instead of butter

  36. @Anonymousno use oil, ghee has a over powering flavour

  37. While we pour the filling , does the biscuit tart become soggy?

  38. Hi Aarathi I'm a follower of ur blog
    Can u pls explain how to remove the cheesecake from the tart bcos I tried and it dint come in proper shape
    Pls guide me

  39. @manasa dhamotharanjust place it over a bowl and ease the sides and push it down


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