Aug 23, 2014

Wheat Idiyappam Recipe / Gothumai Idiyappam Recipe / Wheat Flour String Hoppers Recipe

I love making idiyappams or string hoppers whatever you call them. i have quite a few collections of them in this blog too..I have ragi idiyappam and rice idiyappam..I have plans to make millets idiyappam too..These idiyappams make a perfect breakfast, since they are steamed, it is easily digestable and feels light on your stomach.

This version is made with wheat flour, i added a little rice flour to make it more soft. I also roasted the wheat flour little because it removes the raw smell from the idiyappam and remove the gummy texture from it. The idiyappam turned out so soft and i had it with coconut chutney.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Resting Time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 8 to 10 mins per batch
Serves : 4


Wheat Flour / Atta - 1 cup
Store Bought Rice Flour - 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Water as needed
Gingelly Oil / Indian Sesame Oil - 1 tsp


Heat water to a boil. Remove it.

Take wheat flour in a kadai and roast it for 5 mins. Add in rice flour and salt to it and mix well.

Pour hot water over it and mix well. Once it starts to come together, cover the bowl with a lid and let it sit for 15 mins.

After 15 mins, add a tsp of oil and Form it into a soft dough.

Now take your string hopper maker and fill it with the dough.

Oil the idli plates as well(if you want)

Spin the string maker so that you will get the dough as threads over it.

Stack the plate and steam it for 8 to 10 mins.

Remove and serve with chutney or tomato curry.

Take all your ingredients

take wheat flour in a dry pan

roast it till nice aroma comes from it

Take it off the heat

Add in rice flour

some salt

mix well

Boil some water

Add it in

make it into a dough

cover it and let it sit for 15 mins

after 15 mins open the lid

drizzle some oil

Knead it to a dough

Now grease a idli plate with oil

take a portion of dough inside idiyappam press

now it is filled

make string hoppers

Dont over do, just make little idiyappam so
 they steam evenly

time to steam

place it over idli steamer

cover and cook

once it turn shiny, take it and allow it to cool a bit

you can easily remove them using a spoon.



  1. Hi Arthi, can we make this with out rice flour?
    Or optional for rice flour

  2. @RiyaYes u can make without rice flour. But adding rice flour helps it less gummy. You can add idiyappam flour

  3. I made this wheat flour idiyappam, followed your procedure. Healthy breakfast recipe. We loved it. Thanks

  4. Roughly how many cups of water for this measurement of flour?

  5. @Anonymousboil around 1 cup and add it slowly

  6. Awesome recipe!! Will try it today:)

  7. Shud we add roasted rice flour?


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