Dec 26, 2014

Bombay Sandwich Masala Recipe / Sandwich Masala Powder Recipe

This is one of the special powder which is used all over mumbai street shops for their sandwiches. I came across this recipe from my favourite cookbook of tarla dalal and i tried it immediately. It turned out so yummy and i loved it to the core.

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I made several sandwiches using this powder and it turned out so yummy. I loved the tangy spicy taste which the powder gave to the sandwiches and it tranformed the plain veg sandwich to a new level. Hope you will try this out, so you can try out my sandwich recipes which will be shared in the coming post..

Preparation Time : 5 mins

Makes : 3/4 cup
Recipe Source: Tarla Dalal


Cumin Seeds / Whole Jeera - 1/2 cup

Cloves / Krambu / Lavang - 15
Cinnamon / Dalchini / Pattai - 5 cm piece
Whole Black Pepper / Kali Mirch - 2 tblspn
Fennel Seeds / Sombu / Saunf - 1.5 tblspn
Black Salt / Sanchal - 1.5 tblspn
Dry Mango Powder / Amchoor Powder - 1 tblspn


Toast cumin seeds in a dry pan till it is turns little darker. Let this cool down to room temp.

Now add everything in a blender and powder it finely.

Let the mix cool. Store this in a air tight container.

Take all your ingredients

Start by toasting cumin seeds

toast on a dry pan, till it gets little darker..
Let this cool down

Now in a clean dry blender jar, take cinnamon sticks

add in fennel seeds

and some cloves

add in black pepper

and the toasted cooled cumin seeds

add in some amchoor powder

and some black salt

now time to blend

Make this into a fine powder

store this in a air tight container and use accordingly..


  1. Thanks aarti for such wonderful recipes. Love ur recipes. Can u please post MISAL-PAV n VEG HANDI ( kala masala) recipes....

  2. Ur recipes r so interesting n easy to understand..pictorial presentation is the best part...

  3. Ur recipes r so interesting n easy to understand..pictorial presentation is the best part...

  4. Hi Aarthi,
    Thanks for posting all lovely recipes.much appreciated your hard work and also for sharing.


  5. My powder turned little bitter I added normal salt and instead of amchoor added chaat masala powder

  6. @Regi if you burn the cumin it would turn bitter

  7. Really aarthi Di ur all recipients are amazing n by seeing ur step by receipy receipts feels how much ur involved in cooking n making others to cook nicely in their home.hats off to you


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