Feb 20, 2015

Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe / How to Make Cream Cheese at Home

Cream Cheese, whenever you look at any recipes for cheesecake, the main ingredient would be cream cheese. Actually i have never seen them or used them as well. Because i could never get my hands on them in my place. Hence i created some of new recipes for cheesecakes and cream cheese frosting without cream cheese. 

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But as a food blogger, i just want to try my hands on the authentic cheesecake using that cream cheese. So i decided to make my own cream cheese and use them in that. Believe it or not, making cream cheese at home is not rocket science, it is very very easy. You just need couple of ingredients, milk and yogurt and few hours. I have heard that cream cheese are pretty expensive, but my recipe for cream cheese is very very cheap and it makes a pretty good cream cheese as well.

I used this cream cheese to make a cucumber cream cheese sandwich, macarpone cheesecake and i have saved some to make baked chocolate peanut butter cheesecake as well. Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you.

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Resting Time : 30 mins + Overnight
Makes : 250 grams of cream cheese


For Paneer:
Full Fat Milk - 2 liter

For Cream Cheese:
Paneer - 250 grams


For making paneer, bring milk to a boil, once it reaches boil, add in curd and keep mixing, it will start to curdle, if it didn't curdle add in more yogurt.

Now place a sieve over a bowl, line it with clean cheesecloth or white cloth. 

Pour the curdled mix over the sieve and once it is poured in, tie it like a bundle, and place a heavy thing over it. Press it often to remove the water as much as possible. I left it for 30 mins and i got a beautiful block of paneer.

Cube it out and paneer is done.

The whey water which you got is very nutritious, use that for kneading chapati dough or making rasam.

Now lets make cream cheese, take paneer in a blender and make it into a smooth puree.

Add in curd and puree it again till it is very smooth.

Line a sieve with cheesecloth and pour the mix in it. 

Leave it in fridge overnight and upto 48 hours, discard water that is collected in the bowl inbetween.

What you will be left with is a beautiful creamy cream cheese.

You can use this in any recipes that calls for cream cheese.


1)You can use store bought paneer as well for this recipe, but homemade is best.

2)You can use this any recipes that calls for cream cheese, even in baked cheese cake recipes.

3)I left the cream cheese drain overnight and didn't get much liquid in the bowl, i got a thick cheese. But if you find lots of water in the bowl leave it to drain for 24 hours to 48 hours.

4)Store this cream cheese in a air tight container and use within a week, maximum 10 days.

5)For making paneer, you can use lemon juice or vinegar as well. If you use lemon juice or vinegar, adter draining the mix show them under running tap water to remove the excess sourness from the paneer.

First lets start by making paneer for cream cheese..
You will need full fat milk and some yogurt/ curd
Take milk in a sauce pan and bring it to boil
now it has started to boil

add in yogurt

you will see the  milk will start to curdle, if it didn't
curdle add more yogurt
Look how the milk has curdled
Now it has completely curdled

U will see greenish whey separating from the mix

Place a sieve over a large bowl

line the sieve with some cheesecloth or clean white kitchen towel

pour the mix in

gently remove it, tie it like a biundle

this is whey water, which is very very nutritious. You can use this to knead your chapati dough or make rasam using this..Please dont throw it away

Now place a heavy weight over the packed milk solid

After leaving it for 30 mins. This is what i got,
a beautiful block of paneer / indian cottage cheese

Cube it out
Use this fresh paneer in your curries..
But we are gonna use it to make cream cheese..
You need paneer and again some curd for this
take paneer in a mixer

Grind it to a smooth paste

Add in curd 

grind it to a smooth paste

Again place a sieve over a bowl

line it with cheese cloth and pour the mix in this

cover it up nicely

put it in fridge overnight or upto 2 days..Discard the water collected in the bowl often

This is what you end up with..I got only few
tblspn of water from this mix, i left it overnight
and my cream cheese was in the right consistency
You can use this in your recipes

This is really a awesome recipe for those who cannot
find cream cheese in your places, LIKE ME..
Look at the creamy cheesecake made using this cream cheese..Totally divine, next recipe is going to be this.


  1. Can we use this cream cheese as sandwhich spread??

  2. Hi Aarthi,

    Ive just bump into your blog, and just walking through it, and found this post.

    just a few questions,
    1) what is paneer? is it a millk?

    2) Do you consider for the 2nd step to make a cream cheese, curd is yogurt right?

    thanks in advance if you can help me in that, cream cheese is quite pricey.

    1. Paneer is Indian cottage cheese. It s a milk product obtained through curdling of milk.
      In this recipe, the first step involves making paneer. In the second step, she uses this paneer to make the cream chees. Yogurt and paneer are used to prepare this cream cheese. I hope that I cleared your queries.

    2. Paneer is Indian cottage cheese. It s a milk product obtained through curdling of milk.
      In this recipe, the first step involves making paneer. In the second step, she uses this paneer to make the cream chees. Yogurt and paneer are used to prepare this cream cheese. I hope that I cleared your queries.

  3. @jazzeyra ajPaneer is a milk product. It is a indian cottange cheese.Yes curd is yogurt

  4. Can you publish the recipe of tofu?

  5. Thanks Aarthi for enlighten me up.

    Just read again, for 1st step is cheese then add in curd for making cream cheese.

    Thanks again for this recipe.

  6. Me dear friend,u r amazing.You actually made cream cheese.I get it here in tubs but i cannot imagine what all nasty stuff they must be adding into it.This cheese that u have made with only 2 ingredients is so healthy. Than you.

  7. Me dear friend,u r amazing.You actually made cream cheese.I get it here in tubs but i cannot imagine what all nasty stuff they must be adding into it.This cheese that u have made with only 2 ingredients is so healthy. Than you.

  8. Hi aarthi, which brand full fat milk did u use?

  9. Wow..you are amazing..though cream cheese is available at my place,but homemade truely tastes delicious..first time I am saw this cream cheese recipe..I didn't know that cream cheese is easy to prepare..will make it one day..I have a doubt..Is it possible to make it with low fat milk???

  10. @Faheemaif u make paneer with low fat milk, u wont get good one from that

  11. Hi aarthi, this can last for how long in the rrefrigerator?

  12. can v use lemon for instead of curd

  13. @graceyes u can use curd for curdling the milk, but for grinding you have to use curd

  14. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog!
    What a delicious, simple and healthy way to make cream cheese!
    I never knew it could br made at home with just 2 bausc ingredients :))

  15. I Tried it .. and it came out yummilicious .. thank you So much .I just loved it

  16. how long does it takes to form curds?

  17. Hi
    Awesome post. I was searching the net to find recipes for cream cheese Your's rocks!!! Bless ya!

  18. Hi Aarthi! You are the reason I enter the kitchen. Just wanted to ask if I should straight away used paneer from the market and grind it with 1/2 cup curd? Will that do?

  19. Hello aarthi
    Is Full fat milk means ordinary milk?
    How much fat content in it??

  20. Can I use this cream cheese to make cream cheese frosting for cup cakes?

  21. @Anonymousyea ofcourse you can use this in any recipe that calls for cream cheese

  22. Before grinding cheese in the mixer.....why do we have to make cubes....straight from the fridge we can grindwith curd

  23. @Deeksha Pathaku can grind, but cubing will make easy grinding

  24. Hi.....gr8 recipe....defenately going to try tomorrow.... Just wanted to confirm 1/2 cup is how many gms, 125gms or more....

  25. Thanku. Its aawesome recipe... At my Place I dont find cream cheese Easily.. This recipe helps.. Gonna try it

  26. Hi!
    Is it okay if I refrigerate it only for 5-6 hours instead of overnight?

  27. Hey, is it okay to refrigerate for around 5-6 hours instead of overnight?

  28. @Anonymousyes make sure all the water is drained

  29. U r awesome,tons of thanks for sharing this homemade cream cheese recipes.

  30. Hi aarthi can you share cheese cream spread recipe pls.

  31. Can I keep it for 1 day

  32. @Anonymousu can keep it for 4 to 5 days in fridge

  33. Hi this recipe is really helpful considering cream cheese in stores can be very expensive. I am definitely trying to make a cheesecake out of this so should i be adding sugar to the paneer n curd while grinding? Thank u so much for this recipe.

  34. @alifiya vohrawill be sharing a recipe for eggless cheesecake.

  35. Hi great recipe!

    For the yoghurt, do you use natural youghurt or greek yoghurt??


  36. @BabyLee natural yogurt is good..greek is even better

  37. Excellent way of making cream cheese👍👍

  38. Excellent way of making cream cheese����

  39. I want to make a cheese cake and I even have the britannia cream cheese (180g) in the fridge but the recipe calls for 500g approximately so can I make your version of cream cheese and combine both the store bought and homemade one..?? Will the taste differ..??

  40. Can I use this to make a creamcheese frosting?

    please reply ASAP

  41. @Anonymousyes this recipe makes the best cream cheese frosting..LINK HERE

  42. hi my cream cheese becomes very grainy can u please tell me why?

  43. Hi.. Cud u tell me how many cups of cream cheese will this recipe give..

  44. @harshitha reddyit gives around 250 grams which is around 2 cups or so

  45. @jazzeyra aj paneer is cottage cheese it is obtained when you use full cream milk boil it and add lemon or vinegar which would lead to whey to seprate the leftover material is paneer or cottage cheese somewhat like riccotta

  46. Thannks Aarthi !
    This is one easy recipe for cream cheese .

  47. I'm allergic to curd. Can this be made with anything else, such as, condensed milk?

  48. hi arthi it is very helpful technique of making creme cheese. tell me 1 thing if i want to make cheese cake does i have to put salt in it. or does adding salt increase its shelf life??? thnx

  49. @Aarthi Actually 1 US cup of cream cheese is 8 ounces i.e. ~225.
    So theis recipe makes about 1 cup.

  50. @Swatiu can add little salt if u need to..but salt is not needed since yogurt gives the sourness

  51. can you make fat free cream? or suggestion how to make it ?

  52. hey can we use it for cream cheese frosting for cakes

  53. Hi.. I trie this twice..in my second attempt I got the perfect cream cheese.. It's a wonderful receipe.. Thanks

  54. Hi Aarthi
    So do we get 250 gms of paneer from 2 litres of full fat milk?

  55. very nice article with simple easy to follow steps with good pictures. thanks a lot.

  56. Madam, i need to ask how much paneer do i need for the recipe? This is so i ma direcl purchase paneer...

    1. You need around 250 grams of paneer

  57. What a great find this recipe is! Thank you so much!
    I've found the paneer needed a little salt in it...so I added some

  58. Thanks for this awesome recipe! Now my cheese cakes are so yummy and easy to make...

  59. your recipe is a life saver!!!!! Cream cheese turned out perfect!!!! Thanks sooo much :-D

  60. Hi Arthi! don't we need to add salt for this cheese?

  61. Hi aarthi could you please tell how we can make cheese for spreads can we use this one as such


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